Propaganda is everywhere!

Dear Banchee ...

Not angry, just gruff at times.

As for people being lonely ... I don't know if it's so much a hostile environment so much as one which permits the individual to be rather independent.

If you don't need another ... others ... to survive, then the self-doubts that so many people feel makes them withdraw. If you don't try to make contact you don't risk being rebuffed.

The amazing thing is that, over and over, catastrophe forces people to interact and ... wonder of wonders ... everyone is surprised that it is so easy ... and then go back to their old ways.


Take care.
Yes, you are right.
I forget to look at things in another way too sometimes.
Maybe because I feel that is better to have contacts with other humans, in case people are lonely and sad. I want so bad the world to change, but I can overreact in it, oh yes.
And I really feel sad about all the hurt and pain humans do to eachothers feelings.
So much hurt and loneliness these days. Humans forget to look at the Earth and the Sky above in the evening when it is bright outside and you can see thousands of stars and walking in the woods by a full moon.
They forget about the beauty on this Planet. That kind of things can make you feel quite happy with life, for you have to live that life.
Then I think it is better to live it well, not forget the beauty on this Planet Earth. They better pay more attention to that sometimes and feel some better too...:)

But I guess I am sometimes to much a dreamer.

Thank you for your reply. Have a nice day.
Banshee ...

Some of the nicest people I have known were dreamers ;)

Take care ... time for me to roll.

If all propoganda is to be abhored equally, this thread -- filled with new-age, pacifist, adolescent whining -- is easily abhored for how effectively it demonstrates that so few of its authors clearly understand and appreciate such worldly and adult concepts like how many people of previous generations sacrificed themselves on battlefields throughout the world so that such drivel could be freely expressed, as if it carried more substance in the scheme of human reality than it actually does.

I am pleased and proud that each of you has the right to speak your mind, whatever is in there, but each of you also has the responsibility to those who have sacrificed themselves to afford you that right, and who cannot speak for themselves, to think before you speak.
Mr. G ...

Suprised you didn't wait until tomorrow, Veterans Day, to express your thoughts.

You know, give it that extra bit of zing ... :cool:

My father survived Guadalcanal. I respect him. You got a problem with that?

You're confusing my intellectualism with mindless, blind patriotism.

I imagine that was not your true intent.

Prove me right.
Mr. G ...

My dad survived WWII and I survived the Korean 'Police Action' (you know, the forgotten war) and my youngest son put his time in in Berlin, before the 'Berlin Wall' came down.

So what has that got to do with it?

I still think you should have saved your childish rant for tomorrow if you wanted to give it some more zing.
Mr. G ...

I take it that your use of "we" was meant to indicate an emotional affiliation with \777 ... or is it with the Borg? :rolleyes:

Have a nice day :cool:
Mr. G, I am not whining.
I understand very well what you say, but you do not understand what I am saying.
So what about thinking yourself before you speak?
All people who died on battlefields have sacrificed their lives yes, I know very well about all wars and all the fighting.
But I do not have to agree with it and I refuse to behave the way you do.
Have a nice Vet's day.
So to hear you sure will enjoy it!
I think the only way there could be peace on earth would be by aliens making themselfs known(i have never seen a ufo nor have i had a close encounter).
This is the only way the people of earth could bond together as 1, when/if it happens all our petty squabbles will instanly become irrelivent, we would bond as 1 people 1 planet regardless of color creed or religon.
Of course without ever see'ing an alien i have to conclude we are the only form of inteligent life in the universe (a big assumtion i know) and i wouldent cry foul if they showed up on the white house lawn tommorow, in fact i wish they would, they would save millions of lives on this planet.
I am pleased and proud that each of you has the right to speak your mind, whatever is in there, but each of you also has the responsibility to those who have sacrificed themselves to afford you that right, and who cannot speak for themselves, to think before you speak.

Mr G, my grandad fought in the 2nd world war, he was in africa italy and in france for the d-day landing's, he dident fight so i could say what i want in an online forum, he fought to kill off the oppressive nazi's.
That was yesterdays generation, today i salute what he did, preserved a way of life that we are just starting to reap the rewards from, grateful doesnt quite cover it.
Here it comes the giant BUT.
My grandad did not fight so that where war and bombs left off news and media can take over, i speak my mind, i look at arguments from both sides and when someone lies to me i feel offended.
The truth is what i want, nothing more nothing less.
Besides what you say on the i-net is meaningless, so say what you want be it nazi sentiment or otherwise, the i-net is the ultimate freedom you dont know me, who i am, what i do, what i belive, you only see the name.
You find me one other media that is as free as the internet, TV yea right and like every program you watch hasent been screened for anything they consider you mind to weak to cope with, newspapers the only thing iv ever found newspapers good for is wraping up my fish&chips in, radio same as TV they not allowed to say what they want, censored to a point where relivent material is no longer entrusted to the people, just the decision makers and there only in it for personnal gain.
Ok Benji, I agree with this all the way.
I don't have tv at the moment and I couldn't care less.
Newspapers I do not buy. Only some reading at the Internet, just to see what they have been bombing away again and what more hurt and pain is done to innocent humans and the Earth.

I guess Mr. G. loves to see the women and children bleed on the tv.
Um, I no more wish to see, or advocate that, women and children bleed, and/or die, than I wish to see people killing brain cells through mental sloth or general confusion.

Oh, and now I'm watching and talking to you, too. You can take further comfort from that fact, I'm sure. :D
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Mr. G.
What fun it is to haunt another member of Sciforums,isn't it?
Have fun.
Re: Propoganda

Originally posted by Mr. G
I am pleased and proud that each of you has the right to speak your mind, whatever is in there, but each of you also has the responsibility to those who have sacrificed themselves to afford you that right, and who cannot speak for themselves, to think before you speak.
If this was true, then all talk radio, talk shows, TV, politics, ads, etc. would never see the light of day! Sorry, there was no "Bill of Responsibilities" in our Constitution,(though I wish they had added that too, we need to remember we are a society that needs to work together, not individuals only, first & foremost).


Randolfo (USAF 1973-79)
Randolfo, I am really glad to hear you think like this.

That is exactly what humans should do. They should communicate better together and work together to keep the human race and Planet Earth safe.

All these (holy) wars and suspicion towards eachother is killing the Earth rapidly now. The Ecosphere is so badly damaged and it keeps going on, these wars and hatefulness towards eachother and Earth. Worse every day.:mad:

Earth and the human race needs humans like you who want to do it the right way and try to live your life as well as you can in harmony with other humans and Earth. We need to have more respect to eachother and immediately stop this doing hurt to other humans feelings and to Earth in particular.

Nice to hear, you want to do it well.:)
The older I get, the more I think that all society & many of our systems are all a house of cards, that if one card is pulled, the whole house falls down! Check out our economy & Wall Street, for starters, if shoppers & investors do not think that the economy will recover, then it doesn't. A neighborhood or city, needs people that will respect each other, help each other out, take care of their houses, streets, etc.. Maybe even the earth? Since it is interconnected too!!!
Yes, exactly. Humans have to make sure they keep on talking to eachother in stead of arguing all the time.
It should bring more balance in everything, economy, neighbourhoods and all.

And they certainly should learn to pay respect to one another.
Especially to Planet Earth. And that will only work if humans work together, not against eachother.