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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by Retribution, May 29, 2016.

  1. Retribution Banned Banned

    While I appreciate the attempt, Ophiolite, you're buying into the gameplan by bringing it up again.
    This is what she does. Introduces a small point point, one element of a larger picture, and then spends the next ten pages making it all about that point (hers) until everyone else gets bored and leaves.

    If that doesn't work, she'll accuse them of being off-topic when they argue something she's introduced.
    If that doesn't work, she deletes a few posts as being off topic.
    If that doesn't work, she shuts down the thread due to "no new content being added" or whatever euphemism for "I don't like where this is going" she can think of - most of them pretty add up to a jaywalking charge. .
    And if that doesn't work, she starts banning people for talking back.

    At the very least, as you've just been shown above, she'll rephrase the question, and then answer it on her terms.
    And... oh, look. There's another one just did it again. Birch, this time. Let's not answer that question, because it's too inconvenient... let's rephrase it like this, and then... hey, now I can frame my answer from within my own understanding! Magic!

    Found a few examples yesterday while gathering evidence, but... well, I'm a little short on stamina. Saw some shiny things.. as in, old threads from the years from those years long ago when Bells was just something you had to ignore or swat every now and then. Damn, there was some interesting stuff back there.

    Now, she's that annoying little brother you take with you on your hot date at the movies because mum told you you had to. Eats all the chips and drinks all the coke while you and your date are sitting there with arms crossed watching the movie. And of course you can't take out the Bourbon you stashed under the front seat... because they sure as hell aren't going to let you enjoy yourselves.
    There is absolutely nothing you'd like more than to kick the little fuck to the side of the road and drive up to lover's point overlooking the city like in the movies, but you just can't do that. At the very least, it'll get you grounded.
    Some night, huh.

    All one need do, if they're serious about it and haven't actually noticed for themselves (I'm sure I'm not the only one) is spend an hour or so looking up the final days of the likes of Trooper, Tali89,... me.
    Any interesting person (with the possible exception of that last one) who doesn't toe the line is forced off the site one way or the other. The amount of people I used to talk to with that big red "banned" label beneath their names was staggering, when I went and actually had a look. But the majority just left for the same reasons I often do - something along the lines of suicide by cop. There comes a point where you just have no real recourse than either shut up, or call someone a cunt.
    That, by the way and by way of example, was only the second time I've ever typed that word on the internet. That's how I felt about it.

    Everyone has to deal with a little bullshit on occasion, that's par for the course. But when the bullshit is not only so pervasive you can't avoid it, but officially sanctioned, things go to whole 'nother level.

    I mean, I get it. I realise there are more than a few out there who don't like me because I can be fairly abrasive.
    It might be as many as 8 out of the last 12 or so members.
    I also get that I have my own responsibility for the Bells situation because I have a bad tendency to talk back and feed her.

    But I don't believe I've ever really been responsible for anyone leaving.
    Bells, on the other hand, is basically the poster child for what this site has become, and a reason why the traffic is so low. One reason, at any rate. There are other reasons. I can't lay it all at the feet of one execrable moderator. But I can count at least 5 contributing members who have left basically for little more reason than becoming bored with it. Or getting banned and not feeling any particular desire to come back.

    Still, applying the same sort of restrictions to Bells that are applied to everyone else wouldn't be a bad start on getting things back on track.

    On a lighter note:

    (Hint: Bells isn't Edmund)
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  3. Bells Staff Member

    Mod Note

    And here we go..

    Really dude? I had commented to my colleagues that it was only a matter of time before you would completely humiliate yourself and we had been watching, to see if you would stop, but you chose not to.

    What was it you claimed? Ah yes, that your original moniker here was permanently banned for calling me "a cunt", wasn't it? That was the little spiel you gave in the traffic thread, wasn't it? In your rambling complaint about how you felt you were hard done by and how you loved this place and how you were banned, blah blah.. And how all the staff descended on you for your.. ermm.. transgression.. and permanently banned you.

    You want to know what's really funny?

    None of it is true.

    So yes, let's all look at what happened to you..


