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Okay, something new for all of us. We're gonna make our own Sciforums space fleet. Each member takes a role and designs a ship.

As counslercoffee is the mod he'll be doing the flagship.

I'll go first.

S.S.S. Eldritch Storm
Captained by Kasrkin

It's role is a multi-purpose heavy corvette that often leads small assaults and raids.

It's armament consists of heavy lancer cannons, plasma torpedoes, multiple light laser batteries and docking grapples.

It also boasts state of the art holographic projection technology. This allows the Eldritch Storm to disguise itself as an asteroid and piggyback a signal to anyone scanning that they are in fact an asteroid.

One of the Eldritch Storm's greatest victories came about thanks to the holograpic projector. After a hit and run raid against the enemy battlecruiser, Danzik Immoliator, the Eldritch Storm fled into a nearby asteroid field. The Danzik Immoliator promptly gave chase and plotted the safest course through the field. With it's projector running, the Storm drifted towards the Danzik where the Kapitan ordered an immediate course change fearing a massive collision with an asteroid. In its haste, the Danzik moved directly into the path of a multitude of medium sized asteroids and they began to strike it's hull. The Danzik was crippled, all power was cut off and it became a derelict...

...This is when Kasrkin ordered that the Danzik be taken. The corvette showed it's true form once more and began the docking procedure. With a full compliment of marines on board, Kasrkin himself led the way into battle. After 112 enemy crew members were terminated the Danzik, now leaderless, surrendered.

The Danzik is now being refitted and repaired and will soon join the Sciforums Star Fleet. The name will remain the same in order to mock the enemy.

It also has room to transport one galactic fighter, two medium armoured vehicles or a compliment of foot soldiers (for boarding).

It has a crew compliment of 14.

That's all I can think of for now, it's late. So if you have anything to add, tell me. I'll work on the design of my ship tomorrow (only if any constructive replies are forwarded)
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Goody goody gumdrops!

SSS(Sciforums StarShip :D ) World Wanderer
Commanded by Delron Draconis.

Battlecruiser class. Generally a smaller capital ship that carries a small escort with it, this one is specifically modified for personal use by Delron. He gets free maintenance and crew by letting Sciforums use it. It's modifications include several weapons normally found on larger ships, letting it play by itself.

The design of the ship produces very low sensor signatures, making it almost invisible, completely so at long range. ECM completes this at closer ranges. I'm not sure how exactly the armaments are supposed to go, could you give an armory, or do we just make up our stuff?

Crew can range from 1 to 200, with room for 300 extra personnel(marines, flight crews for shuttles and such, etc.) It also has a considerable cargo capacity.

Extras include mecha docks for five units, room for four shuttles or bombers, twelve interceptors, or a combination.

I'm gonna flush this out, since there's apparently different systems out there. The ansibles on board gaurantee communications no matter what. Most systems are redundant, teh weapons systems having their own targeting and fire control sensors and systems, and this redundancy exends to all systems, allowing the ship to function no matter the damage caused. The armoralloy hull is virtually inpenatrable with zero field shields backing up quantum flux deflectors.

Battlecruisers generally have an armament tipped more in favor of energy weapons, but a considerable number of missile launchers are present, capable of firing everything from anti-missile missiles to planet-busters. By far the most popular warheads are EMP generators designed to disable a ship while leaving its crew and systems largely intact, and a nucleonic conversion warhead, using a nuclear reaction that converts ten times the mass into energy than a regular nuclear device. The engines also use the reaction, giving the ship speed and manuverability no other ship can match.

The ship was built by aliens far advanced technologically, there are a few items not even his superiors know about, like the differences in the hyperwarp drive and the ansible. The Hyperion balsters on board were the basis for the other systems using the reaction that produces a quantum burst that smashes through all but zero field systems like butter. The reason for this is not known yet. The Wanderer carries six of these in double turrets, two turrets carrying oversized blasters normally found on larger vessels. Other than this, it has the normal pulse and beam faser cominations in everything from point defense to ship-busting size. Only a much bigger ship, or a large group of ships would be advised to take it on.

