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Discussion in 'SciFi & Fantasy' started by Thor, May 19, 2004.

  1. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    While I am at it.

    Technical information about my ship:

    The SSS Wayfarer Registration number 36421-09

    Captain Dreamwalker

    Columbus class corvette
    Mass: 10.000 tons
    Crew: 1 Pilot, up to 4 scientist or other personel
    one double-barreled railgun turret
    two beam faser turrets
    two "Spacefly" missile batteries, each loaded with 24 guided missiles equipped with low yield nuclear warheads
    two torpedo launchers, equipped with high yield anti-matter "Sunfire" torpedos
    two front lasers of unknown alien design

    Scientific equippement:

    4 satellites for long range scanning and communication stored in the supply department
    1 deep range scanner
    2 long range communication antennas
    1 high performance radio telescope
    Sensors for detection of various anomalies (magnetic, radioactive)

    Other equippement/features:

    Cloaking device and smart skin (altering hull painting to blend in with the surroundings)
    mark two ECM
    hull made of special armoralloy, aprox. 1meter thick
    engines: classified (supposedly alien design)
    shields: classified (experimental level)

    The bulky storage compartment can be dispatched
    and used as a small spacestation.
    This feature can also transform the SSS Wayfarer into
    a capable fighter.
    Because of the unknown technology found on its travels and used in its build it is far advanced compared to most other ships.
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  3. Logically Unsound wwaassuupp and so on Registered Senior Member

    did you just sit and invent all that stuff.
    "whatever turns you on" (virgin)#

    the collective has disturbed your mind 'star'
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  5. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    Dude, you think I´m mad?
    Just looked at some descriptions of spaceships from various computer games.
    Took me about five minutes, which you used to talk about the collective.

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  7. Logically Unsound wwaassuupp and so on Registered Senior Member

  8. Gifted World Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    This is GNN, Headline news.

    Special forces deployed from the stealthed starship World Wanderer have recovered the captain and crew of the Percicpience, and commenced rehabilitating them. Many had been forced to live in VW busses with floral print walls, and even worse unmentionable tortures. As of now all ships are rapidly clearing the planet. While no one in the Space NAvy will comment, it is believed that Captain Delron Draconis deployed a planetbuster on a time fuse. We will watch, ideally it will detonate when all ships reach minimum safe distance for such an explosion.

    I should be mentioned that Aqua Vitae is the primary pot production planet for the Hippies. Destruction of this planet would severely cripple them.

    This is Galaxy Network News Headline News.
  9. Gifted World Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Yo, I'm not seeing where the equipment listings are. I'm seeing ship descriptions, but not an "armory" or anything like that.
  10. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    what do you mean?
  11. Thor "Pfft, Rebel scum!" Valued Senior Member

    I think someone said they'd do a list of weapons...

    Can't remember who.

    The site will be updated tomorrow 2pm GMT
  12. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    I understand now. Well, I tried to keep my equippement in a way to conform with various sci-fi ideas.
  13. Thor "Pfft, Rebel scum!" Valued Senior Member

    Mine too. As long as we don't have any planet killers we're fine
  14. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    Perhaps he refers to me. I posted something like that, alas I only meant it for my ship specifically.
  15. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    I have found it:
    I only meant a weapon list for my ship in this post. sorry.
  16. Thor "Pfft, Rebel scum!" Valued Senior Member

    Ah, so it was all a misunderstanding. I had an idea it would be...
  17. Gifted World Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    Well, we have several things: various mysterious weapons of the generic unknown type, as well as some people using some of my items. I'll try to expand on some of it:

    faser: Fusion Amplified Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Pulse and beam types, output in watts.

    Hyperion blaster(generic brand:triperion cannon): Same as pulse faser, but with a quantum occurance in the pulse. No shield system can stop it. Classes based on size of the reaction tube, which increases exponentially with the level. Class 1 is the smallest capable of producing the quantum effect, about 5MW.