    Absolutely nothing. You were never permanently banned as you keep claiming.

    That has been the point of this whole exercise, hasn't it? This has been your bid all along. You are pissed. Literally and figuratively. You have been literally jumping up and down for people to notice you. It rankled that we ignored you and you even admitted as such and you have gone out of your way to try to drag all that old stuff back and when that was ignored, you decided to go full frontal and just let it all out. The fact is, we kind of knew who you were and yes, we were wondering just how far you were willing to go and here you are. To answer your question, Trooper was banned for stalking, harassment and trolling and abuse. To wit, we could no longer save her from herself and questions were being asked as to just how far we were going to let her go before she was banned, because she was disruptive, offensive, rude and she literally went off her rocker and started to abuse members and staff alike, not to mention she went on a white supremacist bender, and made some fairly offensive racist comments. Tali89 was banned for being a racist bigot and a sockpuppet. And you? You weren't permanently banned.

    You were given a one week suspension for the awful flaming you had taken to doing, throwing threads off topic, just as you are doing now, because you had a personal bone to pick. So let's stop the pretense. Let's stop dealing with the bullshit, shall we?

    How about we just stick to the topic and leave your personal issues with me out of it. Because there is only so much that I am willing to let you make a fool of yourself. It's one thing when you do it in Site Feedback and air your false and made up complaint.. It's another thing when you take your personal issues and derail threads such as what you are doing now. So let's stop handling the bullshit and keep the thread on topic. Take your lies back to Site Feedback.
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  5. Retribution Banned Banned

    Well that explains why I've never been able to log on again doesn't it.... not? And yes, I did request a password reset once.. not sure, a month or two after the fact.
    Negative. No login. Thing about being banned, is that one can't actually get back on to see why.

    So I made an assumption. Fairly natural, I would have thought.

    I suppose, if I can get the energy someday, I might have to go back and actually post links to all those threads I mentioned where it's fairly obvious you were concocting reasons for shutting people down. I wasn't only talking about me.
    You have a history, Bells. That the other moderators are on your side can't or won't go do a little objective research for themselves is on them, really - and it's their site they're trying to save, after all. I don't have a vested interest. They do. Plazma does.

    Really, if the site administration can't see it, then I guess they'll just have to keep on trying to figure why this site isn't what it was... but you know what? They won't.
    Because they just don't get it. Even when people are telling them. Maybe it's the wrong people telling them... you know. I'm sure the Jews complained a lot about being moved on in the thirties, too, but no one really minded because they weren't fans of Jews. They just didn't care much.
    And sure as hell, there wouldn't have been too many Jews trying to get in to Germany, were there.

    I mean, if you're going to make a policy of getting rid of the people you don't really like, which is pretty much all this boils down to, then all you're going to end up with is the people you like.
    Not too many of them left either, though, are there. You're even losing a fair few you do like, and you know why? They're bored.
    You're going to find yourself ruling over an empty house soon. All of you. I'm actually wondering what Plazma's agenda is, because he's about the only one who has any power to get this site back on track right now - and the starting point would be to subject you, as I've said, to the same shit you pile on everyone else.
    I don't really know what it's going to take to get you to shut the fuck up, or at least stop turning threads into a little ten-page side discussion on something you want to talk about even when you've been shown why you might be wrong, but I'm sure they're capable of figuring something out. The only issue is in their desire to do so.

    I noted the little reference to my drinking problem, too. Not that I'm drunk now, and haven't been since I came back... but it's interesting that you continually bring it up. Short on ammunition, perhaps, for those intensely personal attacks you moderate against but aren't afraid of using yourself when it suits you. It doesn't actually bother me, of course.. after all, I'm the one who let it out to begin with. But the alacrity and fervour with which you seize upon it, every chance you get, is... enlightening. You're a truly awful person, you know.
    I mean, have I ever used you being a rape victim as as an attack? Other than that one time, when you were trying to use it as proof your opinion was worth more than anyone else's because you were a rape victim. I remember having a laugh at you on that score.

