Sciforums Fleet

Size mostly. Perhaps even weapons.
But perhaps it should be classified "Science Vessel" or "Scoutcraft" I am not entirely sure.

Hey Thor, can you list me as captain on the Wayfarer on your website? It´s the only ship without command it seems. ;)
Well, ships generally have a class aside from a type. For example, a "Halcyon class battlecruiser" or some such. The Wanderer is an Insurgent class. The Wayfarer might be a Columbus class corvette, the columbus class being exploratory vessels. So include that with your ship classification.

Some weapons system standardization would be useful. I'll put up a more organized description of the Wanderer in a moment.
Good idea, I´ll also make a list of weapons. And a better more specific description would also be in order I think.

Columbus class corvette sounds nice/fitting. ;)
You didn't put in the communications from the Closed Timelike Curve. Makes the decision to pour sugar on a ship a strange decision.

I don't know how to classify my ship. It has a larger crew than either of the corvettes so probably a frigate I'd guess. Don't know enough about star trek to pick any class. How about Tesla class? He was a mad scientist. And I imagine that's the kind of science my ship will be doing.

I'll have to come up with a better description for my ship too, it looks kinda gay when put on a website like that.

You might think about putting a link to the thread on the site somewhere. In case someone come across it on a web search or something. Bring new people to sciforums.

Also noticed that the last logs jumped to 5.25.04 should be 5.23.04. I guess the problem is time zones here isn't it? My previous log should have been 5.22.04 and you have it as 5.23.04. One thing for sure there shouldn't be a full day's gap in between. I actually posted exactly three hours after the post where I set out to Aqua Vitae.

But not a bad start. Might come up with something about the Hippie menace on the page where you talk about enemies. I doubt we've seen the last of them. ;) Maybe you could find a picture of a hippie from Futurama. I seem to remember a funny derisive hippie image on there. Couldn't say what episode though. I'll look for it in my spare time.
All of that....noted.

I shall sort out the dates tomorrow along with everything else.

But please bare in mind I'm only using a crappy template site which is completly free so what I can do is limited...very, very limited.
So far as I can tell, eveyone's in their own universe as far as equipment goes. Until Thor standardizes it, just go with whatever. And bear in mind when naming these are Sciforums Ships(S.S.S.).

S.S.S. World Wanderer Registration number 36421-02(thread number from the address, and the order joined unless countermanded)
Captain: Delron Draconis aka Gifted
Executive Officer: position available

Insurgent class battlecruiser
Mass: 750,000 tons Lenth: 200 meters
Crew: 1 Minimum, standard 200 personnel with 300 axilliary
Energy Armament: Six class 5 Hyperion blasters in double turrets, Twelve 50MW beam fasers, Twelve 45MW pulse fasers, Fifty 10KW beam faser "goalkeeper" point defense systems
Missile armament: Twelve M8 semi-auto launchers with thirty round ready magazines, Four M12 launchers with five rounds ready, Thirty "Flyswatter" anti-missile missile launchers
Miscellaneous: The two magnetic tubes used for catapulting small craft can also act as 5GW beam fasers, or launch special oversize munitions.
Auxiliaries: Two "Duelist" class mechas can be carried, and docking is available for three more standard frames. Four shuttles or bombers, twelve interceptors, or a combination of the three can be carried.
Hull: Armoralloy, 1.5m minimum thickness, 5m zero field generators
Shields: Eight quantum nucleonic flux generators, 1.8GW ea.
Sensors: "Classic" sensor setup and mark five ECM
Engines: Five 3GW/250KT nucleonic Furgeson reactors, Level twelve Hyperwarp converter

Sleek and stealthy, the ship was designed for personal use by Delron by unknown aliens. Registering it with the Fleet and doing a bit of dirty work earns him free maintenance and a crew. Every aspect of the ship was designed for minimum sensor returns, you don't see it until it punches you in the face. The Wanderer exchanges some speed for the stealthiness, but can still keep up with a task force. It usually goes it alone, preforming reconnaisance on pre-interstellar civilizations, other political enties, goes on diplomatic missions, inserts special forces, and whatever Delron wants to do that month. It's considerable science abilities make it valued protection on such missions, as it can do more than "sit on the bleachers." It may not be teh biggest ship in the fleet by far, but is one of the most versatile, being capable of carrying and launching any ordinance in the inventory, recently upgraded with nucleonic missiles, which carry ten times the yield of nuclear warheads by weight without the safety concerns of straight antimatter.

