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Old, but still funny as hell.

Duke Nukem: Atomic Edition - The bytch'inest game ever. Though its really old compared to new releases, still is the funniest.

Also, anyone played Perfect Dark for N64? That is the best console multiplayer game. Starcraft is, once again cool.

And of course, the grand daddy of all fighting gamez - Mortal Kombat. They're making a fifth one called deadly alliance.

"Its time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all out of gum." - Duke Nukem.
Cactus: Plus, there's tons of boobs in Duke Nukem.

Avatar I got Dungeon Siege. I can't use it though, because

Looks cool, though.
buy a new CD - DRIVE, could help only for some 4 months (pers ex)
Yeah, we have to call the FUCKERS at gateway before it happens, but luckily cd drives are pretty cheap nowatimes.

I haven't cleaned it once. I have no idea how.
Descent. There are three of them out, and rumors of a fourth on the way. Exploding robots, mega missiles, napalm...*drool*
I have this theory that the taller you are, the longer it takes you to push the button, so your timing is always off...

I myself am 1m96 and never experienced this problem. I am a Tekken 3, Street Fighter (2,3,alpha), Killer Instinct,... veteran and I still have to meet the person who can beat me time after time. I had a psx for a while, but before I had that one, I beat a friend of mine at Tekken 2 and 3 all the time on his own machine.

In Tony Hawk 3, which also requires some specific timing, I had a score of over 350000 after a couple of days on the demo.

My favourite games are fighting games like the ones mentioned, and first person shooters. Best ever: Quake I. Best of this time: Unreal Tournament. Interesting twist of the genre: Hitman and Deus Ex.

Now I have cut down drasticly on games, cause it is a huge time absorbing activity. I can't stand thinking of all the time I waste on games.
Perhaps your just lucky to have a fast nerve system, my guess is though that if it's truly that fast you will move your hand quicker from a hot surface than myself or perhaps feel a headache with more vengence than myself.

I was basing the size possibility on a friend of mine that, well kicked the Arcade versions (I mean in the Arcade) of all Tekkens and Mortal Kombats, plus a few other ones that you might find.

On the Games front I picked up 3 new games:

Steel Soldiers
I haven't played it much but if anyone can remember the Bitmap Brothers Z, this is the sequel (And a log await return for the Bitmap Brothers).

To put a short description together, this version ue 3 dimensional maps where you have to capture the flag to get territories. Once caught you can build buildings and men and vehicles to try and win against the opposition through what ever the mission objectives are.

The thing is, all your troops are Robots (Androids) with their own unique personalities like Colonel Zod.

I think this game is a bit old but it's another companies attempt to do something similar to Microsofts Age of Empires
Although the title states Cossack the game itself you don't have to be Cossacks. You pick a country and developed your colonies from circa 1700, eventually you gain enough iron,stone,gold,food to move to the 18th century where you can get different troops.

It's time consuming but is much the same as AOE.

Grand Theft Auto 3
Does this title really need an introduction??? WEll it's hte long awaited PC version where you can add your own skin for your anti-hero or play an MP3 of your own choice as a music station.

The game runs on specs though, which is a real drawback (Minimum 450Mhz PIII, 128Mb RAM, 16 MB Video Card)
I just manage the minimum, apart from my S3 Savage4 Pro card although being 16mb not rendering certain pieces properly, so I can play but some errors occur (fingers crossed for a patch)
I looooove Descent!

I played one and demo of the two. That's cuz I rarely buy games. I loved the freedom of movement.

It was the first true 3D. That title is not for Quake, but for Descent.
I played a demo of steel soldiers and didn't really like it that much, it could've been due to the fact that it ran at a rate of 1 fps, but it didnt seem that incredible.

Cossacks, on the other hand, is significantly better than AOE in my opinion, with many more strategic options, better graphics, a huge assortment of units you can use at once. It seems more realistic, because at the time period there really wasn't a whole hellofa lotta variation between soldiers, just a lot that could be used at once. I haven't played it in awhile but maybe I should dig it up and get the expansion...

