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Discussion in 'SciFi & Fantasy' started by Thor, May 19, 2004.

  1. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    (maybe I will be Rear Admiral. That somehow has a more comical ring to it than vice admiral.)
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  3. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    By the way, I forgot to mention in my last post...


    You've used one of my pet peeves in your story. You called another planetary system a solar system. My understanding of this is we live in THE SOLar system. There can be no other solar systems unless you name another star Sol. Am I right here? I've always been slightly annoyed at references to other solar systems in the universe. There are other planetary systems that would be named according to the star which they orbit. End of rant.
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  5. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    why is it called planetary system then and not star system?
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  7. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    Newsflash---Message from SciforumsStarfleetCommand----------

    Be advised that possible fights may start.
    If possible be prepared for conflicts.
  8. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned


    SSS Queen of Mayhem sighted in Solar system near the Van Oort Cloud near Neptune.
    Scout ships have been dispatched while earth defenses have gone on full alert status. Sciforum Star Fleet command is putting together a improvised battle fleet since most of the proper fleet is far out on the edge of the universe looking for the SSS Queen of Mayhem.
    So far the Queen of mayhem has not taken any action since settling down near the Van Oort Cloud.
    The population of Earth is reported to show signs of panic.
  9. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    I'd say because the term is used to denote a system of planets orbiting a star or stars.

    A star system would be a system of stars orbiting each other or possibly something else, like a black hole perhaps.

    I don't know for sure... But I know it's not a solar system...

    Oooh, will the Queen of Mayhem attack the Earth? Do you have any family on Earth? Better be careful, your daughters seem to get around. Don't want to cause the death of another do you? What was your daughter doing with a bunch of smelly hippies anyway? Was she a human shield?
  10. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned


    SSS Queen of Mayhem has disappeared from Earth's planetary system only 3 hours after entering it.

    Military analysts call it a brilliant move by Rear Admiral spuriousmonkey. The SSS Queen of Mayhem was in obvious needs of supplies and the old admiral knew where to get them.

    The entire fleet was away from earth looking for him and his ship. It was ironically the safest place to be.

    He stayed long enough in the Solar system to plunder the outstations and then leave without a trace.

    Sciforum Star fleet command stated that scout ships are in pursuit and will track down the Queen of Mayhem soon(ish).
  11. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Captain's Log
    Stardate 5.29.04
    SSS Percipience

    It has taken days to repair the damage to my vessel caused by the destruction of Aqua Vitae. Until we had done so, it was impossible to approach the small, drifting life pod. But at last, we draw close.

    Scans show one organism aboard, a human female about 17 years of age. I order it transported aboard as I make my way to the transport room.

    Upon arriving, the chill of space emanates from the surface of the pod. The ship's doctor had already arrived and was preparing to open the hatch.

    "Greetings, Captain." said the medic, "The girl inside seems relatively uninjured. Some minor dermal damage to her forehead. She'll probably be bleeding profusely once we release her from suspension."

    "Do it," I say. I find myself holding my breath in anticipation as the hatch slides open. There is an inrushing of air and the control panel inside lights up and begins to blink.

    The medic pushes a button on the panel and a platform slides out with the girl resting peacefully upon it. The shimmering haze of the suspension field can be seen clearly. A faint scent of ozone permeates the air. The girl is beautiful. Slender and pale with vibrant red hair. There is a Z carved in her forehead and she clenches a black dagger made of some type of reflective stone in her delicate hands. The medic pushes a few more buttons and the field begins to blink as it dissipates.

    The girl's forehead begins to run red with blood as she takes a deep gasp of air. Her body begins to tremble. The medic rushes forward and examines her with a tricorder. "She's going into shock, Captain. I'm going to administer some (star trek drug). He pulls out his hyposyringe and bends over her. Her trembling fades away and she is breathing regularly.

    Just then came an alert from the bridge, "Captain, we need you on the bridge. Something strange is happening outside. I rush to the bridge to find that another vortex has opened up in space about 1000 yards from the ship.

    "Sensor scans," I order, "what's happening? Can you make out what is through the rift. Give me a close up." The vortex enlarges and fills the viewscreen. It's hard to make out what is on the other side. It seems to be obscured by thick smoke of some sort. I can just make out a figure standing in front of the vortex, his back to me.

