Propaganda is everywhere!

No, no, no, that is not the way.
First you say we must unite to fight against Propaganda and now you say: Yeah, Afghanistan and Iraq is ok to bomb.

No, no Shrike, that is not what you said earlier, no.
We should unite, peacefully.
Then I understood you wrong, I am sorry.
I am not for this bombing, I hate it...
I hate every 'war' or whatever they call it.
I am a pacifist, always...

And I am sorry to say this, but your 'president bush' is not really good for America.
But then again, who am I to say that?
Killer Response Mr. Shriek

Tell me Mr Shriek, are you aware of what you have said? I may be reading your post wrong, but it really looks like you just named out the countries which "deserve" to be bombed by America.

News Flash Miss America::mad: About ten or so years ago, in his position as with the Carlysle Corporation( or is it Foundation:confused: ) yor friend and mine George Dubbayuh Bushbaby had numerous dealings with the Bin Laddin family. Now, at a rough estimate how many millions would you say he gave Osama to spend on weaponry and training?

News Flash, kid: For every photo of a miserable refugee being threatened by a Taliban soldier, there are a dozen of Afghani civilians blown away by Western bombs...and people wonder why they hate us.

Yeah, lets bomb Iraq as well while we're killing Third World refugees.:mad:

For years America has been keeping the people of Iraq in starvation in some sort of attempt to get at The Antichrist, Sodom.
(But Bandit, its like you know, an economic war against Saddam, and the guys in the White House say its a Good Idea so......). As if this is doing him any harm.

Who do you think armed these people in the first place? Santa Claus? He only comes to Christians. The Easter Bunny? No in fact it was the Good' Ole Boys at the White Huse again.
....."Here you go Mr. Afghani Militant, take these nice, shiny American guns and beat back those oppressive flag-burning Russian Commie Dogs, by Gollie and Moms Apple Pie. We'll be back in a few decades to sort you out....I mean sort out you out of your mess, yes, that'll do..., Play nice now, y'hear?"

Not to remind people of the well known American talent for fasiling to observe the blindingly obvious, but Big Daddy Bin Laddin doesn't represent the entire Muslim World, or the Middle East. But you see, if you continue at this rate, he'll become a cultural hero to all Muslim people. He already has to Afghanistan, thanks a lot Bush.

Wise up America, you're the worlds only Superpower, and you know what they say about Absolute Power. Dominate the world, why dont you?

Enduriong Freedom you callit
COOL:D Vietnam meets Desert Storm meets the Gulf War in the countdown to nucear/ biological/ chemical Ragnorak

Bring on the Anthrax Puppy!!:p He's recyclable and squeezably soft!!

God was American
I've been misinterpreted again, or I said some wrong things...

I'm taking deep breaths here but I said a few things I shoudn't have. First off, I don't make the decisions of the US government, no matter what I say they'll bomb whoever the hell they want back into the stone age. However, when it comes to Afghanistan and Iraq talking is useless. We tried it with Afghanistan and may try to talk with Iraq. I'm not the type that shoots first and asks questions later or goes charging into battle with a bloody sword wondering who I'm fighting. We must always try to talk first and take our time in doing so. Afghanistan did not listen. I personally think we should send in US troopers instead of bombing the place, since the civilians that remain in the area have a much better chance of not being hit by stray fire rather than just airplanes bombing em.

Banshee I don't want war as much as you but there is no other way to solve this problem. We can't talk to the Taliban, we can't talk to the terrorists, what do we do? They killed six thousand americans. There is no other viable solution.
The Truth is Out There ( but the lies are all in your head)

You missed the point kid. Nobody thinks you run America. We may never know who runs America. The point is that you're fooling yourself into believing that this is all down to the evil nature of Big Daddy Bin Laddin. The point is that this is all down the attitudes of the worlds one and only Superpower.
*Her comes the Kryptonite, Baby*
Heres a little story in short for under-d3eveloped attention span;
America screws around in the Middle East and the Arab States
(Pakistan Palestine Israel Iraq Iran Afghanistan and100's more)
America gives guns to some of these people, and take them away from others. America gives food to some of these people, and prevent others from farming it ( a patent on grain?are you mad over there?). Oddly enough, this creates civil wars, famines, insane dictatorships (remember America's little Hitler? the aforementioned Antichrist ?) and an eentsy bit of Anti-American feeling, the ungrateful gits.
Well guess what Mr.airStHRIKE, America's going to do it again, pretty soon, in a awrzone near you, all showings reviewed by CNN. Heard of the Northern Alliance? Im sure you have. Well, they're the "good guys" (read here- non Anti-American) that George Dubbuyah and the folks behind the curtain up at the White House are most likely going to put into power when the dust settles in the crater that Afghanistan will become. The Alliance have pretty much the same views as the Taliban, but they're more friendly with the West. I suppose they'd be happy with being the kings in their own castle, as opposed to Fortress America. Well, to make this short, they encourage all their soldiers to rape the women of their enemies and kill their children. And do you think that all the radical anti-american Taliban supporters will somehow disappear ? All those angry militant fellows ?>
Hey Kids, can you say Jyhad, I know you can

