Women are superior to men because we can........

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Depends upon which base system of mathematics you're using, surely?
ok now women are confusing, i mean they say im fine wich means im not and then when they say go to the shop for milk and they end up giving u a list.
So you're on the way to working them out, they're becoming less confusing.
I assume you heard about the guy that finally worked out exactly how women think? He died laughing before he got chance to pass the secret on.:D
I know we've gone over this topic before, but as I recall the list was unreasonably short, so I have transferred a list I compiled today for my blog site. Details below:

Women are superior to men because we can........

find stuff
have higher pain tolerancy levels
don't cry if someone passes in front to the Tv when the footie is on
can reach for the TV remote if not within our immediate grasp
can 'hover' when using the loo - seat up/down irrelavnt

We are more intelligent
Men's brain are 10% larger than womens BUT we have more grey matter. A whopping 5.4% more than men!

We are multiorgasmic.
We have periods and get away with murder for having PMT!
When we buy a vibrator it is empowering. When men buy a blow up doll it's just sad.
We look good in mens clothes but men look crap in ours
We don't fall in love with cartoon characters or game females
We live longer
We can live without the pleasure of showering with a load of other females after sport.
We look good in speedo's
We can fake it men can't
We get to wear a multitude of add-ons: hair, eyelashes, bra pads,nails. Men have always liked 'transformers'
We can dress ourselves
We can chat to the opposite sex without having to picture them naked- well sometimes

Anyone disagree?........... No I didn't think so :)

Please take note of the speedo's thing guys!!! If you can cram your manhood into a set then you should not be advertising! And if you can't fit in them, you look ridiculous. No one wants to see your hairy nuts.

What a load of cobblers, the only time women do any thing is when they have no one to gossip to, they moan about house work, heck i can do it
in the time they moan about it, women look crap in men's clothes, you should
stick to skirts unless you are so ashamed of your hairy legs, as for the false bits well, wigs, eye lashes, make up ,false boobs, control pants, which bits are real? omg wait till morning.
What a magnet for misogynists this thread turned out to be.

Can't see anything useful coming of it.
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