    But otherwise - not once.
    See, Bells, I don't roll that way. But you do, don't you. Moderator.
    Or maybe that should read "dumb black rape victim who probably deserved it, if how she acts here is any indication of her real-life personality".
    See how that goes?
    See the difference between that, and being abrasive?
    Gonna ban me for that?
    Well hell... you started it, moderator.

    That's one of the points, Bells. You are a moderator.
    Now, we all know you have a special dislike of American police taking their powers too far, using them to cop someone on a "humble" when they don't like them.
    Because it is only when you don't like them. I'm a data analyst by trade, Bells, at the moment. Picking patterns isn't terribly difficult. And yours is as obvious as the arse on a female baboon in mating season.
    Thing you don't seem to be able to grasp, is that you are what you hate. You're one of the ones who brings out the absolute worst in people.
    And you're effectively allowed to do as you please, so you've been getting away with it for what... how many years now? I don't remember. I haven't been here for much of it.
    Hence the Baltimore Police crack. Next time you go complaining about cops who use their powers for self-gain, or overreact because someone has pissed them off... go look in a mirror first. And Breathe.
    Because you, as a moderator, should be held to a higher standard.

    Failing that, you breed only contempt.

    I'm seeing threads derailed all over this board... made comments about it more than once. One tonight, as a matter of fact.
    But it isn't someone you dislike doing the derailing, so you do... well, nothing. Even in this thread, it's effectively you doing the derailing. You just make the same arguments over and over until people give up and wander off.
    You don't introduce anything new to an argument - which is the reason you used for shutting down one of trooper's threads one day. You just keep pointing to your little links, which have already been commented on, as though they're the word of god.
    And no one does anything about it.

    I'm quite capable of being civil, Bells. I've shown that many, many times. In fact, that little dust up with IceAura the other day wouldn't have even happened, if I'd been able to figure out how to re-word that first line right from the start as I wanted to. But I couldn't edit it anymore.
    I made the mistake of going to sleep instead, thinking I'd ask tomorrow. And then I went through several pages of site feedback to figure out it was a code thing, or some such.
    But by then it was too late. Waste of time trying to explain that to anyone now though, isn't it.

    Yes, I know you'd like everyone to think I've come back here to pick a bone with you. It's your default position, your strawman.
    But the fact is, you're the one who has responded to me first on nearly every single occasion - including in this thread.
    I made a short note on what was it, page two? And now the whole thread is devoted to your one little "point" (which is only a small part of the wider picture) because you just can't take no for an answer.
    It's boring, Bells. Really fucking boring. One page of starting discussion, and then three more of you just refusing to let go of a by-blow.
    We can't talk about the evolutionary aspects because you make it all about just one of them. Yours.

    And when we get pissed off about it, you start with the purple writing.

    I already know why Trooper went off the rails. I've already told you why. And you still don't get it.
    When people become bored, frustrated and angry, Bells, they act up. That's a fact. What you abjectly refuse to acknowledge is that in many instances, that's all you.
    You just piss people off. You don't let them breathe. You don't let them enjoy themselves. you devote entire pages of commentary to one little thing which isn't even the main thrust of the thread, because someone questioned you about it.
    And half of that is just links to some website, and paragraphs telling people to go look, go look, go look, when they already have and have already commented on them.

    I've only been back a few days, which explains why I'm still here in this thread for a start. Haven't become completely over it yet.
    ButI'm bored already, with you following me around everywhere. That, and the fact that there really isn't much going on anymore, is there.

    And yes, Bells. I did love this site, once. Lot of memories here. Lot of good times. Lot of people around.
    Nostalgia, main reason I keep checking in from time to time.

    Not you, Bells. You're not the reason. I'm sure you like to think that, and you'd like it even more if you can convince everyone else of that, but no.

    I can see Plazma trying. everyone can. But precious few are left say anything who actually have something to say.

    Open your fucking eyes.
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  7. cluelusshusbund + Public Dilemma + Valued Senior Member

    Well that was quite a speech about Bells... but in her defence... she ant nearly as creepy as she used to be.!!!
  8. Randwolf Ignorance killed the cat Valued Senior Member

    That speech finally caused it to "click" for me - I recognized the posting style but couldn't dredge the name up. For some reason that post did it - Retribution's old moniker just popped into my head.

