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Muahahaha! Finally beat Halo on hard difficulty. Only took about two weeks of playing it every day. I can't remember how many times I've died, more than 50 I'm sure. I hope they make a Halo 2, there's a few unanswered questions at the end and since there's more than one ring the story could easily go on.

Until then, I look forward to the new 007 game on X-Box =)
I must've died thirty or fourty times last night on Tribes 2. That's really depressing.
I'm watching the JK2 preview now, jesus it looks good, gave it a ten out of ten, you guys, whoever's reading this, dl the preview NOW!!! The second one, oh its wonderful, I can't wait, I want to get it on saturday, I want it now !!!!
Best games of all time IMHO:

Baldur's Gate series
Icewind Dale series
Deus Ex
System Shock 2
Starcraft (BW)

nothin else comes close
GO BUY JEDI KNIGHT 2. Now. Go outside, nearest store, leave whatever you're doing, go get it. You will not regret it. This is the best shooter ever.
I eventually beat IW2:Edge of Chaos , But I have to admit there was times I had to look for aid on the internet because there puzzles were just too darn vague.

Things like "Shoot the ambilical to stop the disrupter charging"... now where in the heck was one of them, and what did it look like. I sat there shooting things left right and centre, in the end I was shooting at the right thing, but just not with the riht weapon because it had to be destroyed quickly.

It was real awkward and quite a few hairs were lost from my head in the process through stress (And tearing at it)

I'm back to playing FF9, and I've decided I HATE PLAYING CARDS.
Pollux V is...

...still drooling and giggling maniacally from JK2.

Yeah I heard that IW2 was insanely hard. Just like some of the puzzles in JK2.

Okay, Round 11 Has just started.

I have 4 places left to make a group up of people from Sciforums, the thing is that you will need to register and then ask me for the group no. and it's password. (I would write it here but I think people would fight over the places)

So far I think AVATAR is going to join, but I know that it's going to be a first time playing the game for him. I'm just hoping I can find 4 more people.

The game itself is turned based, every hour a dominion that you control produces things from the buildings you have built, and you can attack other dominions (although you troops are away for 12 hours after the attack). This means you can login at any time, but it's best to try and login as often as possible, as you start getting worried about your virtual peasants being fireballed to death by a rival dominion.

All people interest are subjected to being GOOD races, since the group is a good one. But you need to get versed up on the race you pick over the next 50 or so hours (Since the game is only in the registering stage for 50hrs, then battle/building commences)
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I purchase Uplink

Its been pretty intense to try and learn what does what and when to start saving and for what. Shearly for the fact that it's a hacker simulation (although it doesn't mirror hacking in the same light as reality) its quite intensive and originally got my heart pounding as the traces tracking me started to close in rebound by rebound...

It might have some minor faults, well from my angle of perspect (Like you can save and load games, as it follows the same basis of real life, you only get one chance and if you blow it GAME OVER!)

I know I could of just downloaded it from some dodgy place on the net :)bugeye: not that I ever would!:eek: ) but I had to purchase it to support a games developer, one that is standing out on their own. (not multicorporately backed)

I might actually get into the spirit if writing some plot... If I can just stop living the near fictional life I lead.
Here's what I'm playing right now:

Infantry (
Subspace (Continuum)

umm. yea. That's about it for the PC, Halo on the X-Box still isn't boring, god that game kicks ass!

Playing on Winamp right now:

Stand By Me - NoFX
Brown Eyed Girl - Pennywise
various Taproot songs including I and Again & Again
High Voltage - Linkin Park

Almost 12 am on Friday night, gotta work at 9am tomorrow (or is that today... nope, still 15 minutes to go) and I'm listening to some Taproot posting on the sciforums boards. Oh man.. :D

Oh, and btw, go play Dominion. It sounds dumb (personally I hate script games) but it's actually a lot of fun to bash other Dominions with your superior army and watch as they throw themselves against your impenetrable defenses (ok, so maybe I enjoy it a bit too much). Roasting peasants with fireballs is always fun... I miss the BBQ Fridays of last round. Our realm would simply pick a random target from a random realm and fireball him with all the mana we possibly could. :D

