Propaganda is everywhere!

Here here!

I finally see a side of you benji when you don't talk about getting so drugged up and drunk that you have no idea whether or not you're human or some sort of animal. I don't think we should nuke em' because it wouldn't do any good and then the entire world would be in an uproar and I'd be waving my hand to the US as a whole as I got on a boat headed to Iceland. Ah, Iceland, land of saviors and constant 60 degree weather.
lol, i dont get drunk and stonned every day just on special occations :).
I dident mean lets nuke em, i was making the point that if your going to kill thousands of people its more humain to do it in an instant rather then drag it out over months possibly years.
So, is this how a human thinks??
Let's nuke them all, it is more humain??
Have you thought what a Nuke will do to our Planet Earth???
Or don't you care about that, like most of the human race...??

Maybe you better think some more about that, but I guess you have more 'important' things to do. Like f**king everybody up with this so called terrorist war.
It is beginning to look like a real, normal war and the fighting will not be over for a long time.

You sit down in the evening and see the women and children bleed, it looks great on the tv... :confused:
Calm down bansh, what benji says isn't law, it's just an opinion. The US will never nuke anyone ever again, that much I can tell you from my perspective 'behind enemy lines.' We learned our lession and the moral dilemnas then, don't worry: IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

A nuke wouldn't do any good anyway, it would kill more innocents than enemies and wouldn't even kill THAT many enemies because they're spread out all over the place. I have serious doubts when the press reports that the Air Force has destroyed quite a few talibanese soldiers, I'm sorry but we are really, really undestimating them.

Did you check out "xtremely cool" bansh?
Banshee you misunderstood me too unfortunatly :(.
Have you thought what a Nuke will do to our Planet Earth???

Odd you should say that i did A level history at school and for one of my assignments i wrote a pice called 'The A bomb and how it saved a million lives' i got a b+ for it, wish i still had it perhaps thats more for a history thread tho.
So when you say do i know what a nuke will do, indeed i do but i also know it depends on how many warheads said nuke carry's.
I know the nukes dropped in the 1940's on japan saved more allied soilders then any other event during the war, the lesson we failed to learn in japan we learned the hard way in vietnam.
Is afganistan going to be the next vietnam?, let me just remind you the taliban fought the entier might of the russian army when communism was at its peak (something the rest of the world darnt do) and they kept up a strong resistence for 20 years, now soon as the russians move out america is moving in, Mr Bush should phone the president of russia and ask how many russians lost there lives trying to fight the taliban in afganistan, i suppose we could just carry on carpet bombing them, dropping million dollar ordinance onto 10 dollar shacks.
Yes I know all about it, really everything there is to know about all these ridiculous wars.
Fact is that the A-Bombs are much, much stronger then in WW2.
And my concern is the Planet we are given to live on, not the destruction of everything and every living being because humans seem to like to kill eachother in the most horrible ways.
And I do know very well how terrible the attacks at the WTC are.
But you see what happens; Bombing whole Afghanistan because of an ARAB who should live there and be responsible for the attack. The Taliban are evil, true, but the local population is not the enemy and they are the victims, again the wrong ones.
Just as it was at the WTC attacks, the innocent ones become the victims and the ones who did it are dead.
What are they doing now???
The same as always, take down a whole lot of people who are not responsible, hurt to so much innocent humans.
So much hurt and pain. Humans seem to think it is the only way. Will it bring back the WTC and all the dead people there??
Humans want revenge, maybe they better start to think of another way to get to the real terrorists and stop that bombing every time in this world. It is no solution, it makes things worse and worse.
Now there is brought even more pain and hurt again, after the attacks at the WTC. Do you really think that is the right thing to do??
I disagree with you on this and the main reason is that with all this bombing our Planet gets hurt and more pain too.
Why can't humans live in peace with eachother. Always fighting, making war, unnessary terrible attacks and pay back, that is what humans do. And the bombs grow bigger and bigger and the pain and hurt grows bigger and bigger.
It is not the way, but it is no other then it is and I regret these killings everywhere in the world deeply.
The human race should shame themselves for inventing such killing machines, for the end is not in sight, not for a long time. I fear for the ending....What ending will it bring????
There also is the chance that some insane terrorist group will throw bacterial poison in the water system,,,,Bye, bye humans.
And bye, bye Mother Earth, for she will be destructed by all these human doings and stupid killings and dangerous inventions.