    This has been interesting - I suspect it will continue to be so until the police turn the lights off.
  9. Retribution Banned Banned

    Won't be long, I'm bored already. Suicide by cop

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Fuck, I even tried to apologise to some guy the other day because I'd got something I'd written wrong (and couldn't bloody edit it - what the hell!) and the dumb bunny still kept coming at me.
    Tough crowd, man. I feel like a black teenager walking down a dark street at night in California, sometimes. Where's the love?
    Fancy being called an alcoholic under the cover of the purple writing... sheesh.

    Say what you like man, I'm not hiding anything.
    Although by this stage, if it's been on your mind I'd imagine the reality is a bit of an anti-climax?
  10. Bells Staff Member

    You made the wrong assumption. Instead of oooh, I don't know, PM'ing Plazma or James or any of the staff you do happen to like and have not alienated, you lied. Straight out lied, you made up some bizarre story and lied. The irony of this complaint of yours is that had you just done a search on your previous moniker(s), you'd have seen that it was not banned.

    And here is the thing about your comments regarding how you tried to log back on and were not able to, what was it? A month or two after the fact?

    You received a temporary ban in May of last year. On the 23rd of May 2015, in fact.

    On the 7th of August 2015, you created another sockpuppet. You logged on, as your IP activity for that moniker that you so firmly believe was banned, was online for a few minutes.. A few minutes after that, you created a sockpuppet. You last logged onto that sock puppet on the 4th of March 2016. The current sockpuppet you are using is one you created and are posting on now.

    Now, we have a rule about sockpuppets on this site. They are not allowed. It is quite possible that in trying to reset your password, something went wrong. It could be that you were unable to remember your previous password or you cannot remember the new one or the system failed to allow you to create a new password. One thing about password resets is that normally, you need to log on to your account to reset your password. So you will need to decide which account you wish to keep posting on, because I will be banning the other sockpuppets you have.

    Now I am sure you are going to convince yourself that it is my vendetta against you and my desire to get rid of people I don't like. But you can only post from one account on this site. That rule applies to everyone, staff and member alike. So choose. I'd suggest you PM an admin and ask them about the password reset, if that truly is the issue, if you so desperately wish to return to your previous posting name on this site.

    Everyone who posts here has a history. It's all down and saved. If you believe the other moderators are all on my side, then it is clear you well and truly do not actually know anything. Secondly, what happened is still there. People are free to go back and read through those threads as they please and make their own opinions and I am sure they will. Suffice to say, you have an axe to grind and you have been jumping up and down trying to grind it since you returned with this latest sockpuppet. And that's your issue, not mine. I would suggest you stop making things up, such as your so called history on this site.

    You are actually going to go down the Nazi route? Really? Because the mass slaughter of millions somehow compares to your perceived personal injustice on a science forum? Seriously?

    Firstly, if I was going to simply get rid of people I do not like, you actually would have received a permanent ban. There were certainly grounds to ban you permanently then too. I said no. But this is clearly what you have convinced yourself of. So be it. I am not in the mood to delve into your bizarre fantasies, dude.

    Secondly, you keep declaring how this is going to be an empty house soon. Which makes no sense because, you, for example, keep returning. Even after you believe you have been permanently banned, you created sockpuppets and kept coming back. You cannot let that past go. You are hailing those golden days, when you were literally treated like a punching bag on this site. You had two staff members gunning for your proverbial backside, even back then and they went out of their way to make your life a living hell back then. And I stupidly defended you then too against them, two people who left because you were still posting here and who left because I refused to allow them to torture you anymore or to ban you. And here we are.. As I said, irony.

    Because rape is such a funny issue, right?

    I was not even referencing to your drinking problem. Secondly, you were always the one who would comment about your drinking or posting drunk on this site. So please, don't blame me for something you would constantly do. You can call me an awful person as much as you want. Really, that would be the least offensive thing you have said to me.

    Firstly, you started it.

    Secondly, you are simply proving my point.

