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"Indiana's freedom to discriminate law"↗ — Long-dead thread officially closed after zombie revival attempted to continue the off-topic, willfully antisocial digression that killed it in the first place.

Notes: A strange thing about broad-spectrum disruption is that if we presume some useful manner of good faith is in effect, it means many agitators prefer to never actually discuss their theses in particular, and even when they decide to, they still spray broadly, as if desperately hoping to stain as much as possible, to obfuscate by carving even their own record into detached chunks, and to hide the faults and fallacies of their myopic identity politics by not piling up the internal conflicts in one place. The circumstance at hand appears to be part of that process.
Closure and Redirect

"the incel question."↗ — Closed and filed to Cesspool.

Note: If the topic poster really, really wants that post moved over to the ongoing catastrophe↗, we certainly can do that, but, frankly, something goes here about accelerants and whatever is already aflame.
" You be the judge - sexual assault?"↗ — Thread closed, moved to Cesspool.

Note: Some subjects are inherently difficult; given a choice between skipping out on them entirely or getting over the uneducated thrill of solipsistic barbarity, the latter would be better. Sciforums is what people make it; the response to that thread was very nearly a psychomoral and existential indictment of this community. Members are encouraged to be mindful that words like "jawdropping", "incredible", and "unbelievable", are impressive in the same way something remarkable is fulfilled simply by remarking on it; that is to say, the adjectives have no inherent merit. More directly, jawdropping stupidity demonstrated by an unbelievable pretense of incredible ignorance is still stupidity demonstrated by a pretense of ignorance. It would thus be inappropriate to say we're not impressed; to the other, that is not a good thing.
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Two↗ posts↗ edited to deactivate Tex markup.

Note: See also, user notes in-thread↗; the basic advice is that the dollar sign ($) is also a Tex tag, so users are advised to work around by isolating the character within other tags:

Type it this way to isolate the dollar sign: [i]$[/i]
"Demographics Crunch - Intentionally a Silent Crisis"↗ — Thread closed; topic post edited for link out to video source.

Notes: Members are reminded of the simple, even obvious point that if one does not wish to be seen as making particular manners of argument, then one is reasonably well advised to not present those particular manners of argument. In our present example, if one does not wish to be seen mucking around an overworn rightist-traditionalist "Replacement Theory", then one ought not make a point of tromping through that range.

Additionally, sometimes we encounter an argumentative position that is not well-supported by reasonable consideration of relevant facts and information. This is an example: If you run to earth the ideas of "crunch", "crisis", and "intentionally … silent", the hardest part of establishing a reasonable and rational basis would be justifying the priority describing "crunch" and "crisis". This part is actually pretty straightforward: If there is a demographic circumstance reasonably described as a crisis, and it is not Replacement Theory, then one is well advised to present rational description of the circumstance that does not strike white-supremacist and anti-semitic poses easily recognized within the Replacement complaint framework. Short form: If you are not, then do not behave as if you are.
Closure and Redirect

"In Bruges"↗ Thread closed, xfer to Cesspool.

Notes: Drive-by posting, i.e., opening a thread with source material and no user-contributed context—is generally considered inappropriate. It is helpful and more useful if members include a modicum of helpful context.
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