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More gamezzz :)

I sill love the original Unreal. That firs level is unbeatable. The explosions, the green fog, the screaming, that voice 'prisoner has escaped, prisoner has escaaaaapppppeddd', the static electricity,... I can just stare at the lava in the following level. Very shiny, very nice. I get amazed by the lights. Direct3D YES! :)

Another evergreen is the original Quake. The first time I fired it up, I knew it was big. I may be not so objective, cause I'm a big Nine Inch Nails fan and Trent Reznor did all the music and sound effects. Epic game.
I liked Unreal Tournament, but I sold it. That may have been the biggest gaming mistake in my life.
Maybe....don't know...maybe I'll dl it myself, now that I think about it a game that old can't be that big, with my internet connection it might take a full day to do 100-200mb of data.
it is 600Mb (the full version of it of course, beware of cut versions). Maybe it could be some 500 Mb if compressed good.
My dentist said that before he injected me with something.

"This is gonna hurt like the dickens."

WEEEE sillysilly!
I think I bought it for $20 (it was awhile ago), and then sold it for $10. I can't buy it waaaaaaah!
didn't you say that you were coming close to saving enough for a ps2? Wait with that one for a month or so, buy UT, have endless fun, buy the ps2, save up for gta3 on ps2 (nooo slowdown) and enjoy.

We should fight blind freeloading and blind consumer behaviour. THEY want you to consume! :)
ps2 stinks. it can't compete with the quality tht is aquired by a high end pc. and every console out there has a 640x400 resolution if you didn't know by now. I wouldn't even consider to buy myself a console.
I remembered how Sony promiced something completely new. I forgot how they called it. They said that if you store a level in memory a and textures in memory b, you would not get a performance jump. (think Tomb Raider and Doom)

But if you programmed it blablabla and more blablabla, the performance graph would rise to show stuff that has never been shown.

Every console it's the same story, while it's plain logic that a static console can not compete with a high end ever evolving pc.

They rip people of with their stories.
There are ways to defeat slowdown, most notibly Defragging is the main method, other methods consist of using a dettachable harddrive that you "Plug" what ever game you have on a drive in.

You then keep those drives "Optimised" and don't load a bunch of useless files.

Another method is just to partition your drive differently, make sure you have more RAM and a set SWAP file size.

I would still keep to PC's as a main source, although a games console is useful to take with you places (unless you go for a laptop, but they aren't too upgradable.)
Maybe it'll look awful now compaired to monster 3d games like Quake 3, since it's minimum system requirements are pI 120mhz and 32mb of ram, but it is a good game!

It was fast and funny, and it had a custom made 3D engine. Respect! :)

look out for this: "the worlds smallest nucleair explosion" Kick rear end! :) :)

I've finally started to really get into Deus Ex, and that game is awsome! Me loves it! Before I never got past Liberty Island, never even really tried because I could never find any ammo for my gun and the targeting reticle took too long to focus on anyone. But now....ah tis a joy to play such a fine game. I look forward to Deus Ex 2.
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