    "I'm detecting multiple life signs, Captain." reports the science officer, "there appears to be some sort of struggle taking place. Just then, smoke begins to issue forth from the vortex. It rapidly dissipates in the vaccuum and the image within the vortex clears. "There's definitely an atmosphere, Captain. 78% nitrogen, 20% oxygen, and other trace elements. It's an earth-type atmosphere captain."

    Another figure appears in the vortex wielding a crudely built spear. He plunges it into the man I had seen previously. The new figure... What the hell? It can't be...

    "Report!" I command brusquely, "Tell me what I'm seeing."

    "Captain, scans indicate a 99% probability that that man is... you, Captain. It's a genetic match."

    I see the wounded man hand something to my doppelganger before he is pulled through the vortex into space. He begins to contort madly as the vaccuum ravages his body, the spear in his belly swaying back and forth. "Lock on transporters!" I command, "Get him out of there."

    "Aye, Captain. We have him."

    Another figure comes flying through the vortex just before it snaps shut. It appears to be dressed in primitive furs and is covered in tattoos. She's obviously female.

    "Get her on board," I command even as she begins to shimmer from the teleport effect.

    "Aye, Captain."

    "Captain, we've identified the girl." comes from the communicator, "It's Captain (Rear Admiral?) SpuriousMonkey's daughter."

    "What? Are you sure?"

    "Yes, Captain."

    "What about the people from the vortex?"

    "They're stable, Captain. I have them sedated. The wounds are mostly superficial. The man will be on a liquid diet for a couple of weeks, but he'll mend."

    "Very well. Have the science officer examine the spear. Keep me informed. Nexus out."

    "Roger, Captain."

    I had a lot to think about. "Is the communications array back online?" I ask my engineer.

    "Yes, Captain."

    "Send a communique to Fleet Command. Inform them of what's happened. Ask them for orders. Tell them until I hear from them I will move towards rendevous point delta." I command the communications officer.

    "Aye, Captain."

    I rub my temples vigorously. I think I'm getting a headache.

    "Did we salvage any of the marijuana from Aqua Vitae?"

    "Approximately 300 lbs., Captain."

    "Send a pound to my ready room. I need a break. Set course to rendevous point delta and contact me if anything happens. Number two, you have the bridge."

    "Aye, Captain."
  12. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    Captains log
    SSS Wayfarer
    Captain Dreamwalker

    We just received a message from fleet command.

    It seems that our objectives changed, I have not yet received details,
    but we were ordered to proceed to rendezvous point delta, where we´ll
    meet up with parts of the fleet. Why the search for the SSS Queen Mayhem was aborted is not yet known to me.

    The drone we dispatched to pursue and observe the Voltron unit does
    not longer respond. We assume it was discovered and destroyed.
    Last transmission of the drone contains information that the Scerlag
    spaceship has reached a planetary system and has started to repair the
    damage received in the destruction of Aqua Vitae.

    All the transmissions we received were not complete. The amount of interferences is unusual. This may result from our great distance to the fleet or any communications relay installation. But it may also be possible that we have taken damge while we were hit by fragments of Aqua Vitae.
    We will try to find the cause of our problems while we move to rendezvous point delta.
  13. Gifted World Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    The pilot at Space Dock 12 gapes at the site in front of him. Under the lights of the dock, the black hull of the World Wanderer is barely visible.

    "What happened?"

    The voice of the captain comes back over the comm. "We put over eighty nucleonic missiles into a Voltron unit."

    "Tell me you got it."

    "The things are well built. Few of the shaped charges got the direct hits required to do maximum damage, but it won't be showing up for a good while."

    The hull of the ship is punctured in many places. Even the Voltron had had trouble with the shield systems and the armoralloy, but damage had been wreaked. The main bridge at the bow was completely smashed, the blast shields were still over the windows, what was left of them. One of the mighty Hyperion blaster turrets was completely missing. The ship had limped in on only two engines, the damage destroying the stealth aspects, making it show up like a sore thumb on the sensors.

    To: Fleet Headquarters
    From: Captain Delron Draconis, Space Dock 12
    Re: ship status and Voltron unit status

    Sought out Voltron unit to observe for weaknesses. We judged by the condition of the machine that it might be possible to destroy it in its weakened condition. I engaged in Corinthus, luring it out to where the Wanderer could fire on it. At the time of the wars with the Scerlag, nucleonic warheads and hyperion blasters weren't available.

