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I have played it for 12.5 times.
Great game. It is THE GAME-THE LIFE!
Cannot wait for Deus-Ex_2!

Its so bad I can't even play it...I bought the game to test it out but had to run it in a window the size of a fist...maybe I'll try it again.
Maybe we should all post our DXDIAG's here.

This is how it works: Go to the start menu, run, and click on DXDIAG or just search for it with explorer. You should find a program that looks kind of like the imperial insignia from Star Wars and colored yellow and blue. Click it and you can see (assuming you have the pc-gaming essential directx) your pc's memory, RAM, processor speed.

I'll post mine later when I get home.
as you wish

System Manufacturer:
System Model:
BIOS: Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG
Processor: Intel Pentium II, MMX, ~342MHz
Memory: 128MB RAM
Page File: 76MB used, 223MB available
DirectX Version: DirectX 8.0 (
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
DxDiag Version:
ha! I have a celeron 432! At least I'm pretty sure!

The person next to me is watching LOTR on his computer.

Imagine that.
Here's MINE: (by the way LOTR is Lord of the Rings)

Processor: Intel Celeron, MMX, ~433MHz
Memory: 64MB RAM
Page File: 51MB used, 231MB available
DirectX Version: DirectX 8.0 (

Card name: RAGE 128 VR (English)
Manufacturer: ATI Tech. - Enhanced
Chip type: Rev
DAC type:
Device ID: Enum\PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_524C&SUBSYS_464A8086&REV_00\000800
Display Memory: 8.0 MB
Current Mode: 1024 x 768 (32 bit)(optimal refresh rate)
Monitor: Gateway EV700

I've always heard that it's the RAM that makes the computer fast, not the processor. 2 bad for me, I guess.
You are right about the RAM, I immediately noticed a great performance leap. STRONGLY suggest you either to get a new pc or at least 128Mb RAM.
Lets see, I should list my system (Or systems) the same way as you lot but some info is un-necessary or potential hacker fodder.

First PC:

DX 486x66Mhz EISA architecture
20Mb RAM
Operating System: Debian 2.2r4 (Would load DOS but got to work out the networking capability)
Just over 1.35Gb Hard-drive (356mb Drive C: 999mb Drive D)
Tandberg 3800 Streamer (Still got to rig that sucker up for network backups)
Caddy Cd-rom (1 speed) (Caddy being you place the CD in a case before placing the case in the computer)
Cirrus logic graphics card (Thus only commandline with Debian)

2nd PC:

Pentium 100Mhz
48Mb RAM (PC100)
Operating System: Windows 98
10.5Gb Hard-Drive (10Gb C: 500mb D: )
2D graphics with about 2Mb capacity

3rd PC:

Pentium II 400Mhz Gateway Laptop
98Mb RAM
Operating System: Windows 98
3D capacity for Graphics (Doesn't run Sims, but can Run Diablo II)
8Gb Hard-drive
Infra-red port
USB ports (2)
Modem/Network Card taking up PCMCIA slots

4th PC:

Pentium III 500Mhz
768Mb SDRAM (PC133)
Operating System Windows 98
Single Harddrive (2.09Gb C: 1Gb D: 6.37Gb E: ) [I use D: for my Swap, easier to defrag)
S3 SAVAGE4 PRO/GT 64MB AGP graphics

All Systems have the capacity to be networked, although I only usually have 3 plugged in at a time and not all on.
10/100 LAN

The networks been useful to move most of my hived info about the other machines, of course I'm not telling you which one the hive is :D But I do need to change my OS'S.

Extended pieces:

Psion 5
Compatible with the Ifra-red port on the Laptop

There are a few peripherals I've got kicking around, as well as a few parts for a Dechub 900 Server which I either need to find a use for or sell. (You know the usual routine, don't ask where they came from as I don't actually know truthfully.)

Anyway now you know whats in my toy-cupboard :p.
stryde you seem to be a techie-sort-of-guy (i've checked out ur latest website), I have wanted to buy a good deal of RAM as a temporary solution to my burgeoning computer problem. You see, I can't play any of the latest games. My PC slipped under the minimum requirements a month and a half ago.

I heard that there are different types of RAM-specific types, I don't mean SD or RD. Is this true? My PC has SDRAM and if I wanted to upgrade it would I have to look for something more precise?
Pollux V

To work out your RAM what you need to know is the following:

The name/type of your motherboard
Possibly your BIOS/CMOS contains some info
Your processor (Which you know)

It is sometimes a good idea to get intimate with your computer (Yes, your going to have to look at it naked, stripped of it's chassis) if you do this make sure you haven't just turned everything off, but also removed the wires (As a wire can carry a charge even when removed from a wall socket)

If your not too sure about the insides, don't pull anything out.

In the most case scenario you can find manfacturer names, Product id numbers a few other bits and pieces to clue you up on what you have in your system. Sometimes it's a good idea to draw a diagram of your motherboard and write down exactly where you found the information. Then when you put it back together and use it later, you can search "Google" for that part number.

From a guess I would say that a Celeron Pentuim II MMX system would require PC100 DRAM 168pin the tricky bit is working out wether you would need ECC/non-ECC(Error-Correcting Code) or Parity/non-Parity.

information on the different types of RAM is located at:

Although it seems ECC and Parity is made to try and limit problems, as I mentioned about my own system I was using ECC/Parity PC100 previously on my PIII 500 and it became very ill (Lots of memory errors) I've now filled it with Non-ECC/Non-Parity RAM (PC133) and although it doesn't have all the thrills and spills of Error correction, I haven't seen any errors that needed correcting.

If you can't find out any information to point to the type of RAM you need, take one of your RAM chunks with you to a computer retailer and ask them.

[I advise that when replacing RAM, you replace "ALL" of the RAM you previously used too, this is so errors from your old RAM don't make you freak about your new RAM and because if you've got new RAM made at the same location in the world it should have the same Carbon-polarisation and will be less likely to suffer integratey errors.]
thanks a lot stryde, I think I'll just take a chunk of RAM out. SDRAM is really cheap now, anyway.

Now to just find a retailer in Maine...
The best pc-game in general site I've found on the net is gamespot . I really recommend anyone here check it out.

What is the best strategy game anyone here has ever played? With the best graphics and the most engaging gameplay? So far I've found Broodwar and Imperium Galactica 2 to last months until I sold IG2 and because of conflicting personal problems can't play broodwar. Does anyone else have any?
Outpost 2, all the way. The only rts so far that I've seen where you actually have to 1) Manage your colonies morale 2) build tubes to your buildings and 3) actually research your technologies in real time. There's like 100 different research topics, and you have to figure out how to research what in what order to get weapons the fastest. That game is all about speed, if you're not fast in the first 5 minutes of the game you've lost. Unlike C&C where you just need to build a war fact. and bingo you can build a horde of tanks right away.

Graphics are outdated by now, but it's still the best in gameplay.
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