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The correct title of this article is dildo. It appears incorrectly because of technical restrictions.

Part man, part myth, part lady, part reconstituted vegetable matter, redarmy11 stumbled drunkenly into the village of Sciforums on 03-23-05 American time. At the time Sciforums consisted mainly of a load of old fogeys sitting around drinking moonshine and moaning about "how brilliant" Sciforums used to be in the old days before anyone joined, and how you could leave your back door open, and how it's all been going downhill ever since, and "Tchuh! Kids, eh - they've just gotten no respect these days. Someone make another joint, my arthritis is playing me up." Etc, etc.

redarmy11 came along and changed all that forever. To get all teary-eyed and derivative about it, it was as if someone had opened a window and let the sunshine in. Suddenly, the previously barren streets were full of children playing and laughing in the baking heat, whilst curmudgeonly old coffin-dodgers peered out from behind their twitching curtains, fairly quaking with jealous rage, and crying over a distant youth fondly remembered.

redarmy11's contributions to Sciforums are myriad and diverse. Not only did he start the Greatest Thread Ever after being told to by a man on a flaming pie, but he also started this one and this one. He is an enthusastic Cesspool inhabitant, where he can usually be found splish-sploshing merrily through the excrement and hiding from his arch nemeses: the geeks who lurk in Physics and Maths solely to frighten and bewilder our hero with their unbreakable laws and their intimidatingly incomprehensible equations.


redarmy11 is often referred to by other Sciforums members as 'Red'. He loathes the abbreviation, resents the overfamiliarity that it implies, and wishes they'd either give him his full, august title of redarmy11-[1] or, better still, just leave him the hell alone you idoits!!!

redarmy11 is British, which means he has to google the meaning of 'orthodontist'.

Roman once asked James R to turn all of redarmy11's posts into "little terminators". redarmy11 has not forgotten the treacherous behaviour of his erstwhile friend and is feverishly planning his cold, cold revenge.

redarmy11 is a Manchester United fan (ROFL), hence the name (Manchester United's supporters are generally referred to as the Red Army: notorious hooligans who go around smashing people's heads in for wearing light blue tops.)[2].

redarmy11 drinks his own pee.

redarmy11 is Chairman of the Redarmy Diktat movement. Resistance is feudal.

redarmy11 is a CAPITALIZATION spelling and grammar nazi. The limits of his pedantry know no bounds.

redarmy11 is crazy.

redarmy11 is known to explode, which is a common phenomenon among people from Manchester and the Netherlands[3]. Hence he is often referred to as a hissy fit ninny.

redarmy11's User Titles

Be qiuet: genuis at wrok. - Used from ? to ?

Everyone you know will die. - Used from ? to ?

Irons his underpants. - Used from ? to ?

sperm meets egg.. so what? - Used from Augst 2007 until 26 October 2007.

cat----->pigeons - Used from 26 October 2007 until ? [current].