    Nucleonic warhead: Rather than store the antimatter, this warhead produces it on demand when detonated. Safer than conventional antimatter weapons, more powerful than nukes, but very expensive. The reaction can also be used for propulsion, though containment is yet beyond Sciforums technology.

    Armoralloy: ultra-dense metal that is perfect for armor plating. A related alloy, duralloy, is maximized for other purposes. The alloys are about three times denser than uranium, meaning a heavy cost in weight. More powerful engines are required.

    Zero field generator: The only armor augmentation to effect Hyperion blasts, it traps zero field matter in an area, producing another layer of lessefective armor. This layer however replenishes, meaning that your second shot will meet the same amount of resistance.

    Quantum nucleonic flux shields: Generic energy field shielding thing. Can absorb the energy it's rated for before shorting out, though two shields can be overlapped for more protection(higher rating in the overlap area).

    missile launcher: An M8 is capable of empying its thirty round magazine in less than a minute, they fire bigger missiles with either more range, or bigger payloads. The M12s fire smaller missiles, that make up the bulk of fire at medium and short ranges. Little variation in these.

    The only real oversize munitions carried are a FTL missile with interstellar ranges, or planet-busters.

    Hyperwarp: The device produces a warp field that produces a quantum inversion of the matter contained therein. This results in exponentially increased speed, far beyond the speed of light. The ship coasts until another activation reverses the process. The level refers to a part of the equation used to calculate the "true speed"(according to departure and arrival time in real space) of the vessel. A vessel in hyperwarp is invisible to all scanners, though there are suspicions that the aliens that built the Wanderer knew things we don't.

    Ansible: Based on Scott Card's idea. Only between two points, however, a third party requires at least one more ansible, and you cannot contact a ship in hyperwarp.

    Mechas: Traditional; I was thinking more along the lines of Battletech except for the Duelists. These machines were built by various races to settle differences without war. Easily the cost of a significant battle-group, they are highly capable of destroying said battle-group without stressing. You either need another Duelist, or alot of cannon fodder. The Wanderer was specifically designed to deploy the Terran Duelist, Corinthus, piloted by Delron himself, and the Duelist of Earth's close ally, the Molnari, Aegres, piloted by Delron's bond brother, Chroe, though they are rarely on the ship at the same time when the ship is deployed. These machines are more like Evangelions than Gundams, though not as big.

    Stealth: The Wanderer was designed for passive stealth, the only real active system is manipulation of its artificial gravity field to dampen the bend it causes in the space-time continuum. Conventional anti-cloaking technology designed to detect the cloaking field doesn't work as there is no cloaking field. ECM and the black hull make it a visual null except when outlined by a planet or other such item. And then all you see is a black sillouette. The weapons are designed to cycle from a cold start, and the engine exhaust is highly focused. Only at close range will an Insurgent class vessel be detected, and then the returns are usually small enough that many operators will discard it as a ghost or glitch in the system.

    Did I miss anything?
  18. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Captain's Log
    Stardate 5.24.04

    We have been rescued by the crew of the World Wanderer. A pity really, I had hoped to escape in same daring act of bravado, but perhaps some other time. The hippie stink that now impregnated the walls of my ship from it's recent occupation is making it hard to think. The researchers are working on an anti-stink field. I hope their efforts are successful, and soon.

    There is scuttlebutt going around that a planet-buster bomb has been placed somewhere on the planet. This will be my last chance to test the inversion device on a mass with such a large brownian motion. The other ships begin to withdraw, but I must finish the test while it is still possible.

    A hum fills the ship as the device is powered up. The field envelopes the planet. The brownian motion of it's oceans increase drastically. The hippie's silvery submarines dart frantically about just beneath the surface. A strange vortex begins to form at the point where the field's strength is strongest. It appears to be a portal of some kind. Through the portal, the scanners make out a strange jungle world, a black obelisk, a ring of dancing cannibals, stone giants carrying a ship towards the portal. How fascinating.