How's that? A list of stuff folowed by a brief description of the ship, and anything not covered by the list.
Stardate 5.23.04
S.S.S. Aldrin - Fleet Comand

....miral Coff.... flee.... mmand. . . signals . . . ..... block .....ippie fleet that is somewhere...he vicinity of Aqua Vitae. ........hi............have attacked the S.S.S. Percipie...

I repeat .....nals .....ocked by hip . .. . .eet. .......veral large destroyers circli...... planet....... . .. . . . . . . . . ...... Their bases have gone on alert . .. ..ason for attack is uknown.....................

....called ...he S.S.S. Queen ...yhem for asistance ..............

.....drin, our commu..... .... being blocked ..................... hippie ships. .. position ..... ....compromised ...... eavin..... area ....alling in the big guns.
Lost contact with Percipience. Proceeding with all speed to sector before attempting infiltration. All units proceed with caution. It seems the Hippies didn't like the experiments.
Log Stardate 5.23.04
S.S.S. Aldrin - Fleet Command
Admiral Coffee

After arriving at Aqua Vatae to attend diplomatic discussions under a cease fire agreement, we launched a shuttle craft (Rosa Vital) to the surface. It was shot down. The craft carried Captain Anchor, Lt. Kraft, and our High Command appointed diplomat; Doctor Red Redshirt.

After the Hippies shot down the Rosa Vital, we retreated to hide ourselves behind one of their moons. So far we’ve gone undetected. Before hiding behind the moon we detected a large hippie fleet being launched from the surface… They fired on the S.S.S. Percipience and the S.S.S. Red Shoes. The S.S.S. Red Shoes was heavily damaged in the attack. She began launching life pods before hitting the atmosphere of Aqua Vaqtae and beginning her final descent. The whereabouts of the Percipience is unknown.

Currently we are working to send messages to the rest of the fleet. The rebellion on Aqua Vaqtea has begun, and it appears that Polp Hitmu has risen to power again.

Notes: The leader of Aqua Vaqtea is now Polp Hitmu, a cloned version of Hilter, Mussolini, and Pol Pot. The hippies are very into cloning; expect tuff resistance from their forces - genetically engineered soldiers (They’re very good at basketball and killing).

Aqua Vaqtea's main export is pot, which the hippies guard closely. They have an iron tight clutch on the pot market.
Captain's Log
Stardate 5.23.04

I am being held prisoner by the hippie rebels. After succumbing to the hallucinagenic field, I fear we were easy prey. The revolutionary maneuvers of the Queen of Mayhem came too late for us. We had already been beamed down to the planet. As near as I can make out, we are being held in a submarine city some 20 miles below the surface of the ocean. Hippie stink is everywhere. And they keep bogarting the pot. Taunting me and saying "groovy." My nerves are at a raw edge.

They have tried to seduce me with a green alien woman, Neela. She claimed to be a prisoner as well, but I could detect that she had a subdermal THC implant to give her her required weed allotment. The hippies would have removed it had she truly been a prisoner. I probably would have succumbed, but I'm just too worried about... my... ship... what... are... those... dirty hippies... doing... to... my ship... POLP HITMU!!!!!!

(Polp Hitmu, huh? Sounds like Serpentor from GI Joe. :p)
I'm not dissing it. I'm just noting the resemblance to Serpentor. He was cloned from all the great tyrants of History.
It's been awhile for me too, they should have a GI Joe marathon one of these days. Serpentor was introduced when they changed the whole Cobra concept to aliens. Cobra Commander was too much of a pussy so they cloned Serpentor. If I remember right, Cobra Commander fucked it up though. Put in some idiot genes too. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!
Message from SSS Wayfarer:
(to get back to the original purpose of this thread)

We have finally made contact with another spacetraveling
species. They may be interrested in a trade agreement.
Alas they first want to see how we handle the recent
incident and the uprising at Aqua vitae.

The Wayfarer will join the rest of the fleet at the aforementioned
planet to help in whichever way possible. The extermination of
the hippie menace is currently of utmost importance.