Few of these systems are used frequently however, as the primary missions are covert ops. Scouting civilizations found by exploratory vessels, and first contact missions are the norm, as well as whatever Delron needs it for this month.
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SS Percipience
Commanded by Invert Nexus

A scout ship and research vessel. It's mission is to seek out new life and new civilizations while it performs it's main function of transiting scientists to remote areas of the universe to perform their experiments. It has a small crew, maybe 30 or 40 full-time crew. Plus various researchers that come and go. Usually averaging 50 to 100 researchers on board at a time, from all different fields of expertise. Some of the research going on is quite dangerous, and that's the point of this ship. We move out of the occupied areas of the galaxy in case something devastating occurs during an experiment.

The armaments designed by Star Fleet are relatively light, but since then they have been modified several times and are quite possibly the most powerful in existence. (;)) Same goes for all it's other systems. However, they do have a tendency to screw up at the worst times because they have not been fully tested. But the scientists and technicians on board love it when this happens, because it gives them a new puzzle to solve.
Oh, I like this idea. I'm the flagship? Okay.

U.S.S. Aldrin
Captain Coffee

A large ship with strong defenses but weak offenses. Its primary goal is to lead the fleet. It can achieve a speed of warp 9.9 and has a crew compliment of 250.
SSS(Sciforums Star Ship) Queen of Mayem!

Commanded by admiral Spuriousmonkey

It is battleship of the Juggernaut A class, possibly the largest battle ship ever build. It is basically a little planet with engines, except that it is hardly round. It is a long and sleek ship and everywhere weapon systems sprout out giving it a menacing look.

It is an old ship though. It was build to ward of the invading Scerlag fleet back in 3455. Its main purpose was to fight their Juggernaut class battleships. It did so with deadly accuracy and violence. Its main armament was a Multi-phased antimatter plasma beam cannon. It could easily scorch the face of a planet and it certainly had no problem with the Serlag battleships. Its triple 'Thor' power shields, in combination with with its molecular binding generators keeping the structure of the hull intact, made it impenetrable for the Scerlag weaponry. Some people call the battle above Omega IIVa a massacre. The crew of the SSS 'Queen of Mayem' called it justice.

Its crew size is a reflection of its old technology. It is manned by 20.000 men and women. The EM warfare capabilities of the Scerlag made it necessary that every function on the ship had to be manually controlled in case of electronical failure, especially so for the weapon and defense systems.

Plans were on the drawingboard to upgrade the electronics of the ship to make it EM proof to current standards. The Naval Union however objected to the loss of jobs for naval personel. A decision was made on the highest level to keep the old system intact. Secretly a state of the art AI was installed and a new control system. Unknown to even the crew (except for admiral Spuriousmonkey) the AI can take over all functions in this ship at any given point. In case this happens the combat efficiency of the battleship SSS 'Queen of Mayem' is predicted to increase by 304%. May God have mercy on her adversaries!

Nonetheless, plans are made to retire the old queen of mayem. It is impossibly expensive to maintain.

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Captains Log
Stardate: 5.21.04

After weeks of travel, we have reached the edge of known space. Along the way, we have had much good fun breaking the prime directive. It is great fun pretending to be gods to the primitive pre-technological societies that exist in our hinterlands. Much good booty to be had. Will share some of the juicier bits at the next fleet reunion.

Now that we've reached an uninhabited region of space, we can begin our latest experiment with temporal inversion. If things go well, we will have the most powerful technology developed to date. Unfortunately, our scientists can think of nothing better to use it for than keeping our coffee warm. I am sure other applications will be derived in time. If things go bad, then surrounding space to a radius of 150 parsecs will most likely cease to exist. At least in any meaningful sense of the word. Wish us luck. The tests begin in 5 minutes.

edit: I most likely have the structure of stardate wrong. I'm not enough of a trekkie to know all the nomenclature. I'm sure I'll be corrected by more ardent fans. :p
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During the course of your temporal inversion experiment, you might catch a glimpse of our ship, the SSS. Closed Timelike Curve;
we have been trapped in a time loop for nearly a billion years.

We would be awfully grateful if you would rescue us, as we have nearly run out of sugar.

