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Did you mean Muslim (SciForums member)?

Muslims are people who believe in something silly (they call it Islam) and use faith as a mental crutch similar to Christians. Muslims are also known for banging their heads against the ground several times a day, which could be one of the reasons why there are so many brain damaged muslims in the world.

Most people are jealous of Muslims due to their awesome personalities and ability to outmaneuver, as well as outblast the smartest atheists.

Anyone can become a muslim by declaring that there is only one god Allah and Mohamed is his prophet. Many become muslims because of cultural heritage, herd instinct and family tradition.

Muslims are also known to shout their slogan Allah Akbar! which many westerners perceive as a warm suggestion to leave the area as soon as possible, because it is very likely that in a few seconds something might blow up.
See also suicide bomber

Beware! Severe head injury might compel one to become Muslim. A slighter harder knock may even make you a Christian.

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Ziad S Homsi

S.A.M. (SciForums member)