    Thirdly, you literally are "rolling that way". Case in point: "dumb black rape victim who probably deserved it, if how she acts here is any indication of her real-life personality"..
  11. Bells Staff Member

    If I was held to the standard that you demand, you would have been gone long ago. Suffice to say, my two former colleagues were right about you.

    I am quite fine breeding contempt from you and others... I am not here to be liked.

    I support my arguments. I don't make things up. See the difference between us?

    You have literally gone out of your way to derail this thread and make it personal. When I refused to bite, you let it all hang out. I suggested you get back on topic and take this issue to Site Feedback, you're still here.. I will be requesting that these posts be moved, because they are off topic. You know, just a heads up in case you believe I am trying to silence you. Funnily enough, where you started all of this in another thread, I didn't even say boo, despite your desperate attempts to draw me out in that thread too. But you clearly have a complaint and this is me answering your complaint because you cannot seem to understand simple requests that you take it to the appropriate forum.

    You have a few hours to edit posts now with the new forum software. No, it is not because a moderator responded or whatever it was you tried to claim in the other thread. And no, you haven't really been civil. You have been itching for a fight since you returned on this sockpuppet, not just with me, but with other members as well and the other staff have commented on it already. It was actually what gave you away.

    Actually, I have ignored most of your posts. You then went out of your way to make it personal and it was only when you appeared to completely lose it in this thread, that I was forced to respond to your issues with me. But I have given all your little scab picking in the other thread where you lied, a wide berth. You couldn't leave it there, because I wasn't responding to it there. So you brought it to this thread, where I actually was engaged in a discussion.

    Yes, how awful that I don't allow people to break the rules and post white supremacist BS on this site, among other things that aren't allowed on this site. Essentially, that is why your two buddies were banned.

    Secondly, I commented on one thing that was said, by you. Clearly that was a mistake because it is clear you never like to be challenged on any point. From now on, I'll just agree with everything you say with a sage nod and leave it there.

    I've responded to you in what? Two threads?

    I'm also engaged with iceaura in other threads, sheesh, I must be following him around too because I am responding to him more than I do to you.. Not to mention Ophiolite, I've responded in various threads he's participated in, etc.. It's a discussion forum. I post in various threads. You aren't the drawcard.

    Yes. You pine for the good old days, 'Wolf', where you were used as a punching bag. Good times...

    I never said I was. I said you have a personal axe to grind with me and you have been going out of your way to use that axe.

    Of course Plazma is trying. Everyone is. And instead of telling me to open my fucking eyes, perhaps you should stop looking backwards.
  12. Bells Staff Member

    Mod Note

    The thread "When is infidelity allowed" has veered off topic. The off topic comments are being moved into this thread so as not to derail the other thread further.
  13. Retribution Banned Banned

    Not even bothering to read it. It'll just be the same tired old shit.

    Scrolled, down, saw the last few lines, will say only one thing in response to that.
    Looking back?

    Yeah. Back to when there were people here, interesting conversations, colour, life and activity... when you were the one getting largely ignored... so you applied for a truncheon, didn't you, Barney?
    Damn, you must be good at deleting spam. No other logical reason to keep you on.

    Fuck off.
  14. Retribution Banned Banned

    She even moved the bit where I pulled her (and Birch) up for re-phrasing the question and then answering it within the context of her own understanding. Wormy move, that one.
    Heh. Sweep it all under the rug, Bells. There's a good girl.

    So... whats left to answer?
    Er... nothing. It's all about the chilluns now. Bells wants to talk about the effect on the children. "Off with their heads" to those who don't.
    Good job, Bells.

    Quick. Move this too. Or delete it. Someone might see it, or something

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

  15. cluelusshusbund + Public Dilemma + Valued Senior Member

    Thats about the size of it if the past is any predictor of the future... an sad... cause "interesting" is whats needed to keep the Sciforums lights on.!!!
  16. Retribution Banned Banned

    Glad to see you did some legwork, at any rate. Not about the important stuff, mind you, just the little bits you can do to try to make me out a "liar".
    When I'd already mentioned it was an assumption I made because I couldn't actually log on to find out for sure. Liked the bit about how I should've pm'd someone for help when I couldn't log on. Very helpful.