The fleet recieves reinforcement in the shape of the
SSS Quantum Queen

Intended for exploration and colonisation, this mobile space colony consists of 12 rotating torus habitats, each supporting up to 4000 people, arranged about a central drive axis. Upon encountering a suitable planet, one of more of these habitat modules can be detached and left in orbit as an independent space station, from which defence and settlement of the planet will proceed.

Each habitat has:
torus cross-section area of 5010 square metres, an overall diameter of 506 metres;
a complement of 30 interplanetary/atmospheric shuttles, adaptable for personnel & cargo transport or armament;
10 gamma-ray laser (graser) emplacements mounted on its circumference, maximum yield of 4.9 gigawatts;
5 redundant fusion generators;
triple hull ablative shielding, integrated nanotechnological repair systems throughout exterior;
interior landscaping and ecosystem with self-sustaining Earth-type biota;
design life of 200 years, assuming no planetary contact or maintanence layovers.

Central axis of ship has:
total length 4.6 km, diameter 230 metres at widest point;
command and habitat sections situated in fore kilometre of hull, able to support 2,400 crew independently of habitat modules;
4 seperate internal transit systems, allowing travel along entire hull length within 12 minutes;
identical hull structure and resilience to habitats;
20 graser emplacements, 6 bays for lauching of interplanetary ballistic missiles;
300 missiles - maximum speed 10% lightspeed, maximum explosive yield 30 million megatonnes;
12 auxiliary spacecraft launching/service bays;
108 defensive interplanetary/atmospheric fighters, 20 shuttles, 25 miscellaneous freighter, tanker and rescue vessels.

Quantum Queen's primary energy source is the quantum ramjet, located in aft kilometer of main axis. This system taps spatial fluctuations to convert vitrtual particles into a neverending stream of thrust which can propel the vessel to 98.97% lightspeed in normal space. For interstellar passage, quantum energy is used to synthesise strange matter which acts to generate a temporary wormhole; the energy required varies with the cube of the wormhole length in terms of 3-D space. This places the greatest constraint on the distance the vessel can travel in one jump.

Quantum Queen took 12 years to assemble at the L3 Lagrange point in Earth-Moon system, primarily using material from metal-rich asteroids diverted to Earth orbit and minerals (most significantly, ice) mined on the Moon. Total cost to global economy, in early 21st-Century terms:
US$ 1.15 trillion.

Launch date: undetermined at present.

Reckon this is a bit ambitious? :D
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The Sciforums fleet is joined by
the SSS Wayfarer

A small scoutcraft designed for deep-space exploration and data-gathering.
With a crew of 1-5 much space has been given to the powerful engines and an abundant storage space holding the supplies for long journeys. It is also equipped with long range scanners, cloaking device and the latest technology.

It also sports a impressive amount of weapons for such a small craft. Those weapons were thought needful because space may hold unknown dangers.
If the need to fight arises, the storage compartment can be dispatched, increasing maneuverability and speed.
Stardate 5.22.04
Captain's Log

We've achieved an enigmatic result from the temporal inversion experiment. At first, we thought we had achieved a grand success. The coffee stayed piping hot for hours on end. At last, I drank it to detect if any alterable change in flavor could be discerned. The coffee was delicious, but at the bottom was a miniature starship. It was not the temporal inversion that kept it warm, but rather this starship's engines. Upon examination with a microscope, the ship's insignia could be made out. SSS. Closed Timelike Curve. It appears to be a fully functioning starship, just in miniature. Our leading temporal researcher keeps babbling about brownian motion and eddie's in the space-time continuum. We have attempted to open up communications with the vessel, but they are out of phase with our time stream and their subspace signals are undecipherable. We have our top programmers on the job of constructing algorythms which allow us to communicate.
Success, the new software has decrypted the transmission. We take the miniature ship and place it in a special container with a cup of sugar. We release the container out into space and release the sugar onto the ship. Temporal waves rock my vessel as the strange ship begins to grow at an exponential rate. Cheers can be heard coming from all decks of the ship. The crew is happy indeed. I fear they'll soon turn more sour when they realize our initial experiment didn't go quite as planned. But of such things science are made.
When the ship finishes expanding back into synch with our spacetime continuum, it's even bigger than Quantum Queen. The crew of the latter ship are humbled to be knocked off the top of the size listing, and all marvel at the grandeur of the newcomer - not to mention the mile-wide Acid face painted on its hull :) !
Stardate 5.22.04
Captain's Log