I want GTA3, but my techy friends can't burn it 'cause it's write-protected and I can't buy it because it's rated M. My parents don't let me buy M-Rated titles, I can only get them through friends (does anyone else think that this makes no sense?). They seem to think that if I play enough of these gorefests that I'll shoot up my own high school. I don't want to get into a debate about that so I'll finish up now. There, I'm done.:D
do you want me to tell you the programs which can remove cd protection? I can ask my taekwon-do trainer about this, he's in the business;)
I don't think it really matters, the guy really isn't very good at burning games anyway, they never work.
you can't miss with burning games. You just need a copier that can copy iso's.

The only thing that can go wrong then, is that the disc you try to copy is physicaly altered, like was the case for Fallout 2. But there are still workarounds.

And your parrents attitude, I don't understand.
Neither do I, it really makes no sense. Besides, there hasn't been a school shooting for at least a few months, and they aren't as newsworthy as before. I have to plead with them again, maybe, but they're just too stuborn.

Plus I have a clean record of violence. I don't even beat up my sister, I just torture her psychologically, which has a much better, more solidified effect anyway....:D Some games out there are really over the top unnecessarily violent that I wouldn't play just because of that (take Soldier of Fortune 2, since even the people reviewing it always question how violent it is). But good games, like Deus Ex, GTA 3, Return to Castle Wolfenstien, they're all rated m, and they're all considered some of the best games ever made. The parental units aren't really involved in the gaming world so they don't know I guess...

I don't know what he does, but there's always a file missing here or there, doesn't make much of a difference. He just does it wrong, because the games don't
I played the Soldiers of fortune II multiplayerdemo, which did not have full gore. It was pretty decent. But a couple of hours ago I saw a review of the single player demo, which has the blood and gore, and it was too much. I don't think the game can make up for it in other departments. It's just average.

Wolfenstein was better. The opening stages and some of the following were good. Very nice graphics. Photo realistic at some plaxes, if you don't move. The zombies scared me a couple of times. But then the game lost appeal and I erased it. Did not finish it. It was all the same. Level after level.

Deus Ex, now there's a different story. Very very good game. I love it. Maybe I'll replay it in the summer. Or maybe I'll find better things to do with my time. :)

GTA3 is also very much violence. I feel that I am turning into a softy, but I probably wouldn't like it. The violence has no purpose. It's violence for the fun of it. Also, I'd like to warn you that if your parents come around, your system will have a hard time making it run smoothly. I read the real sys reqs somewhere.
Actually SoF (the original) was one of my very favourites. I shoot the weapon out of Russian soldiers hand, walk to hum, he says in russian :you can kill me, but I won't say anything. I slowly take out my Desert Eagle, shoot his head off, then his both arms and legs. Also I enjoy those hot black chicks. I usually put the whole clip of the uzi like mmg in their stomach. Another nice tactic is to first shoot the arm off tht holds the weapon. ut you better use tht pump action gun or hmg (heavy machine gun) for it. And my favourite is throat shots. You need the small pistol for this kind of a job and you need to be very precise. Shoot the throat and then he gugles, spills blood out and falls.

oh-> I suggest you to hope tht I won' t fall in next years final exams. I have got real weapons at home;):D
I recognize that. It doesn't upset me. It's just that I'm tired of it. Only technical kills can interest me in that kind of shooters: like in Unreal Tournament: kill to get the point. Be fast about it so you don't lose too much energy.

But I really can't be bothered anymore aiming for the throat for some special dying effect. It doesn't serve my gaming needs.
I'm going to call the world propoganda police on you, avatar!

I heard about the throat thing, sounded almost...demonic. Then again I DL a mod for jk2 that made the lightsaber look more realistic, changed the main guy's skin but it also made it incredibly more easy to tear of limbs and heads of various enemies, like stormtroopers. It's even possible to tear them in half, but there's no blood because the saber is so hot that it seals up their skin.

When you cut off their head they don't scream:D

GTA3 is a very fun game, I've played it on PS2 (I don't own one, a friend does). Despite the constant running-over of people it is just so much goddamn fun, and you have to keep in mind that it is just a game.

And I think my comp actually surpasses the system requirements, so if I can get my claws on it then maybe it'll run okay. If not I may have to get a PS2 just because GTA3 is better on that one. I also need a dvd player! And a labtop! And a digital video camera! And a car! And a better VCR! And all of the Orson Scott Card Books!
I heard to avoid slowdown, you need a 700mhz cpu, a 64mb graphic card and 256mb of ram.

But of course you can always try, just don't buy it right away (if you can)
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