And Shriek n' Banshee was too good of an opportunity to miss
Hey Bandit, you can be a little more friendly.
You come in and begin to bark at us like you are a very angry, big dog.
I understand what you are angry about, and you are right.
But it doesn't give you the right to rage against us as you please.
You can say it in another way.
More friendly.
We are not the enemy here, ok?
So take it easy and tell it a little more friendly.
We are no fools, we know how the USA have helped the Middle-East with weaponary and all.
We really are not crazy...
Sometimes, things come out a little wrong.
Then it is no need to react so as you do.
As you start to be friendly to your fellow human, then you start somewhere, and you do something.
Being friendly, that is important.
Not much people are just friendly nowadays.
Maybe that is wrong with the humans on this Earth, no kindness any more.
No more friendlyness, no caring, no loving....

Maybe this is the most important 'thing' that is wrong nowadays...
No more loving...
RAGErageRAGErageRAGE..GGrrr, angst...ooops

So I need to chill out, do I?
Maybe you're right Banshee.
I suppose it seems like I come in spouting angst and disillusionment. If thats a word.

It just freaks me out when I hear people talk about the "evil ragheads and their boss Bin Laddin". It somehow gives me the idea that all people everywhere are hopelessly stupid (I'm not biased against America in particular, this is a just a well reported disaster, there are plenty others ). You should hear me talk about the idiocies of my own country.

No More Loving.
Well, I can hardly find a way to pin that one on the US, can I? Thats all thanks to a society which is a solid core of orderliness, and the independent fringes are ostracized.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

That one comes back to propaganda again Ithink , but it has nothing to do with Afghanistan, I swear. What do you see on TV? Advertisments for everything, of course, which you can never possibly have

I wnat that car, that wife, that house, that life
All I have is that dream
Drink Coca Cola, and women will find you attractive:confused: REALLY???

So what you get is a society of people who are never happy with what they have. They want the next model, its shinier, bigger, better, faster, and comes in alovely shade of blue. So they work harder for money for more stuff, which is out of fashion or obsolete soon...sigh
All of these people start living to a schedule, when should i leave for work, where should i go for my break, how long will i have when will i get home, will i be too tired to go out with my friends, when the hell will i find the time to get married, when will i snap and attempt to kill my workmates?

No offense to Shrike, but you see this most in the American big cities (and Tokyo and London, or so Im led to believe ) because of the frantic hectic lifestyles they lead and the way they are pushed to spendspendspend by virtually everything and everyone around them.

Its like a stationery form of RoadRage, the pressure builds up inside and caring about other people really doesnt come into your mind because you're boiling up with repressed aggression on the inside from the weight of thousands of people pushing against you and the you POP:eek:

Or so Im told.

Thats the propoganda I see everywhere, kid

Falling Down was one of all time favourite films:)
Bandit, I am not a kid you have to explain to what is happening in the world.
I wrote about that item a lot of times, so look them up if you want to know.
This thread is about Propaganda.
And it is clear now you are from the Netherlands, so in the same situation.
Is it better where you live?
Tell me.
Are there fights where you live too?

All your talking about humans who always will have what other people want and so on is already known.
I typed my fingers blue about it, and not only me...
And this behaviour of humans has to change, as soon as possible.
But humans are paranoid and always looking out for themselves.
They better look around some better and listen to another human.
This is old, I stop writing this all down again.
If you want to know, look in other threads, or look up my other posts. All is there, what you wrote above.
Not only written down by me, but by very, very much members of the Sci forums.
This is just another thread, with another name: Propaganda Is Everywhere..
So you see, that is why we talk Propaganda here.

