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Yeah I heard about Stronghold, it looked alright I just didn't take the time to get it. Anarchy Online is probably waiting in my mailbox and maybe if I'm lucky I'll get to test it on wednesday.

I have to say it! The graphics in Deus Ex aren't that great!! Not what I expected at least. For now my favorite RPG of all time is Diablo 2. I was thinking about getting Empire Earth, hmmm I should check some reviews and the prices. Farewell!
Graphics are not the only thing tht make the game good. The graphics in Deus Ex are adequate and were certainly good in their time. The game is my favourite not for the graphics, but for the gameplay.
Gameplay and enjoyment is all tht matters. The only thing tht could be better thn Deus-Ex would be Deus-Ex2. It's supposed to arrive smtime this or next year. But till then....................have to find smth to play.
BTW, these past days I'm playing Uplink. An ultimate hacking game you can get nowaday, though it smplaces lacks reality, it's still very interesting (and with no 3D graphics)

I heard tht Anarchy Online has MANY glitches and because of tht is not enjoyable to play and servers are not the fastest either. Search for NEOCRON, an upcoming MMORPG, I like it.
Welllll if you happen to pick up the latest issue of pc gamer the hardware guy, uuuhh Vederman, that's his name, wrote a paragraph about how he's addicted to the game now that it's patched. If I like this whole mmorpg thing I may get Dark Age of Camelot, which is like Everquest (which I haven't played and really am not interested in), only....different. Right now I really want Jedi Knight 2, Warcraft 3, and Star Wars: Galaxies (which will likely come out in at least a year). JK2 comes out in mid to late march, around the same time that I get a thingy out of my mouth so I can speak normally.
I wouldn't worry too much about it, because I do live in the US, and I've seen articles elswhere and even on TV telling how any video game store you go to won't enforce these laws, at least for now. Since I can't drive yet (1 more year!!) I always go to the local best buy or wal mart with them, so even if they did pass this law before I was eighteen I'd probably be alright. If they start denying me the games then I'll just buy them off the net, since websites like have better prices anyway.

Where can you get games for 3.2$???? Is that in US currency or Latvian? I may have to take a trip to your country, since it seems that the prices for retail video games are steadily increasing. Six months ago anything at the Best Buy (which has the biggest selection) was $40 or under. Now you can find the more popular games like Empire Earth and even Age of Empires 2 for $50!!! Fifty dollars!! THAT IS INSANE!! I'd rather spend the whole night dl the game off of morpheus (or kazaa, that thing you recommended, which is the same program).

DVD quality copy of LOTR tomorrow!! I can't wait!!!!
Those games tht are sold for 3.2 $ American ( 1Ls ~ 0.62$ ) are pirate copies and I buy them in one illegal "shop" in one basement, but there are a lot more places like this. You can buy a game legally in shops also, but they are those for 40$ and nobody buys them anyway.
Also there are games tht you can buy for about 6$ They are products of one interesting law in russia, which allows to copy games (I duno the details of it, but they should be interesting), but because they are imported frm Russia they cost more. A lot of illegal games are imported from Ukraine too, some are burned here.

LOTR IS GREAT, I have downloaded a DVD quality copy frm KaZaA .
Enjoy your LOTR!
:( :( :( :( The LOTR dvd-quality version is too big for 700mb disc! The pal of mine has to order special cd's!! Major Bummer!!!

I ordered Dark Age of Camelot and convinced my parents to get DSL, on a much higher note. I still haven't gotten Anarchy Online though...I ordered it almost two weeks ago.
Dark Age of Camelot hath arrived! Now only if my punishment could end...(six weeks!!!!!) Has anyone played it before? One of my friends at school says its awthome.
Alas, the punishment is over, the paper is finished, everything is as it was. We're remodelling the computer room in my house and for some reason we lost the connection to the internet so I haven't installed DAoC yet, but I have gotten the chance to play something else. You know what I'm talking about. Yes you do. I'm talking about Medal of Honor: Allied Assault . This is simply the best shooter I have ever played (I've played Half Life!), I've never felt like I'm really shooting a gun before or am really storming a nazi bunker. It's challenging even on the easy setting, the graphics are gorgeous, ahhh, so great.

I also got the chance to play Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, which is awsome. Anyone who's played it know's how cool it is to hear your enemy hiss and scream as they vaporize into a cloud of bright yellow energy. Satisfaction.
Buy it-you won't regret it!

I played Soldier of Fortune briefly. Dayam that game's violent!
Maybe today I'll be able to play DAoC. The phone line in my computer room was severed because of construction but they're probably fixing it today.

And as far as I know, MOHAA has no blood, but you'll never more like you're firing a weapon. There's great recoil, you fall to the side when you get hit, my god it is awsome! I have tommora off so I'll be able to play it all day! Yes!
I've been busy playing Independence Wars 2: Edge of Chaos

Okay it's a plasma graphically intense space-pirate/trader shoot'em up where you do a bunch of missions with random generated sub-missions to create a free-formed universe.

Supposedly it can be a multiplayer (Still got to give that a go).

I know that there are many upgrade "modules" to the program to add more fighter craft and missions etc.

(I've also been really finicky noting bugs like: Some of the spelling is incorrect, and at one point the assistant wingmen/turrets didn't re-attach properly because I had to afterburn away from a dogfight. Which left me not being able to re-attach them [Something to do with the method the MUD uses layers])

I also noticed a wonderful method on my machine of how to crash the program out to the OS, just by looking through my damage control systems while hyper-jumping.

Ho-hum, anyone got a games testing job I can have?
The best flight simulator on the market is definitely X-Wing Alliance, great graphics, voice acting, everything. You can probably get it for under $10, which translates to god knows what in british pounds. I suggest you check it out, it really is one hellofa game, and I've never found a bug or glitch.

And when I'm done with sciforums, I'm going to slam my Thundersword bombers into buildings in Tribes 2.

I have x-wing alliance, but my favourite flight simulator is Crimson Skyes (you're a sky-pirate in 1930s, with your own squad). It has humor, it has easy controls, great planes, can construct planes yourself, has grest mission campaign and smthing simmilar to death mach mode. the only drawback are long loading times, but with a faster pc it should be no problem.

I just only remembered how fun is this game, I need to install it rught away (now tht I have force feeedback joystick it should be a smash):):)

ok see ya, have to do install;)
I have Crimson Skies too, yes that game is awsome. I think the voice acting is good in that but it is far better in X Wing Alliance. I may have to play crimson skies today, I haven't tried it with my new RAM and video card...
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