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A religion is an institution built by man around belief in God or divine power. It is believed that God does not like religion.

Religion is also one of the most disputed topics at Sciforums. The merits of discussing religion at Sciforums at all are questionable, since the Religion subforum is notable for the very unscientific discussions taking place there.

However over the years many have realised that the Religion subforum is a good place to isolate the religious zealots and fanatics so that they don't slip their magical thinking into more scientific subforums and discussions.

The trade off is that a scientific discussion on religion from an anthropological, mythological, psychological and other point of view has become practically impossible.

Determine your religion

Not sure what religion you ought to subscribe to? Try the belief-o-matic.

SF members and their religious path


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Sciforums discussions

See Religion (subforum).