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superluminal was a mad dog who barfed a god and then ate it up. Suitably remonstrated by the divine samcdkey.

superluminal began his tenure at sciforums as an avid reader and contributor to the Physics sub, especially threads involving the debate on the existence and correctness of special relativistic phenomena. He got bored with this and began debating in the Religion and General Philosophy subs. superluminal vascillates between well thought-out debates and posts, and utterly troll-like, sometimes humorous comments. His moods fluctuate at times due to an anxiety disorder that he currently has under medical control. He is one of only a very few residents who have seen samcdkey's boobs. After seeing the posted picture of her boobs, he reminded her that she was a woman of honor and should retract the picture. This she did, much to the consternation of the sciforums community at-large.