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Tablariddim is one of the original members from the beginning of sciforums, known as Sciforums' glory days, that still visit and post regularly.


  • tablariddim knows the secret of a good kebab. In the glory days of Sciforums, tablariddim was merely a minnow, caught up in the pescatorial school of starfish intellectuals and militant reactionary religionist pufferfish that swam in the warm cyan H2O of that charismatic era, now of course, after almost a decade of brainwashing by the various fishers of men and fishes of intelligence, not to mention the squid of ego driven philosophical mudrakers and even the outrightly insane octopii of inanity that have swum through the turbid waters of life (as we know it here at sciforums), tab', as he was fondly called occassionaly by one other member that is now banned, now thinks he's a guppy; and it's true, he does have a Ph.D in kebabology, or he would have if one were available.