I don't understand you, you are a member since last February, but you seem not to know how a thread works.
Maybe you should pay us a visit, more often...
But I can be very wrong.
So my apologies if I am wrong.
There's a part of me that thinks Bin Laden isn't even real, he's just an excuse by a racist government to go after Afghanistan and to blame on military screw ups that've happened before. It is a possibility.

I don't have too much faith in the US, bandit, all I really like about it is the fact that it doesn't reach us way up here where I live (banshee lives farther 'up' though). The US gives help to countries that have something that we want. We might've given help to Afghanistan because India, Pakistan, and China are nearby. Inda and Pakistan were at each others necks before this whole thing happened and were for sixty years. The US may have some good people running it but it tends to just be a huge corporation intent on running a world that they don't control.
shrike ...

Something that's been bothering me ...

You've mentioned a number of times that 'we can't talk to the Afghani,' yet we had no problem a decade ago supplying them with much of the military equipment and training required to kick-ass when it came to the USSR.

Were we using sign-language?
Like Exxon Valdez, someone was asleep at the wheel, now we are doing damage control....

BTW, I watched CNN yesterday. There seems to be a hint that the Anthrax scare is of domestic origin. If we can not find the right people, we may pin that on the Bin Laden group - just to be safe.

And, why everyone is going nuts over Anthrax? Every year, Flu kills a bunch of people. Unless there is a massive deployment of bio-agents, it is not going to kill anybody.

If we are shutting down the congress on this scare, imagine what will happen, when small pox hits Washington DC. That will be a much more serious situation.
Don't give them any idea's now.
You never know who reads this and then does it.
Bringing small pox to the White House in Washington.
It was in CNN. The smart people read Sciforums and hopefully they are not crazy enough to cause harm. It is the "little knowledge" people we have to worry about.
Oh, we can talk to em but they don't listen. The Taliban, al queda, they cannot be reasoned with.

Yeah I think the whole anthrax scare is b.s too. I keep hearing all this crap about people not eating because they're so scared of being poisoned. It's all so much b.s. I should change this thread to: "the media spits b.s"

I wonder: can I do that?
A quick glimpse through propaganda....

Consider the following statistics, which are not just known -- but are experienced as the facts and facets of daily life -- by most of the non-Western world (from Issues in Society, Year 2000, published by the Spinney Press, Australia):
A sixth of the world's population (mostly North America, Europe and Japan) received nearly 80 percent of world income, averaging $70 per day in 1998, while the 57 percent of the population, in the 63 poorest countries, received only 6 percent of world income, less than $2 per day. Worldwide, 1.2 billion people subsist on less than a dollar a day (p.1)

Thus, a quarter of the world's population, 1.3 billion people, live in severe poverty -- nearly 800 million people do not get enough food, and about 500 million people are chronically malnourished. More than a third of children are malnourished. (p.4)

Children are particularly vulnerable. Around 2 million children died as a result of armed conflict in the last decade. In developing countries 160 million pre-school children are underweight. 1.2 billion people live without access to safe drinking water. (p.4)

The gap between rich and poor is growing. The net wealth of the 10 richest billionaires is $133 billion, more than 1.5 times the combined national income of the least developed countries. The cost of eradicating poverty is 1 percent of global income. Effective debt relief to the 20 poorest countries -- $5.5 billion -- is equal to the cost of building EuroDisney. (p.4)

Six countries can spend $700 million in nine days on dog and cat food. Today's world spends $92 billion on junk food, $66 billion on cosmetics and nearly $800 billion in 1995 for defense expenditure.
Moreover, Western foreign aid to poor nations has decreased in the last decade. In real per capita terms, net overseas aid to the least developed countries has fallen by 45 percent since 1990 and is now back to the levels on par with the early 1970s.

Thus, it shouldn't be surprising that when the Muslim and Third World hear calls for a "new world order" emanating from Western capitals, people in impoverished lands -- much of the Muslim world -- know what's at stake is western interests, not theirs. This is the lesson of history.
Thus, it shouldn't be surprising that when the Muslim and Third World hear calls for a "new world order" emanating from Western capitals, people in impoverished lands -- much of the Muslim world -- know what's at stake is western interests, not theirs. This is the lesson of history.

Just a thought - when you shun technology and the methodology to feed your population, it is not anybody else's fault, or is it?
happy 1300 kmguru!

Ah this post is going to hell. I thought it was all over.

What do you mean by the last thing you said, kmuh?