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This is an article that corresponds with the real world
SciForums is a forum for intelligent discussion. It was founded in 1999 by Porfiry.

In the beginning it was called exoScience and mainly was a space science news site with a forum as an additional feature, but not the main purpose of the website.

Later Porfiry observed that exosci forum was getting much more attention than the news section of the site, and in April 2001 SciForums was born.


The US government is working on a project to send a terminator back into the past to kill the grandfather of porfiry so that SciForums, a well known meeting place for foreign insurgents, will not exist and the American way of life is protected.

Sciforums is a social gathering forum for taliban members, George W. Bush has infiltrated the ranks of posters under the guise of Baron Max. Sandy was always his cock-puppet. She is her own woman and a wonderful patriot. The infidels will never fail. It's good vs. evil. Good will win. It always does. Of course, "Good" is subjective. Some morons consider bombing civilians from 30,000ft to be "Good".

Peace is imminent. The Republicans will not let the democrats destroy the American Way of Life.

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