Today we linked up with the SSS Wayfarer on our routine partol of the outlands. The Wayfarer has been attempting to chart various sectors of the outlands and make contact with any new space faring races. So far they have only come across pirates. Fortunatly they have taken little or no interest in the Wayfarer with only three badly coordinated attacks against them. It has been seen fit by SS Command to send the Storm in to partol the region where the Wayfarer is studying. We have been met with various levels of success.
News reports are filing in that the SSS Queen of Mayem is no longer the most expensive and versatile ship in the fleet. The newly commisioned SSS Quantum Queen has taken the crown.

In a press release admiral Spuriousmonkey felt confident that the old lady (SSS Queen of Mayem) still has its place. He pointed out that the Queen of Mayem was never intended to be versatile. It was build to defeat the Scerlag and that is what it did.

When asked which ship would win during a face to face combat admiral Spuriousmonkey remarked that he refused to answer this question because the fleet only serves one function, and that is to protect the people from alien invasions, pirates and smugglers. It is a joint effort.

Shortly after admiral Spuriousmonkey talked to the press the high command issued a press release stating that the SSS Queen of Mayem will be updated with new systems to bring it back into modern times.

It is unkown if the 'Multi-phased antimatter plasma beam cannon' which takes up 50% of the mass of the ship and 56% of the total space will reappear in the updated SSS Queen of Mayhem. The size of the cannon meant it was fixed to the superstructure of the hull and could only be aimed by aiming the whole ship. This is generally seen as a terrible weakness in the fighting capacity of the ship.

Some factions within high command wish to see a replacement of the super-cannon with a modern assembly of state of the art missile batteries and the latest Kiergarden ray molecular disruptor phasers.

Rumour has it that admiral Spuriousmonkey is skeptical about installing these modern weapon systems. Apparently he has seen too many fashionable pea shooters come and go during his career. He relies on the old and proven.
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Oh Goody, we all get to be space cadets for a day or two.

I.M.S. Fiery Leviathan
Intergalactic Moderator Ship
The U.S.S Iscariot.

I always like the fast little ships that play really cheap in video games. This name seems approprate.
The World Wanderer returns from its latest voyage, informing spacedock of the ambassadors from twelve planets seeking to register with Sciforums. A brilliantly successful mission that went by the book.

"We came, we saw, we brought some friends back." Said Captain Laconis at the press conference introducing the new races. "Just a casual ride, and now a trip for me to see my nephews."

While not the biggest ship in the inventory, the Wanderer has some of the most advanced systems, and is perfect in her niche.
Stardate 5.23.04
News Update

It has just been confirmed by SCNN that the Danzik Immoliator, the captured Scerlag battlecruiser, is in it's final stages of testing. Inside sources tell us that they are currently seeking a captain for this gargantuan vessel and hope that it will be commissioned to restore peace, hope and wealth in the outlands.

SCNN originally reported that Captain Kasrkin, the man who is responcible for the capture of the vessel, was to be taking the role. It is now evident that he has refused saying "Although it would be a honour to command the biggest insult to Scerlag kind, I have to decline. I am comfortable being a front line corvette captain and I'm sure my crew wouldn't have it any other way."

In other news, Captain Draconis has just returned from a successful recruitment mission and has found 12 new member planets willing to join us in our quest for peace.

Yesterday, the SS commitee discussed the costs of keeping such a fleet in action. Senator Cian of the hiveworld Necriis commented that "Although the fleet is ludicrously expensive, it is essential for our survival no matter what race we are." It was obvious he had the SSS Quantum Queen and SSS Queen of Mayhem in mind

(On a side note, I think I'll produce a cheapo website for this. Does anybody have any objections for me putting your ships info and stories on it?)