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IQ is a topic that easily leads to flamewars due to its usage by for instance racists to show that 'Asian' people are smarter than 'white' people. What they are really saying is that at least 'white' people are smarter than 'black' people and hence a scapegoat is born, as is a superiority complex.

IQ and SciForums

The meme of IQ pops up in many different guises on Sciforums.

Who has the biggest?

In these threads a certain member would advertise his IQ score usually obtained from a commercial IQ site on the internet that skews the results so that customers actually pay money for a detailed IQ test or test results (reference needed). Another source of these kind of threads are Mensa members or wannabe members[1][2].

IQ and race

The frequency with which these kind of threads are created is astonishing. Apparently there is nothing more fulfilling that to associate yourself with the social construction of 'race' and compare 'your' IQ scores to that of other social constructs[3]. Sometimes these threads are disguised as 'Is IQ inherited threads'[4].

People who start these kinds of threads generally do not appreciate the fact that even if they can establish their own race's superior IQ status (which is invariably their aim), this still establishes nothing about their own personal IQ.

IQ and Brain size

Brain size and IQ must be intimately linked (perhaps inversely) if you would use the amount of threads started on this topic in sciforums[5].