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General Philosophy is a subforum of SciForums. It is moderated by spidergoat.

Definition of Philosophy

Philosophy is talking a bit about nothing to get laid with chicks who dig intellectuals.

Ancient philosophers

Modern Philosophers

Johan Cruijff

Johan Cruijff is probably one of the most influential of modern philosophers. Some of his teachings still reverberate around the world.

"It's better to fail with your own vision rather than following another man's vision." Johan Cruijff

Philosophy Factoids

  • Philosophy is shit.
  • The only good philosopher is a dead philosopher.
  • In Principles of Philosophy philosopher queen extraordinaire René Descartes proved that philosophy is shit by spending three weeks examining the contents of his own arsehole.
  • Sciforums member and devout Zoroastrian superluminal loves philosophy and frequently masturbates himself into a frenzy over the major writings of the philosophical canon. So far he's found that Thomas Hobbes' Leviathan brings him off the quickest. [1]