    True to what we thought, the newer waepons did have an effect on the Voltron, but few shots found thier mark. Corinthus managed just fine, but the ship suffered. The Voltron took at least two direct hits with the nucleonic warheads, leaving it limping away before finishing us off. Judging by its heading, we believe it is heading for former Scerlag space in an effort to find spare parts for repairs.

    The Wanderer will be out of action for quite some time. While Corinthus will be ready in a few weeks, the Wanderer will be here until the engines are repaired, at which time we will move to the Tuscon Shipyards for the rest of the repairs, estimated to take months.
  14. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    Captains Log
    SSS Wayfarer
    Captain Dreamwalker

    Again we got new orders from fleet command. The Voltron unit was
    sighted and attacked by Captain Delron Draconis. We are to
    proceed towards the received coordinates.
    The Voltron unit is reported to be heavily damaged, we are send
    to observe any possible weakness. It is now apparent that it
    needs Scerlag spare parts until any kind of repairs can be made.

    Our communication systems are back to full capacity. One of the
    antennas was obviously damaged by debris.


    Captains Log
    SSS Wayfarer
    Captain Dreamwalker

    It was possible for us to catch up with the Voltron unit.
    We are now commencing research on possible weakness.
  15. Silverback Registered Senior Member

    SSS Effluence
    Captain Silverback commanding.

    The SSS Effluence is the largest waste reclaimation and disposal ship ever built. In her day, she was the pride of the Sanitation Corps.

    The ship has simple armor plating, suitable for minor hazards in space, but not capable of withstanding sustained fire. The shields are mostly a formality.

    She does carry light firepower, suitable for slicing garbage into manageable chunks. Her main glory, however, is the finest tractor beam system ever built. At least, as of 40 years ago.

    Current mission: Proceed to Aqua Vitae at all reasonable speed and clean up the mess left behind by the Damn Hippies.
  16. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Captain's Log
    Stardate 5.31.04
    SSS Percipience.

    My guests have woken up. They are all three doing well. SpuriousMonkey's daughter, Spurietta, is a fine, charming girl. I've had her up to my quarters for dinner several times. She's really quite intelligent and a masterful chess player.

    The other woman, Cannibal X, is another story. Upon awakening, she quickly fashioned a blow gun and darts tipped with poison secreted from her body. She had darted the doc, trussed him up, and was about to start cooking him when the security team arrived and rendered her unconscious with their phasers set on stun. We now have her locked up in the holosuite where she can live her rabid lifestyle in peace.

    It's a shame that the holosuite is now off limits because of this. I am considering opening it up to any adventurous souls that would like to experience the thrill of being hunted. I haven't made up my mind yet.

    Now I come to the greatest mystery. Bones is what he calls himself. For some reason this reminds me of somebody, but I assure you it's not THE Bones. The doc has determined that he is of ancient stock. Very likely that he is one of the ancient empire. He refuses to tell me of the world beyond the rift. He makes snide comments that I already know all about it if I would just allow myself to accept it. Poppycock, says I. He's trying to confuse me.

    But on the subject of the Voltron unit he is more forthcoming. He states that the Voltron Unit is most likely fully operation once more. It takes very little time for it to repair damage. That's one of the reasons it was so formidable. It could be said in many ways to be alive and is most likely almost ready to "give birth" to an entire fleet of Voltrons. Luckily, this semi-life that it possesses gives way to it's weakness. It's "life" processes create a lot of waste that must be disposed of. In space this is no problem, but when in "mother" mode, it depends on waste reclamation ships. They defeated them before by causing enough damage to trigger "mother" mode then snuck in disguised reclamation ships to infiltrate the unit and damage it's inner systems.

    If the unit has not found any scerlags to support it, the odds are that its sitting in a LARGE pile of "excrement." It might not even care if the waste ship was scerlag or not. It would be desperate to rid itself of it's waste.

    I have sent this information to Fleet Command and wait orders. We have yet to reach rendevous point delta. Also, there is a strange radio silence on all communications frequencies. I can only hope we're not too late.

    Nexus Out.
  17. Silverback Registered Senior Member

    Captains Log:
    SSS Effluence
    Captain Silverback.

