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Or did you mean Nickelodeon (SciForums member)?

Nickelodeon is a childrens' TV channel.

Nickelodeon is a childrens' SciForums poster who likes to drink pee.

And it was one stormy night, when the most was overcast by the great clouds of darkness spred across the vast sky like a dark blanket... when Nick said, Autistic children are spastics.

Harsh eh????? Considering i was diagnosed with a condition of the spectrum of ADHD, called Semantic Pragmatic Disorder. It hardly makes me unadvantaged, which would might be a better word than spastic, as even Mozart had the same condition, so did Newton and there are soe claims that even Einstein might have had a duller form of it.

So, in effect, Nick was wrong. But some Autistic Children, granted have a conditin was can be debilitating. But they are few and far between, and yet even they can calculate numbers that the greatest present astrophysicist could think of in one second of being told the variables. They could beat the greatest chess player of all. They cab evaluate systems, matrices, codes.... name it. But they cannot ever seem to solve the Reimann Hypothesis for some reason. Other than the explanation that the uncertainty principle, coupled with the Incompleteness Conclusion (ab><ba) is in play.