    A dark form begins to take shape beneath the waves. It appears to be covered in spikes and protrusions. Radiation flows from it, boiling the oceans. Hippie submarines burst like popcorn. The shape begins to unfurl itself. The library subroutines have tentatively identified it as a Voltron unit of the Scerlag fleet. One of the most powerful constructions ever devised by the fiendish Scerlag. Damnit! Why can't anything good come from this device. The last Voltron unit was destroyed 20 generations ago. There no longer exists the knowledge of the precise weaknesses through which it's reign of tyranny was ended. This is a dark day indeed.

    Suddenly, the vortex winks shut. Just before this, sensors indicated the stone giants collapsing, dropping the ship. Then, a pulse of heat envelopes the planet. The planet-buster must have detonated. The remaining oceans are atomized instantly, converting their mass to energy. A shockwave spreads from the planet. Engines at full power, we have to get away.

    We get just far enough to not be destroyed by the shockwave, however our systems are heavily damaged. Sensors are only working intermittently. There is no trace of Aqua Vitae. It has been destroyed utterly. The voltron unit appears to be heavily damaged as well, but not destroyed. It fires up it's engines and speeds away.

    Wait, there is something else. The voltron unit was not the only thing summoned forth by the inversion field. There appears to be an escape pod floating in the vaccuum. Sensors are not operating well enough to identify it, but it appears to be an ancient design from the days of the Grand Imperium, who originally faced the Scerlag and vanquished the Voltron fleet. Perhaps we are not doomed. Perhaps the pod holds something which will aid us.

    My tattered ship limps towards the pod.
  19. Zero Banned Banned


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    Uh. Holy shit. Did you all just come up with this on the spot?

    It's so childish I feel like joining. What do I do to join?

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  20. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Just make a ship and post away.
  21. Zero Banned Banned

    A scout ship from the Sciforums Fleet detects a very odd disturbance with its sensors. Normally, this would have been passed off as simple electromagnetic noise coming from some obscure star's death throes, but upon closer investigation, the 'disturbance' actually turns out to be a complicated mesh of organized waves. The researcher leans back in her seat and immediately forwards the data to the other ships for investigation.

    "I do believe this looks like signals from some intelligence out there. Shall we decode this?"

    A decision is made to check out the source of the disturbance. After several hours of calculation, several cans of Red Bull Intergalactic Edition, and several fits of hair-tearing, the top researchers of the Sciforums Fleet manages to decode enough of the data to trace a path back to the original location of transmission.

    To their surprise, the transmission comes from a patch of completely empty space.

    "What the hell is this? Another joke?"

    Nonetheless, a decision is reached by the top commanders of the Sciforums Fleet to send a small envoy to investigate the original location of transmission.

    With their current technology, it is a few hours' journey. They arrive at the location, and triple check their calculations. This is the spot. However!


    It is utterly empty. The people in the small scout ship sit back and sigh. They get ready to go back when a small, old man in a white lab coat stops them.

    "We can't go back without at least sending them something! Perhaps they possess some form of advanced cloaking technology. We can't rule that possibility out; we haven't gone through the entire decloaking procedure yet."

    The scout ship gets ready to broadcast a signal out to the empty patch of space. People agonize over the wording of the human race's greeting to a possibly intelligent life form, an unhealthy number of pots of coffee are consumed, an even unhealthier number of donuts are consumed, and at long last, the message is complete. The epitome of human brilliance summed up in this one diplomatic message is now broadcast all over this part of space.

    "We come in peace."

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    - - - - - - -

    "Shit, that was a waste of time. Time to head back to headquarters; they've already given the go-ahead for us to turn back."

    Just as the scout ship turns its nose around, the pilot switches on the main screen and goes through several wavelength filters one last time. As he reaches the infrared spectrum, he lets out a loud whistle. Everyone turns around and stares.

    The empty screen is slowly filled with the sight of an entire solar system, made up of more than twenty planets revolving around a pair of twin stars. The planets and stars wink into the blackness, almost as if a giant hand were copy-pasting them there with some graphics program.

    Almost as if the entire damn system were cloaked to begin with.

    The pilot quickly checks the other wavelengths, and glances out the cockpit window.

