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    My ego? Oh, you little sexist pig.

    I’m laughing on the outside but WTFing on the inside.

    Your attempts to universalize maxims of action into a non-rape environment are noble. Yes, men should change. Yes, by all means, teach non-violence, but we do not have to rely on men, at least not here in the United States. Pacifism is a fallacy and we have the right to defend ourselves. Yes, there are safety measures that become a quality of life issue for both sexes. There are high-risk areas and high-risk times. Safety measures are where we should assert a parallel between rape and nonsexual violent assaults.

    However, your approach is sexist and a maladaptive coping mechanism, at best. Talk about ego. You’re basically saying the same thing as Fraggle, that it has always been the duty of every man to protect women. It is sexist to claim that this is a "man’s world" with your so-called "rape culture", and that we have to be dependent upon the "good" men to protect us from the "bad" men. Just look as some the males, Kittamaru for one, displaying his wittle protective instincts. Screw that shit!!!

    There are things we can do to protect ourselves and we are capable of violence. We can meet force with violence, if we have to. We are not weak. We are not victims. We are not less than and we are not dependent on you. We are surpassing men because we are better suited for this new era. We are strong!

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