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Oli abandoned a sinking ship. Well, it had already sunk before he came.

A probably fictional person, composed of 90% need for woo-woos to be ridiculed, 8% viciousness, 11% chivalry, 5% MSG and pi% not caring about numbers adding up.

Oli is the Tourism Officer for East Korea

Has been suspected, on SciForums, in the past of:

A) being gay (none of your business)

B) being an Illuminati (okay, 45th level but I've never told myself, so it's a secret)

C) flirting with Samcdkey (nolo contendere)

D) verbalising the term "snot'wuh" (Athelwulf made me do it)

E) pissing Duendy off (we've all done that)

F) wearing mirrorshades indoors at night with the lights out (doesn't everyone?)

G) sexually molesting master Yoda via force grip. Which actually counts as bestiality. (actually it counts as rishathra... but I won't quibble - Oli)

H) using looooooooooong words

I) refusing to teach Emptyforceofchi Jedi Mind Sex techniques - far too dangerous in the wrong hands. (I.e. not my own)

J) making sniffy call for help from the mods.

K) having a facial reconstruction.

L) being an indispensable and much-loved member of Sciforums and valued novelist. Oh, and a bastard:

  "He takes our hearts with him, and also the next installment of our frigging pointless novel.  Bastard." Redarmy11