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"?christmas trees for sale" ― Thread moved to Cesspool.

Notes: I don't know why someone would want their posts to read like autogenerated spam, but that's the nearest explanation we can come up with. Something having to do with translation software, as well, but in truth, we're uncertain since nobody ever tells us what they're doing or why they want to be so annoying. At any rate, one thread relocated to Cesspool.
"Nudism: Right Or Wrong?" ― Thread closed and redirected to Cesspool.

Note: There are certain topics that are controversial, to be certain, but I think it should be fairly obvious that opening a thread in hopes of extending that controversy to include children is functionally and legally problematic.

"What Should We Say About Homosexuality?"↗ ― Thread closed.

Note: We might suggest any number of reasons; the point of inquiry received two staff responses. The whole thing is an inflammatory tantrum, anyway, complete with a picture of Nazis to make the point. And it really is a dishonest post, given that the member knows what was wrong with a previously closed thread↗. These petty shows really are nothing more than trolling, and will continue to be regarded as such.
"racism black vs white"↗ ― Thread closed for incomprehensible topic post with every appearance of race baiting; redirected to Cesspool.

Note: I don't really know what it is with post-postmodern assertions of exegesis intending to clock in somewhere between fortune-cookie wisdom and mockery of e. e. cummings. People need to learn that style is not in and of itself communication, and if one intends some manner of artistic context, one is generally expected to be capable of explaining it.
Closure and Redirect

• A particular thread about sexual behavior↗ has been closed and relegatd to the Cesspool.

Notes: Some subjects are inherently dangerous; it is necessary when addressing these to have some clue what one is on about. Speculating about dangerous behavior for the purposes of generating further discussion of dangerous behavior is, well, rather quite dangerous. We must necessarily insist on a general avoidance of such extraneous dangers.
Posts Edited

"The Nature of Racism in America↱" ― Two posts edited (strike & scrub).

Note: Yeah. That's going to happen when you post bait threads. Still, though, members are reminded to attend the most obvious boundaries demarcating decency when retorting.

"The Nature of Racism in America"↗ ― Two posts struck.

Note: Fightin' words are fightin' words. Advocacy of violence is advocacy of violence. We cannot permit advocacy of violence, therefore in the future we will simply deal with the fightin' words before the retorts become too obvious. Free speech does not mean everything one says must necessarily be devoid of any value whatsoever. Yeah, we get the point, but we still can't have advocacy of violence. Therefore we will not be waiting to see if the fightin' words are going anywhere.

"Stigma's given to just about anything"↗ ― Thread transferred to Pseudoscience.

Note: Resolving the speculative aspects of the underlying not-quite thesis must necessarily precede any substantive ethical, moral, or juristic consideration derived therefrom.
"A Thread About Domestic, Intimate, and Sexual Violence"↗Forty posts transferred to Cesspool.

Note: Something about priorities goes here. We're not going to tolerate further digression like that. So let us be clear: When the subject is Domestic, Intimate, and Sexual Violence, the discussion is not supposed to be about what delusional political conservatives think is wrong with women and political liberals. Seriously, some measures of basic human decency ought to be that obvious.
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