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Islam is a monotheistic religion whose followers believe the teachings of Muhammed (~570-632 AD). It is very popular on sciforums due to the dashing nature of the Muslim members.

In all debates, islam and political islam must be considered as completely coincident with muslims per se. It is thereby impossible and heinous to criticize political islam, because this means you are directly criticizing muslim people. By definition. No, really. Strangely, this sort of perspective is never taken with respect to those Christian types, or to socialism. Mainly becasue Islamaphobes are so prelavent on SciForums. Also bad spellers.


The Quran

  • Who were the people that wrote the Qur'an? Do you know the exact names of each person? ie: Which parts were written by whom exactly?
  • On what day and in what year was the Qur'an canonized?
  • Who ultimately decided what the Qur'anic cannon would be? How was this decision arrived at (ie: a vote?)
  • Why are some modern Qur'ans different from one another?
  • Why are the oldest Qur'ans in existence different from those that are printed today?

Prophet Muhammed and Other Questions

  • Did Mohammed personally ever kill another human person?
  • Or any person, human or otherwise. Did Mohammed kill Happeh? Or Jesus?
  • Is Allah actually the Christian Satan?
  • What was the average volume of semen that Mohammed produced on average and did it change during his lifetime?