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it was Sunday when I completed Deus-Ex for the 14th time. I'm a fanat of Deus Ex. And I'll sell everything to get a top-noch pc when Deus-Ex2 comes out.

or just find someone for who to make a flash website to increase my funds
I am also looking forward to deux ex 2. The first was cool cus you had to use your brain & have patience.

Lately, i've been playin gta III alot. That game rocks. I havent even really gotten into morrowind because of it. I need to go get neverwinter nights but i don't have any motivation due to gta III.
I just thought I would bring the GAMERZ thread back into the circulation, since the this portion of the Forums is starting to get chocked with "One GAME per THREAD" deals.

Anyway, I just recently used KAZAA to download a cracked version of CAESAR III , okay I was after 2 and found 3, it's the usual way it goes.

It's not a long winded game, but it is an awkward one to get your city shape correct. (In fact I'm still having fun trying to work out the best method of design for them.
Stryder, Avatar, A4Ever...

...leave the gaming cave you live in and go get Warcraft 3. Now. Stand up, grab yer wallet, get the game. Go on, you can do it....
The sands of time have run out, you must lead your people to salvation.

Favorite lines from Warcraft 3:

Orc Builder: "I can do that."

Mortar Team: "Mortar combat!" "They're dead!" "And that's where baby dwarves come from." "Get your thumb out of that bunghole!"

Human builder (when ordered to attack): "Are you sure there's no one else to do the job?"
I usually get my games second hand, or from this shop from where I use to live that seems to get them from really unobvious places.

I remember trying to get FFIV or one of the others working on the playstation but it started spouting out French text. (seems there "Order" got a bit muddled)

Okay occasionally you get a lemon, occasionally it's a decent game at knock down prices sold to the shop because their previous owner completed it, or just didn't have the specs.

What are the markups on Warcraft 3 from Warcraft 2?
  • The introduction of heroes into a strategy game is one of the best moves I've seen. Heroes are extremely important, in that they can gain experience, cast very unique spells, and if you hang on to them for long enough, kick serious ass. If they die, you can reanimate them at a special building.
  • 4 completely different and well balanced races.
  • A gripping storyline with cutscenes that, according to myself and my friend Cactus Jack, rival the animation from the movie "Final Fantasy." The whole backstory, too, is worthy of a great Tolkienite novel.
  • And the graphics, ooh the graphics are beautiful but also meant to appear cartoonish, but they do their job well (said Jango). I can say that these are not the best graphics I've ever seen in a strategy game (that title goes to Ground Control) but they are definitely up-to-date.

This is a modern RTS that is really revolutionary, it will change the very way strategy is played...forever:D Stryderunknown, how can you call yourself a gamer if you haven't purchased (second hand or retail) the latest Blizzard game? They've proven themselves every single time they've realized something, proven that they are the best at what they do. There isn't a single strategy game out there right now that has more value than Warcraft 3.
Favorite WarCraft 3 Lines

"Where's me drink? I can't shoot straight unless I've had a pint."

"A horse kicked me hurt."

"Let's get pissed!!!"

What are you doing? Succeding you... Father.

Pollux, I got a bit bored with Warcraft 2 since I purchased it for two platforms.

Recently I've been RETROGAMING.

I've been playing Bloodnet, it's much like Neuromancer just a bit newer, although instead of just being a virtual cyberspace hacker, you just happen to be on the verge of a transformation, of being turned into a vampire.

The aim of the game is to become Human again, but it has certain drawbacks, like you have to quench your bloodthirst or become a vampire on occasion. This means finding a meal, and you have to carefully choose your prey as they might be someone you need to speak to later on.

Pretty old, pretty retro, and about 6mb's in size, not bad.
Today I decided I would go out and buy a bunch of games, okay I bought two plus two expansion packs for one.

I now own Settlers IV (With a bunch of expansions) plus Commands 2.

I'm a sucker for Settlers but I'm not sure how long it will be before I have to kill it in turn to play commandos since my system has only a 10Gb drive.

(10 years ago, I thought 1GB was state of the art, and now I'm running out of room with 10Gb whats the world coming to.)
Ok, this game didn't make it big in the States I heard. So much so that Sierra (i think it was) dropped the title. The game is just soooooo good. You have to love it for what it is though because not that much in the game is very original and lots of people would prob say that it lacked all the normal stuff a FPS needed.

Think single player here people. What FPS has been one that you can go back to and beat over and over and over Single player? Project IGI is such a game. Me and my friend just beat it for the umpteenth time about a week ago. It did have some stuff i haven’t seen in other games, like this cool satellite comp that took virtual real time images. the neat thing being that it actually was a birds eye view of the map with a green filter. another thing that made it great was the use of a flight simulator for the terrain, this made it so immersive with large terrain. It's like Commandos with one character in 3d.
The big news is that soon... IGI2 is coming out!!!! and from the looks of it, its gonna rock!

some agents have a license to kill...
others are too busy to file the paperwork" ;)

Ive played many good games.
the best game i have ever yet played has to be THE LONGEST JOURNEY

it's not a fast pace action game, and involves some good problem solving.
if you havent played it yet, i highly recomend it. there is no other game out there as witty and adventurous.
When I get internet in my dorm room, I'll be gaming online. What's a good real-time strategy game for online?
Dude if you want a good real time multiplayer game, You want starcraft and probly the brood war ex-pack.
Now,i LOVE that game, its the best for 2 resons, its got a good battle engine and it has a kick @$$ map editor so you can make limitless maps and even add triggers that can do all kinds of things. If your not a map makeing kind of person you can jest downlode many maps that other peps have made from over (thats the online battle engine) and b net's totaly FREE!
Recent purchase Baulders Gate II, now why I had never purchased it previous to a couple of weeks ago I will never be too sure.

I would say it has some very novel trends to the game although it's rule setting can be Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, none the less my only pet peeves about it are very small:

(Like Unique weapons when weilded in the Invent screen don't look much different from their weapon types, LEVELING [gaining a Level up] doesn't supply you with much in the way of extra's, Needs more weapons and armour, Alternative Story paths for character set would have been a bonus.)

But those peeves are small.

The plus side, the game is LARGE (I'm still battling away) and.... I WANTTA MULTI.....!!! (Multiplayer)
Oh, Pollux... on page 4 (orso) you asked where I'd been. I was going trough some old threads just now and I never noticed your post untill today actually :D

When these forums were in their old style, I was a reader of it, in the new style, I still read. alot. but post very little. I like to read. And use backspace too often in typing these replies.

Anyways, <on-topic> , I still play Falcon 4.0 (currently in SP4/BMS2.0 format, for those who know what I'm talking about), I still work with F-16's (waiting for one to go up in flames still... <sigh>) and I'd like to add a new favourite to my list. Dark Age of Camelot. Although I don't play it anymore, I enjoyed my first experience in a MMORPG. for over a year, I relentlessly played my dwarf armorsmith/thane to gain..... Fame. And when I became the most wanted armorsmith on my server, I lost interest. Weird ain't it?

I could talk more about that story, but let's just see if this post sticks first.

"When you have wisdom that another person knows that he needs, you give it freely. But when the other person doesn't yet know that he needs your wisdom , you keep it to yourself. Food only looks good to a hungry man."
- Orson Scott Card, Xenocide
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