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England - part of the British isles filled with homosexuals - cold dark winter nights can sometimes be lonely. England and Britain are often confused, but that only annoys the Scots and Welsh, so it doesn't matter.

England, Scotland, and Wales all make up Great Britain. Together with Northern Ireland they make up the United Kingdom. And there are some overseas territories (eg. The Falkands) but they aren't important (unless Argentina wants them). Or more simply put there are more homosexuals in England than in the rest of Great Britain. But there are not quite as many heterosexuals in England as there are in sparsely populated Finland.

All English people despise foreigners by rote, and especially French people, on the ancient supposition that the French were more cultured or civilized, which all English scoff at. One way in which the English like to prove their superior sense of civilization is to go to France during soccer matches and instigate riots, or throw bricks through the windows of imported cars.

An ancient English saying goes: "As tourists, the English hcg diet drops are like water molecules; they form close temporary bonds not out of any mutual attraction, but because none of them wish to interact with the locals." Those citing this saying are usually pantsed for being excessively geeky.

The English are a bunch of miserable bastards. You would think being quite a wealthy country they would be a bit happier, but apparently not. Everyone is unhappy that they are not Katie Price and Peter Andre. The fucking morons.

But you can regard all the above comments. and remember this, English Women have the largest boobs out off all of Europe. Suck it Trebek!

English Dietary habits

Like the Brits, the English are raised on a diet of Fish and Chips, greatest fast food on Earth. Later in life this diet is supplemented by Beer, greatest drink on Earth. More recently foreign insurgent foods have infiltrated the English stomachs in the form of kebabs and curries, greatest foriegn foods on Earth.

English Sciforumers