    "They're revealing themselves on the infrared and the ultraviolet, and are working their way towards the center. A most interesting sense of aesthetics, whoever these people are."

    As the decloaking reaches the visible wavelengths, the star system becomes visible out the cockpit window. By this time, the entire crew is slack-jawed with wonder. The captain of the ship gulps and musters his wits. He grins weakly.

    "Er, I guess we should contact the main fleet about this?"
  22. Zero Banned Banned


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    Ahaha. Here I go.

    The main fleet sends a broadcasted message to the scout ship.

    "Make contact with whatever non-human intelligence is out there in that system. Make it clear we're here for peaceful reasons. Forward all declarations of war or alliance to the main fleet before answering."

    The captain of the scout ship scratches at his whiskers as he ponders the question of how the hell he will do that. He decides to stick to official protocol and procedure; that way if anything nasty happens, he can always blame it on his superiors. As he drafts a preliminary message to the unknown civilization in front of him, he notices something out the cockpit window.

    "Damn, they're faster. Oh well. I guess we'll be the ones receiving the initial contact. Double-check our shields, just in case."

    The technicians scurry about in the bowels of the shielding system and communications equipment at his command. He turns his eyes back to the main screen, which contains the shape of a large, dull grey object that eclipses the twin stars and looks very much like ...

    "... a freaking BAGEL. What the hell is this?"

    "The technical term would be torus, thank you very much."

    "Whatever. It's still a BAGEL."

    The unknown starship shifts from a shade of dull grey to a translucent white. The ship seems to be a colossal, hollow torus of some unidentified substance that is mostly filled with what looks like water. Complicated webs of circuitry, also made of some different unknown substances of various colors and luminosities, snake here and there in the background. But the main attraction is what swims through the water, which is ...

    "Great. Just great. A hollow, water-filled BAGEL that houses a bunch of blue whales."

    "Well, they're not blue whales. If you'll look at the arrangement, size, and number of the fins, and also the different sensory organs on it, this is no Earthly life form. This is definitely alien.

    But yes, they do look much like whales."

    The captain raises a finger to press the big, blue 'Open Communication Broadcast' button. He's about to press it when he hears something in his mind.

    Don't bother opening your communication device, captain. We can communicate just fine this way.

    A race of intelligent "whales" who happen to be telepathic. Space is such a wild, wild place, isn't it?

    "Um, uh ... "

    We understand, we understand. You're overwhelmed. We tend to do that, anyway. Very odd, since we're not at the top of our food chain on our planet, being herbivores.

    At least until our technology allowed us to send any carnivore who dares approach us swimming away with a quark-burnt ass. Bwahaha.

    Enough with the pleasantries. You can call us the Krankzinnige Walvissen. As for me, I'm the captain of this ship, and you can call me Mii-Reh.
    Last edited: May 25, 2004
  23. Zero Banned Banned

    Ship Stats.

    Ship Name: The Bagel-Fish
    Captain: Mii-Reh. She is indistinguishable from the other Krankzinnige Walvissen, however.
    Crew: About 50 other Krankzinnige Walvissen.

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    Weaponry: None known yet.
    Sensors: None known yet by current human technology.
    Propulsion/Engines:None known yet. It is suspected that the Krankzinnige Walvissen possess telekinetic powers, and can influence physical and chemical processes with the force of their minds through some unknown process. Some researchers speculate that they may somehow harness the force of their own minds to propel the ship.
    Mass: Estimated to be about 2 million tons. Precise measurements not available.
    Material of Ship: Unknown, but closer inspection suggests a ship that is made of some metal-organic mixture that is completely sentient and alive. How the ship actually functions is as of yet completely unknown. The material also seems to incorporate some warping of space-time in an unknown way.
    Motives/Upper Command: Unknown, but it is reasonable to assume they are friendly towards the human race, and that this ship has been sent for diplomatic reasons and for learning more about the human race. No signs of hostility seen yet, and Mii-Reh has also declared that they also 'come in peace', albeit with a snicker at mankind's inability to come up with a better line.

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