Propaganda is everywhere!

They tried to posses the country through occupation. We will use its people fo that task. Certainly, we would be fools had we not gained knowledge from errors of others.
and errors of you, Americans, yourself.
Like we did our share of making errors, stay quite.
I shall not leave out my own country, for they are just as great politicians as yours...
America is screwed! We're killing civilians in AFghanistan! Our own allies will start to question us, and the muslim countries will start to back Afghanistan. We're gonna have a new world war on our hands! If you thought WWII was bad, wait till you see the oncoming slaughter.
im afraid your right shrike.
do you (all of you) think the war will be carried over here?
alot of people think that the war will be fought soley on Afg soil.... but i dont know... i mean.... yeah they did already hit us.. but that was really war.. just terrorist attacks... whether they classify it as an act of war or not..... but that's kind of a good point now that i think about it.
We're killing civilians in AFghanistan!
while, yes... it IS not a good idea... NO, we shouldn't be going down to their level... they did do the samething to us. i dont think our allies will question it as much as you'd think. we gsve them options... and its either:
1) innocent people die because of their country/religion/gov't...
2) innocent ppl die because they never did anything when they had the oppotunity to, so they just let the problem grow, instead of dealing with it.

We didn't attack them first, so why would they stop if we didn't attack them now? they wouldn't. we have to do something... and while war isnt number one on my list, i cant think of anything else to put there. we have tried to be cooporative, and they have decided not to be. we dont have much of a choice.
In your round about way, you have touched on the very things that are driving the American people. Notice that the public is very calm, in that I mean that they are not standing outside and throwing stones in store windows and they are not jumping up and down on the White House lawn. there is a calm acceptance that this must be done.
i have to agreewith you all the way, wet1. and i can relate very well to the comment about the american people staying calm.
Turnabout is fairplay....It is the responsibility of those civilians to control their people. Unless they want us to take over...and teach them how a government ought to function...which no body likes.

Can not have the cake and eat it too...
Sorry Kmguru, what you say?
You Americans know how a government functions right?
Yeah, make my day..
With laughing.

I agree with Shrike.
I am afraid it is going the wrong way, very fast.
World War III
Here we come...
Everyone sorrounding Afghanistan has a different agenda as to who should be in-charge. All, US wants is punish the guilty and dont bother us again. But that will not happen. US has to get involved - no choice, no matter who says otherwise. So that we do not perpetuate the problem....
What I've said here proves that propaganda is everywhere. I'm proud of how this forum has gone and the involvement in it. Thanks for everyone who's joined in. It feels good to have started one and been involved in one thats eight pages long. Again, Nightfall, I love your avatar. We should all get one like his/her. It's really funny always glancing at it whenever I check on this forum. I think we've run outta ideas though. I'm worried that propaganda will soon decommence.
thank you shrike.
and just for the record, im a "her".......
dont get too attatched.. i will change it every so often.... its time is almost up. ;)
So now we can truthfully say, propaganda is everywhere. Heres a mathematical formula for yeh:

patriotism+hollywood benifits=propaganda(the civilians don't know what's REALLY going on).

Sorry, nightfall, had no idea you're a girl. That seems to happen way too much to me on the internet. I call girls guys and guys girls.

Does anyone wish to stand up to shrike?
Yeah il stand up to you shrike, i may get knocked down on my ### but il stand up to you.
Would you rather a kid believe in america and hate the taliban, or would you rahter that kid grew up hating america and blow up a building? Being a patriot can be a good thing, having something to believe in is a VERY GOOD THING. Not having something to believe in a trust is very very sad. As for propaganda yes it is everywhere but who really cares? What can you do about it? Nothing except complain and chances are if someone really believes that *propaganda* then they won't believe you.
What's the point of believing in something if there's no proof whatsoever to support it, and the only reason to support it is because everyone else does. Propaganda can be stopped...somehow if we all unite...somehow and...somehow make it...stop. It looks like everyone on this post believes in propaganda, we just have to spread the word...i guess.
I wonder if we are fighting the terrorist war like we are fighting the drug war... criminalize everything, if anyone is suspected, put them in jail indefinitely and take away their property.

Since we won the drug war, we should be able to win the terrorist war. I guaranteeee it....
I agree with Shrike.
If we all unite, we can stop it.
So lets spread the word and try to find as much people as we can, we must have a little chance it can work and Propaganda is leaving the world, so to say.
I don't have it clear yet how we can let join the rest of the world, for if it is possible, everybody must hear of this action against Propaganda then.
So we must let know by television and radio.
And we must have a good speaker, like Shrike, he is the leader of our anti-propaganda action....

Come on Shrike, I do believe in you...
Time to Smash Evil!!

Its time for a new type of War:p
There should be limits on freedom:p
Iraqi.. I mean Afghani... terrorists were aided by the internet which is why we should shut it down:p

In other news today, President Blair in meetings with middle east government:confused:

Face it. The war on drugs was a non-event, the war on terrorism (all terrorists you say, not just Afghanistan?) is just going to be a disgrace on the American people (another one then). Whats next? Gonna bomb Iraq again? Cuba? Basque? Northern Ireland? Texas? I do hear that a lot of people there own guns. Its true?!?

NUKE the terrorists. Why not?

War on drugs my ass.:rolleyes:
Nuking everything isn't a good way to solve your problems, it's considered almost inhumane. You can't shut down the internet. That is impossible, and completely irrelevant. The terrorists are aided by the media, specifically news centers like CNN that broadcast pictures of terrorists holding guns to people's heads. They make the situation seem much, much more important and incredible than it is. I think, despite having a president with little or no ability to make decisions on his own, he won't attack every country on Earth that's ever raised a finger at the US. It'll probably be just Afghanistan and Iraq, they deserve it after all their rulers are corrupt and evil.