Action Notes v.1.EMJ

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Closure, Splinter, and Other Notes

• "Rape, Abortion, and 'Personhood'" — Thread closed. Topic post and fourteen responses carried over to new version of thread.

Note: Those who sought to suppress discussion of the original topic, or to force a thread closure through flaming and trolling, will not be given a free pass to do so this time.
Closure and Redirect

"Rape a wife" — Thread closed and redirected to Cesspool.

Note: I don't think this should be so hard to figure out—If you intend to undertake a controversial venture, it is well worth the effort on behalf of your human dignity to do so with reasonable care to at least pantomime a whiff of intellectual decency.

"The Fastest Growing Violent Crime In The United States" — One post edited for direct and specific plagiarism; two subsequent posts scrubbed of plagiarized material.

Note: Plagiarism is unacceptable. Right now I'm handing out yellow cards for plagiarism, subsumed under meaningless post content; this is because the only way at present one might log a plagiarism offense as plagiarism is to issue a red card.

I do not intend to continue using this work-around. Plagiarism will be greeted, in EM&J, much more severely. It is not that we refuse sympathy to minor citation errors; those happen despite people's best intentions. But when every word of the post is openly and shamelessly plagiarized?

I do not think avoiding such produce is too much to ask of people.

My apologies to respondents whose posts were edited to strike the plagiarized material they were responding to; obviously, we have no dispute whatsoever with your actions, and simply need to clean up the mess others have created.
Scrubbing Bubbles

"Misongyny, Guns, Rape and Culture" — Eleven posts moved to splinter thread, one copied. One post edited; original on file. Splinter thread buried by necessary deletion of topic post.

Note: In the end, it comes down to four posts worth of grotesque trolling, deleted, and all response to that trolling quarantined or, in one case, parsed and edited. But it's all a scrub. I am advised by my colleagues that the offending username will not be troubling us again.

• "Rapists" — Thread closed.

Note: This is what happens when the staff leaves open a thread that has no earthly business at Sciforums for the simple fact that its offense is not so blatantly obvious to those wailing about the horrors they see while covering their eyes. The original prospectus was that nothing good could come out of that thread. Despite some people's best efforts to test that and post useful considerations of an otherwise idiotic rhetorical voyage, the continued insistent focus on useless discussion of controversial subjects only reiterated that the thread was never intended to be anything but useless.

• "Some facts about guns in the US" — Cleanup of multiple days worth of stupidity.

―10 posts struck as off-topic, a personally-oriented distraction from the thread subject. These start with a personal distraction and simply build from there, with multiple posters showing determined will to keep the thread focused on this distraction. In the future, such wilful irrelevance will be rewarded with yellow and red flags.

―3 posts struck as off-topic, an irrelevant insertion of seemingly misogynistic bullshit in defense of atheism.

―1 post struck as off-topic, though perhaps it's a scrub related to the previous ten.​

Note: There are several posts that should be struck for deliberate intellecutal dishonesty, but as the guilty member presently enjoys specifically assigned protection against being held accountable for his offenses, those posts will survive long enough for the advoacte to attempt to support his argument.
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