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Stryder's avatar.

Stryder is a supermod of SciForums and the moderator of the subforums Computer Science & Culture and Pseudoscience.


Stryder was known as Stryderunknown and frequent another forum with two other older sciforums members, while also participating in extremely long hours of online chatrooms and toying with a simple website project.

He moved to sciforums as the other forum was hit by two problems, one was that the owner of the forum had filed for bankruptcy, the other was the moderator of the sub-forum frequented developed a type of Cancer (That was eventually fatal).

The death of that forum was imminent and that started a small exodus.

Avatar History
First was a rip from a scanned English cover of William Gibson's Science fiction Novel "Neuromancer". Due to complications in regards to people thinking the guy on the cover was actually Stryder it had to be withdrawn.
With this Stryder was cunning, armed with a 640x480 USB web camera, some cheap and tacky novelty shades and a table lamp, Stryder set in motion to recreate the scene. Juggling the table lamp in one hand, while attempting to look at the screen at an angle to see if he was in shot, while also trying to click on the mouse must of seemed a feat at the time but it was managed. Greyscaling and then Hue manipulation generated the Blue tinted effect.
As sciforums progressed and Stryder eventually got voted to be a Moderator of Pseudoscience(Narrowly beating Skinwalker by a few votes), it was decided to change his name to a shortened version if only for Sciforums. Thus he became Stryder.

Custom Title History

Initially Stryder's Custom Title read Cybernautic Hologram before the shift in Administration.

During the transitional phase it was reset to Moderator like a number of other moderators had occur.

Recently the title has changed to Excuse them, I'm a Moderator as it was believed that Sciforums members hostility could of been enraged by the self-impossive stature of Moderator over Common Members. (e.g. When people got in a huff and begin to hissy-fit, the comment is to Excuse them and explain why they are hissing so.)

Sciforums History
He once ran a story competition where the winner would become the proud owner of a Sciforums Mug.

Pollux V won it and it actually cost a pretty penny to send once it had gone through the conversion process, but a deal was a deal.

Stryder's posting usually involves the use of words that some people can't pronounce and he can't spell, which in turn are littered with grammatical errors and sometimes even words and letters missing (or added). The usual cause for this is his blatant disregard for proof reading.

This is greatly exaggerated when he's up late and suffering from fatigue.

Post Bites

To be added [Left for others to add, that way someone will actually have to read a post]

Outside Sciforums

You only need to look to his profile.