Women are superior to men because we can........

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Creative Fossil

I know we've gone over this topic before, but as I recall the list was unreasonably short, so I have transferred a list I compiled today for my blog site. Details below:

Women are superior to men because we can........

find stuff
have higher pain tolerancy levels
don't cry if someone passes in front to the Tv when the footie is on
can reach for the TV remote if not within our immediate grasp
can 'hover' when using the loo - seat up/down irrelavnt.

We are more intelligent
Men's brain are 10% larger than womens BUT we have more grey matter. A whopping 5.4% more than men!

We are multiorgasmic.
We have periods and get away with murder for having PMT!
When we buy a vibrator it is empowering. When men buy a blow up doll it's just sad.
We look good in mens clothes but men look crap in ours
We don't fall in love with cartoon characters or game females
We live longer
We can live without the pleasure of showering with a load of other females after sport.
We look good in speedo's
We can fake it men can't
We get to wear a multitude of add-ons: hair, eyelashes, bra pads,nails. Men have always liked 'transformers'
We can dress ourselves
We can chat to the opposite sex without having to picture them naked- well sometimes

Anyone disagree?........... No I didn't think so :)

Please take note of the speedo's thing guys!!! If you can cram your manhood into a set then you should not be advertising! And if you can't fit in them, you look ridiculous. No one wants to see your hairy nuts.
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This is in the cesspool because?

It is of less value than all the other crap in free thoughts? More evidence of victimisation. You guys never quit do you, ass holes.

up yours and bollocks

Don't bother with the red font warnings. I think we know they don't work ay!
this has been debunked to the cesspool because men rule the world.

you might be better but we are in charge now deal with it bitch :D

I shan't be back here so pass on my regards to the remaining crew.

I can't stand the blatant hypocrisy.

If anyone wants to say stay in touch and say Hi they can do so via my blog (see profile) no spam as I don't sell anything.

Take care

Absane, vslayer and athelwulf moderate free thoughts...there was NO NEED to send this to the cesspool and whoever is responsible has clearly done it to satisfy their own agenda and that is just SICK.

Fossil, don't be so defensive, you know what they're like around here sometimes.
Thank you Tab

Meanwhile I now need to add my list

women are superior because.......

we can make dramatic exits and entrances without messing up our hair.

Oh and Nick

it is a females perogative to change her mind
it is a females perogative to change her mind

tell me about it, whats the deal with you guys and mind changing,

dont bother leaving.


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