    We are proceeding as ordered to Aqua Vitae to sanitize the remains of the waterworld to remove the contaminates left behind by the Damn Hippies. I eagerly await a challenge worthy of this fine vessel.

    The first officer interrupts with a startled exclamation, “Sir, something is moving up on us. Very fast and very large. It is on a direct heading from Aqua Vitae. Currently scanning…”

    I shift uneasily in my seat. Could this be a Damn Hippie warship which escaped the destruction of Aqua Vitae? If so, we are truly screwed. I quickly mop my forehead of the buckets of sweat lest the crew sense my unease.

    “Well?” I bark to the first officer.

    “I don’t believe it Sir. It… It appears to be a Scerlag Voltron unit! Heavily damaged, yes, but heading right for us!”

    “Impossible! The last Scerlag Voltron was destroyed in battle way back in…” Damn, why didn’t I study history, “Years ago!”

    “I know Sir, but the scanners indicate…”

    “Blast, those things are malfunctioning again. Here, let me fix that.” With a swift kick to main console, a flash of sparks and smoke rolls out. The screen fades to black. “See, nothing there.”

    Just then the Scerlag Voltron pulled into view on the main viewscreen.
  18. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    Captains log
    SSS Wayfarer
    Captain Dreamwalker

    To our surprise the Voltron Unit reentered the Aqua Vitae system,
    after we followed it through abadoned Scerlag space.
    The only other ship in this system seems to be an old waste disposal
    ship, the SSS Effluence.
    However, the Voltron unit does not seem to care about hostile ships
    in this area. It comes to a stop in this moment.
    We await orders from fleet command before we proceed in any way.
  19. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    SSS Queen of Mayhem
    Rear Admiral Spuriousmonkey
    'still rogue - a dialogue'

    'Admiral, we are receiving a non-directional deep space transmission that you might find interesting'

    'Let's hear it Hal.'
    I like to call the Ship's AI by the name of Hal. It is an obscure reference to an ancient 2D movie.

    'It seems that the SSS percipience has picked up your daughter and she is alive. Maybe we should respond and find out more admiral?'

    'Hmm, what are the chances that this message is a trick to lure us back in Hal?'

    The AI didn't respond immediately. That was a sign that it had used some serious computing power to answer this query. A mere second delay was a rare thing. 'Well admiral, I'm sorry to inform you that the chances that it is a fake message are 65.9888%. I applied some of my sources to make an estimation on the motives of such a message and I can say with 78% certainty that such a message would indeed indicate a trap.'

    I didn't say it out loud but I wouldn't be surprised if it was indeed a trap by that devious admiral CC. He never was straightforward in the acadamy. There was always a hidden agenda. But there was a nagging doubt. The captain of the Percipience was a man of honour, although slightly too fond of the occasional designer drug. I had pulled his record before I set course to Aqua Vitae. I was not sure he could be part of such a dishonourable scheme.

    'How is the rebuilding of our primary systems coming along Hal?'

    '89% complete Admiral, we need 13.4 hours to complete.'

    'Our combat readiness?

    'Simulations indicate that only the employment of a major battlefleet could destroy the Queen of Mayhem Admiral. This is highly unlikely to occur. I have been monitoring deep space transmission and broke the new encryption code. The fleet is still dispersed. We are basically untouchable at the moment, unless some more modern assets of our fleet have been refitted with new and unknown technology.'

    'Very well, set course for the SSS Percipience and let us see what she has for us.'

    'With pleasure Admiral, Shall I make you some fresh tea?'
  20. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Captain's Log
    Stardate 6.01.04
    SSS Percipience

    We have arrived at rendevous point delta and are still awaiting communications from Fleet Command. Sensor's have picked up the Queen of Mayhem on an intercept course. She's still a few light years out. It will take several hours (I have no idea how fast warp speed really is.) for her to arrive. We have sent out communications on hailing frequencies, but as have yet have received no response. The Admiral had better think twice if he thinks to attack us. Our researchers have been working day and night and have come up with the mechanisms behind the hippie stink field and the hallucinagenic field. Although I find this technology extremely distasteful, I will have no qualms about using it should the situation call for it. We have also come up with several variants of the basic technology and hold them in reserve as a "secret" weapon.

