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Kebab is the most delicious fast food in the world. The best kebabs are made with meat and preferably cooked until the blood stops dripping. Contrary to popular opinion kebabs are not a good alternative to Viagra, but it is thought that the combination of chili sauce, fresh chillies, lemon juice, lamb and hoummous may affect the part of the brain associated with sexual reproduction.Tablariddim is Sciforums resident kebab expert and a persistent plugger of kebab kid his old shop that made him the millionaire and reclusive layabout that he is today.

kebab facts

  • Kebab makes everybody a winner!
  • Kebab made Osama Bin Ladin what he is today.
  • Kebab was around in Jesus' day, that's why you should always ask for a slice from the fresh one.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, you cannot smoke kebab, but you can always try.