    I did try to create a new username under the assumption the old one was permabanned and then gave up because I wasn't that interested there really wasn't much of interest to read.
    I remember begin quite disappointed with how mundane and... whats the word I'm looking for... generic, it had all become. Logged off, forgot (until now) I'd actually even tried.

    See these are the kinds of things most normal people not obsessed with their own personal feelings might think. Normal, everyday explanations.
    Made the wrong assumption, apparently, yes. But the circumstances as I outlined prior to this had a fair amount to do with that.
    But, no.
    Lied, lied lied lied. "Straight out lied, you made up some bizarre story and lied."
    You're so very... adamant, about that, aren't you? Serves your purpose a little more than a reasonable explanation might.
    I don't have any "sockpuppets", Bells. A couple of old usernames from years ago which were, as I said, most often the result of forgetting a password or something.
    You go ahead and ban them though. If you feel that much like hitting something.
    Do you need a list? I can help.

    Actually, I noticed a post the other day where someone was saying they were using a new username for that reason, or something else... bit hard to remember, I'd have to go and have another look.
    But if I do, and I find it, should I pass it on to you so you can ban him? If you feel you really need to wave your truncheon around, of course. I mean it's not a vendetta, right? You're just applying the rules evenly and fairly.
    So trying it once or twice, a year ago, is a desperate wish, is it? Heh.
    It really isn't that important, Bells. That's why I haven't done that, you see. It's really not all that much of a insidious plan or anything.
  17. Retribution Banned Banned

    Hmm, this bit's something I should clarify with my tongue in a more appropriate place. which is to say, Bells, not in my cheek, don't go getting your hopes up.
    See, the thing is, I don't actually believe the other moderators are all on your side. You do as a group present with a united front, though, and politically you're all very similar in outlook. There isn't much room for dissent, and really no "sympathetic" moderator to balance things up... or not that I've noticed, anyway. I've only been back a few days, and there have been a lot of changes.

    But what happens, when I've made these comments in the past, is that any "investigation" seems to limit it self purely to whether or not a moderator has made the technically correct decision in a specific instance.

    Which is to say, I believe I'd be right in stating that no moderator has ever really looked into your history and gleaned the pattern that I see... and have seen for quite some time now. As I said, I'm not the only one.
    Even if they had made a cursory investigation, the odds are they they wouldn't notice any particular pattern of getting rid of dissenting opinion on your part because for most of them, those dissenters are not anyone they really care about and are gone anyway. But I feel quite confident in saying they haven't made any real attempt to do that at all.

    Would they agree you've done the right thing in this instance?
    Technically, yes.
    Would they notice the pattern of thread hijacking and purple prose (when someone bucks) used to move a conversation in the direction you want it to go in?
    I'd say no. Because when a report or a complaint is made, that isn't what they're looking for. They're looking for technical error. If they don't find that, they don't look any further into the real issue... or what might have caused the commotion to begin with.

    And that last part is really important. I'd term it intelligent moderation, a opposed to a robotic adherence to technical detail.
    The difficulty with that, of course, is that it takes a certain type. Unbiased moderation coupled with analytic ability. It's not a common skill.

    I might trust one or two here to be able to do it, if they were so inclined, but not many. But as far as I'm aware, they haven't been directed to and won;t bother until they are.
    And this is how you get away with all the shit you pull.

    I actually don't think you;'re doing it deliberately, in many cases. Some, perhaps. I honestly believe you don't even see yourself.
    I just don't think you're very good at what you do at all, and you've never been forced to really assess yourself because no one with the authority to do so has ever taken the time to show you.

