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  • My five-year-old just wandered by the screen. He says "Shark! Cool!...uh...what's that on his head?" GeoffP
  • I'm puzzled that someone should be puzzled by a picture of a shark with a frickin' lazer beam on its head (as correctly spelled and italicised). Maybe the lazer beam needs to be bigger? redarmy11
  • The size is ok. But I'm puzzled that you should be puzzled by the puzzlement of a five-year old over the puzzling puzzle of a frickin laser beam on the head of a shark. Even more puzzling is that you spelled "laser" with a "z", idolater. Which part of the UK are you from then, eh? Hmmmmmm?? I hereby denounce you as a West Korean spy, or possibly a Canadian. GeoffP
  • I'm aware that laser is conventionally spelled with an 's'. However, I'd point out that shark with a frickin' lazer beam on its head conventionally uses the unconventional form. RE. my earlier puzzlement: sorry I accidentally wrote 'puzzled' when I actually meant 'facetious'. Which doesn't even make sense. Finally, regarding my UK regional origins: well, how can I put it? Oh, I know: that's none of your Goddamn business. It's not Wigan though, if that's what you're trying to infer. redarmy11
  • Ha! Denialist. Your Mancunian seeps through even in your protests of innocence. As for the whole laser thingy, ahdunfollayer. GeoffP
  • Manchester!?? Oh right, yeah. Close enough. RE: the whole laser/lazer thngy. I just like it better with a 'z' ok. It's transparently more eviler. redarmy11
i venture to guess you are all jealous of my shark and therefore launched a discussion on a trivial matter? Spuriousmonkey 12:01, 12 May 2007 (EDT)
...nooo. We just disagree on the letter "z". I'll bet you pronounce it "zee". GeoffP
  • no. we pronounce it the proper way. "zet"