Only reason I'm sitting this round out is cause im insanely busy with other things in my "real" life, the one where I actually leave my room :p
Originally posted by Stryderunknown
It might have some minor faults, well from my angle of perspect (Like you can save and load games, as it follows the same basis of real life, you only get one chance and if you blow it GAME OVER!)
Actually you can sort of "save". Go to the game directory and there is one folder with all your personal data. One file is namedlike your ID in the game, the other is smth else, but is also needed (I think).
Hack The Planet, Stryder (you'll need to do tht actually later in the game;))
Dungeon Siege - You won't see me for days with this baby

I just bought Dungeon Siege and should tell ya tht everyone who honours and values RPG genre must get this game. There is a beautiful world out there full of monsters cripts and dungeons:D all redendered in 3D. I have PII 333, 128 RAM and 16Mb voodoo 3 2000 and it runs nice and smooth:cool::) MS has done this time something really good. What else to say..........GO TO THT STORE AND BUY THIS GAME.......

check the REVIEW
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I wasn't sure if I wanted to get Dungeon Siege after the Gamespot Review, they didn't give it the 9.8 it had hyped itself to be. Avatar tell me is it really the 'Diablo killer?'

I still love playing Broodwar online. My record sux (11 wins, 13 losses) but it really, really kicks some ass.

But since my comp is twice as good as yours, avatar (cackles maniacally) I probably won't have to worry about the graphics. Max Payne is awsome, really awsome (even though the environments are kinda depressing), Command and Conquer Renegade sucks because I feel like I'm playing against nothing (if you've heard the a.i is practically nonexistent).

Just gonna hafta wait till Warcraft 3. I heard on their site that they added a whole new race, but they said it was april fools so I'm not sure. Has anyone else seen this?
Hey cactus I started a clan, have one other guy in it and like figured out how to have a buddy list. its awsome. To add a friend you do /f add namehere and to see the list u do /f list. It's really cool. I'm trying to get some people in now. Anyone who plays bw can join. It's called 'the god clan.' Ooooooh.
It has a great atmosphere and I'm feeling like playing a dream. A real fantasy world tht is real:D (I really got the impression) It is Dioablo killer because it has better graphics, better environment, you can play with a team up to six characters (I was sort of feeling lonely in Diablo, so I played almost all times as a Necromancer:D) . In this game you don't choose a profession... While you progress you develop skills. If you are using your bow in 80 or 70% of cases over time you become a ranger (warrior, wizard). I liked Baldur's Gate a little bit better because it had a story- THE STORY, in this game the plot lacks something. The game enviroment looks HUGE... I have been playing one dungeon for about 2.5 hours now. I strongly recomend you this game Pollux.
I didn't regret buying it and I think tht you will not also..

....Starcraft:) what fine memories about it, I still like to sometimes pla it.
You have to join my clan avatar. I guess my mind is made up, then. I'll look for it on the net later.
I just rented Max Payne for Xbox.... all I can say is WOW! :eek:

This game is amazing. Bullet time is an awesome feature. Being able to go into slow motion, jump sideways while shooting at some guy, landing on your side then stand up and throw away your double Berettas as you pull out a fresh pair..... this game is the 3rd person shooter dream come true. You can easily create those Matrix type scenes like the one in that room with all the pillars, where Neo and Trinity are shooting all those cops in slow motion. You can do the same thing in this game, all in slow mo, record it and watch it again from different angles (although I haven't had time to try this, I sure as hell will :D )

If you have an Xbox, and haven't tried this game, please go rent it, it's simply amazing. Almost to the point that it rivals Halo (but not quite ;) )
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! They're making Infantry pay to play!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! :(

It's funny though, there's a poll up at and it shows that more than 80% of the people would not pay $6.95 a month to play infantry. It looks like come May 1st their player base is going to be cut by 80%.

Infantry will be dead within a year =(
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