    Like that gut reaction I've alluded to in comparing you with cops who go over the top - sometimes, those who have a gun at their hip use it without thought. Which is why I'm rather amused when you go off in the police corruption threads and go on about how better training might solve the problem.
    Even though attempting to polish turds often doesn't have the desired effect.
    Have I really? Where? Because I made a few notes in the other thread about where this site is heading?
    I made a couple of observations in that thread, Bells. I certainly wasn't "jumping up and down". I was, if anything, a bit melancholy about it all. Because it is rather sad, you know.
    Goddamned mobile phones, Facebook, we hates them, precious.
    It's an analogy of what happens when people don't really look at whats happening around them because they don't care enough to do so, Bells. One I used because its a very common interpretation of events at the time that even the least historically inclined have at least an inkling of, and is therefore relatable.
    It's not a comparison of you to a Nazi based on degree of evilness, or anything. Use your fucking brain, and wrap it around a concept for a change instead of getting on your moral high horse.
    And yet all those people you didn't like who were actually capable of and did putting you on your arse, and often did, when you got all uppity, are now gone.
    And like I said, If one has the patience to go back and do some reading (I concede not many will, because most don't really know the people I'm talking about and wouldn't know where to look) there is a very distinct pattern... you got into the same sort of conflict with all of them we're seeing here.
    You, Bells. Every time.
    It really doesn't matter which moderator actually ended up doing the grunt work. You were the one doing the pushing.
    If they weren't actually banned, they were pushed into leaving. But those red flags are fairly common among the names I'm thinking of.

    On the subject of trooper, she was always quite insightful and knowledgeable, and showed a poetic streak on occasion I rather liked.
    Until she started getting into those conflicts with you.
    I'm not surprised she went ape. You have that effect on people. Push them around, use your authority as armour and then do the whole "who, me?" routine when they leave.
    You're doing it right now.
    People react. They get tired of it. They become bored. They act up.
    And you have the excuse you've been waiting for.
    Show us then. Who were these moderators, and can you actually show us they left because I was here?
    Come off it. I'm sure you're giving me more credit than I'm due.

    As for the punching bag bit, well... I don't really remember it that way. I certainly took a beating more than once, but on those occasions I dearly deserved it. Probably deserved it more often than I got it, to be honest. But I had my moments, gave as good as I got, and certainly was never a punching bag. But it's quite clear you want to see it that way, and you're gonna just keep throwing it out there because you know that no one is going to come back on you for it.

    In fact, I remember you being quite friendly back then. Why, was that your forum equivalent of a sympathy fuck or something?
    Nope. That's why I never used it against you. Thought that was my point.
    Yeah you did. Literally. In the purple prose bit, which made it even more disgusting given you were wearing you mod hat at the time. It's right there, in purple and white. You've done it practically ever time it's come to this.
    I gave it to you, and my lord you certainly like to use it. This is certainly not the first time, is it Bells?
    Yeah, I've already said it was me who made it common knowledge.

    Did you out yourself as a rape victim because you wanted people to use it against you every chance they got? Is that what you're saying?
    Fuck, Bells. Half the times I said it, I was having a laugh at my own expense. Man, you're something bad.
    Awful woman.
    Show us. Or don't... anyone who was really interested would have discerned who started what for themselves by now.
    Yes, as a demonstration of what I might say in response to you if I did in fact roll that way.
    Is it really that difficult, Bells?
    I mean, I know you're not the brightest spark of light around here, but geez. When someone tells you what they're doing and why, and you come back with this, it really does open up some disturbing possibilities of the level of comprehensive ability it takes to become a mod around here.

    I am looking for someone to actually take notice, though. I'm not going to led a horse to water. I'm just going to point out where a pond is.
  18. Retribution Banned Banned

    Oh god, she's still going....

    You're not exactly commenting on what I've actually said though are you? Just reacting.
    There was a fairly cogent point to all of that, Bells.
    Please try to address it. I know, I know... it means you're actually going to have to read and understand an argument.

    Ok. So what you're saying, basically, is that if I come in here with an opinion, give you some samples to back up that opinion (the alternative social environments I used) in the expectation you'll actually refer to them, but don't actually link some... ahem... expert opinion website, then I'm not backing up my arguments?
    I suppose then we should all just post links in reply to one another and not say anything at all.

    I thought this was a site for discussion. I thought the whole point of being here was to present your own arguments, and support them when necessary. al of which I did.
    Now go read how you responded.. or rather, didn't, when presented with direct questions.

