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Re: "Ophiolite=John Galt and Ophiolite/John Galt may have Alzheimer's disease"

Thread has been deleted and warning issued to Futilitist.

Persisting in insulting members of this site and accusing other members of this site without proof will result in moderation. As will dragging issues from other sites to this site.
Turning Cartwheels as Sexual Display

Closed and moved to the Cesspool.

Reason: OP made repeated (false) factual claims that were unsupported by any form of evidence whatsoever. Despite a lot of evidence which proved the OP wrong, the OP kept repeating the assertion without providing any supporting links to his claims. OP was repeatedly advised that failure to support his claims would result in thread closure and cesspool, especially because of the nature of his claims. Four pages and no support was provided.
Additional Note

Bells said:
... especially because of the nature of his claims.

In my opinion, this part needs to be reiterated for the sake of the members:

• There are certain subjects that are, in the long run, simply dangerous. Sometimes this danger comes from the implications of the subject matter itself, and sometimes from various perspectives regarding the subject matter. In any case, we would at this time remind members to be prepared when undertaking such subjects. That is to say, when one raises such a discussion, utterly unprepared, and attending known behavioral patterns associated with the dangers of the subject matter, others will notice. The best way to avoid this, should one choose to undertake a controversial, problematic, or even dangerous subject, is to do so intelligently.

And if you can't manage that, our advice would be to skip the controversial, problematic, or dangerous subject.​

Thank you.
"Mammalian female reproductive anatomy"↗ ― Title edited, see note.

Note: I would remind the basic point that block-capitalized titles are a bit loud, though if that were the issue in and of itself we probably need not bother with such a note. It's just best if the word "clitoris" as a thread title and written into the url doen't land in search engines; we probably bounce off enough supervisory filters already.
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