    I doubt that it will come to that point, however. Admiral Monkey has always shown to have utmost love and devotion to his children. I doubt that he will imperil his daughter by attacking us.

    Ah, here comes Spurietta now. She's had our replicators on full processing fabric for her outrageously skimpy fashion. Why, I think I can see her...

    "Red Alert, Captain! You are needed on the bridge. Scerlag vessels approaching."

    "How many?" I ask.

    "There are more than our sensors are able to handle, Captain. This might be their entire fleet."

    "I'll be right there." I turn to Spurietta, "Stay here, dear. This might get hairy, but I'll protect you as well as I am able. There is an escape pod outfitted with the new hippie technology as well as an experimental trans-warp engine. If worse comes to worse, I want you on that pod. Get yourself away from here."

    "Oh, Nexus. You're my hero!" she says dramatically.

    "Just doing my job, ma'am," I reply humbly. Spurietta gives a little giggle as I turn towards the elevator.

    When I reach the bridge, I am struck in the nape of my neck by something. I grasp at it and realize it's a dart. I see Cannibal X before me, her form beginning to blur as the poison takes effect. I lurch towards the captain's chair and gasp, "What's... happening... my... ... ... ship..." The room is spinning as I sink into oblivion. The last thing I see is that the report didn't lie. The scerlag fleet is indeed here.
  21. Silverback Registered Senior Member

    Captains Log
    SSS Effluence
    Captain Silverback recording

    Ok, I had better explain these log entries. I have to write these on paper since the ships computers went down. And yes, the only paper on board is rolls of toilet paper. That, we have in abundance, considering our specialty. So that is why this ships log is rolled up.

    When the Voltron approached the ship, we threw up the shields, of course. Standard Operating Procedure. It completely ignored them when it grabbed us. And yes, it grabbed us, not with a tractor beam. I didn’t know they could do that. Damn, what was I doing during Military History class? Oh yeah, Cadet Recruit Lisa Thompson. Talk about a gal with stamina.

    Anyhow, the Voltron had us and immediately got under way again, with us in tow. That didn’t make sense to me. If the ship was run by AI, it should have ignored us completely. If it had a crew, we could have expected a quick spread of torpedoes and end of story. But no, away we went. A few seconds later, our communications terminal lit up like an old-fashioned Christmas tree. This thing was broadcasting to us on every known wavelength. We tried to hail it, you know, the usual stuff. “We come in peace. Please don’t hurt us”. Crap like that.

    Then the lights started flickering and the computer was too. I realized this thing didn’t want to talk to us, it was hacking the computer. But we didn’t have any useful info in there, unless it wanted to know the modern sanitation methods. Well, that and our navigation systems. With the star charts, repair bases, holy crap, it could get the latest poop on the location of military bases from us. At least that was all I could think of. I called the Chief Engineer. “Scooter, shut down the computer.”

    “But Cap’n, if we shut down the computer, I dunno if …”

    “Just do it.”

    A few seconds later, the power was cut to the computer system (hence, no terminals for log entries). Then the lights went. And the circulation of the life support system stopped. I notice the pilot team Diesel and Widdershins floating above their consoles. Crap, the gravity is controlled by the computer too.

    I have no idea where this thing is taking us or why, but I intend to find out. I ordered the whole crew into vacuum suits and to arm themselves. I leave this “log book” in the desk in my office and take a couple spare rolls with me, thus prepared for any eventuality.
  22. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    SSS Queen of Mayhem
    Rear Admiral Spuriousmonkey
    'communication with the SSS Percipience'

    'Admiral, we are receiving communications from the SSS Percipience', The Ships AI said merrily.

    'What are they saying Hal?'

    'They are asking our intentions Admiral. They seem unsure about how to proceed. Starfleet command probably didn't prepare them with orders on how to proceed with such a direct contact with the SSS Queen of Mayhem. I venture to say that the only orders that were given out were restricted to a scenario based on hostile contact with us.'

    'Ignore their transmissions. We will assess the situation when we arrive there. Put the ship into battle mode Hal. I don't want any nasty surprises when we arrive.'

    'Very well Admiral. Your Tea is ready. Milk and Sugar?'

    'Of course. Thanks'.
  23. Thor "Pfft, Rebel scum!" Valued Senior Member

    I shall update tomorrow. I am weary from my flight

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