    In the latter stages, yes. It seemed the thing to do.
    Boredom, futility, etc. I've talked about all that.
    again, though, you completely and utterly fail to understand your role in all this.. and there have been many, many instances where that has been the case.
    Talk about what Bells wants to talk about, or face pages and pages of inane bullshit until you give in.

    Oh man. Surely I can't be the only one laughing.

    Where have I attempted to draw you out in another thread, Bells? I'm quite interested.
    News to me.

    Had to go back through a few pages of site feedback or something, but I got there. Been away a while, you see. didn't even realise there'd been a software upgrade.
    Figured it all out for myself, though.
    Thanks for your patience and understanding, moderator.

    Gave me away? You say that as if I was hiding something.

    I've posted a fair few things since I've been back. Been a bit abrasive sometimes, but hey that's just me. Got into an interesting conversation with Michael in some other thread, was very rewarding having to go look up all the pertinent points.
    Not once did I have some shrill harpy waiting there telling me to post links, back it up, stay on topic, spend the next ten pages repeating herself, whatever.
    So you were watching then. Following me around.
    Finally, you admit it. Was it so hard?
    Or perhaps you're finally willing to admit you don't moderate evenly at all.
    Which is a bit odd given your entire position here.

    Nah. I posted a quick note there (post #32, page 2) and you jumped on it (#37), I questioned the difference between pair bonding and monogamy, you ignored it. I posted some samples of societies where things were quite different, you ignored them.
    It is in fact you who responded to me, even though you seem rather desperate to intimate otherwise.
    Liar, liar, pants on fire...

    You posted some links and demanded everyone read and address them, and accused people of being off topic when they did.

    Ophiolite comes in and points out that you'd been ignoring direct questions, so you rephrased it and answered it under different terms. Birch comes in, does the same thing, and you gave it a like.

    You kept at it for three pages, basically saying the same thing over and over because it wasn't receiving as much attention as you liked.
    I mean to anyone who actually reads through what happened, it's fucking obvious. It's all there.

    Do you really think you're fooling anyone, Bells?
    Are there any other moderators who are actually paying attention to your shenanigans?

    Oh, and there's this:

    Note the bit where she gives a like to the guy who got it all so completely wrong... even after I told him.

    Nope, not the thread I'm referring to. I wasn't even here when trooper apparently went off the rails, but you know... I'm quite prepared to give her the benefit of the doubt.
    Because I know you.

    I'm talking about the sort of crap you pull to make someone go off the rails in the first place.
    Not going to go look for that thread, too long ago. But I know the thread I'm talking about, back when trooper was funny and entertaining.

    Might even go back and do some hunting to see what happened with her.
    I suspect I might see something a little different to what you're pushing here.
    I suspect you were probably pushing something there, too.

    Oh would you please? It would help make being around here actually worthwhile.
    Might be able to glean an intelligent, reasoned opinion rather than the trash links you like to throw around.

    I can only hope that this marvelous posting history you say you have access to is accessed by someone else.
    Because it would become quite clear that hasn't been the case at all.
    Until tonight, of course. You did ask for it, you know.
    Practically begged.

    Stop looking backwards to when this site was successful, and concentrate more on reinforcing the things that have made it what it is now.

    Well there's the recipe for success. Someone tell Plazma not to pay any attention to when things worked.
    Bells doesn't want that.
    Last edited: May 29, 2016
  19. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    You started off well enough when you decided to come back. And then ... this. WTF (as they say)?

    If you're allowed to remain here after this little show, it will have nothing to do with your uncouth display and everything to do with Bells' charitable forbearance in the face of slurs that are really beyond the pale.

    Is this how you were brought up?
  20. billvon Valued Senior Member

    The fact that you can think of no other alternatives than these two makes me think you would be happier in another forum.
  21. Retribution Banned Banned

    What would you have done, then?
  22. Retribution Banned Banned

    Bell's charitable forbearance... heh. Spin it, James.
    You really do like to play politics, don't you?
  23. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    deleted. not worth responding too...
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2016
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