I can cry for this....I do cry for this for the human race is not civilizating itself, it is destructing itself and the Planet too.
It is the nature of the entire world, banshee, every ecosystem that exists on this planet. Murder, competition, war. Animals kill each other. Insects kill each other. Trees expand their canopies to compete with smaller ones, causing them to choke from no resources. Such is the nature of the human race.

Earth is a violent, harsh environment. Oxygen, in high amounts is a poison to any animal here. The human race as a whole is very, very violent, but the average individual human is a pacifist just trying to make a living and put a roof over their heads. We are a collective of violence that is only viewed as violence when viewed from afar.
No, not true.
The wildlife, like animals and trees, plants and so on, doesn't kill for the killing but to eat.
Animals, for instance wolves, kill most of the time the old and weak under their prey's. So populations stay healthy.
Yes, by deep despair they grab maybe once in a while a young animal, but mostly not.
As for forests and other wildlife, there is no unnessacery killing.
Only the human race kills for 'fun' and want pay back...

Try to look at this wildlife as it is, it keeps itself healthy, it civilizes itselfs.
Something the human race does not, they are heading straight in the opposite direction. With their 'beautiful,good inventions' to kill whole nations in a day if they want to.
You think that is healthy??
There is a theory out there, bansh:

Humans have a single purpose on Earth and the universe. Earth is the only world in the universe with life, and humans are the only organisms that can regulate any animals behavior, and prevent (now anyway) any extinctions. We can bring the extinct back to existence or send a pesky critter into the memories of all of those that it plagued.

Competition is a dangerous thing.
The Flower Children are still among us ...

Apparently you have never heard of weasels and mink or you would not have said, "Only the human race kills for 'fun' ... "

I would say that competition is a 'natural' rather than "dangerous" thing.

"Crowding out all those angels: Scientists have created a transistor made of a single molecule -- small enough to fit about 10 million on the head of a pin. The invention could do away with Moore's Law once and for all."

....even if it takes 50 years to commercialize it?....
I will stop with this.
All I wanted to say is that the human race is speeding its way down the hill in a rather fast speed.

And Chagur, you are a little right, but those animals were on these Earth ages before the first human like creatures came crawling out of the sea. And they do not hurt the Earth or try to destroy her. They only live, and some of them are just cleaning up the garbage other animals leave behind.
And who is killing Minks, for its fur??

Exactly, humans....

I only want a kind of balance in this world. It is so mixed up now.
Why is that? Why are there countries without freedom for everyone? Why are there such dictatorial countries? Who began with that and why?
Why can't all the humans live in peace all over the world?
Why is there always someone who wants to have control over a country?
Why are there so much different countries? Who began with that?
And why has it been allowed by other humans?

Because humans are all sheep who follow the strongest?
I refuse to believe it, it can be better.

We have a choice...Get the dictator out of his position and set the people free, everywhere. Only the one leading dictator.
It can be the beginning of a new start for people living in such countries and leave the boundary's open.
No more different countries with different regimes, freedom for everyone in an open world without boundary.

It can work you know if more humans join in this together and want to try to take only the leading dictators (with their righthand men) away from their positions.
Then people in those countries see how it really can be, to be free.

For every person has the right to be free. And all hatred and anger shall slowly slip away and every human can live its life in freedom and peace with other humans. Perhaps we can live in harmoney with Nature again and find back the Inner Balance with ourselves and Nature we lost ages ago.

And first...Burn all the money...And destroy all destructive weaponary we humans so 'perfectly' invented.

But I can guess what the reply will be on this post.
Well, I do believe it works, if only all humans who are fighting now all over the world should stand still and listen to themselves.
Maybe then they hear how stupid they themselves are. Being fighting and hurting eachother for reasons to silly to argue about.

Stop this nonsens of hurting one another all the time.
Try to open up and have some more patience and listen a little better to another person and listen to yourself.
It is a start, if everybody wants to join it can work and you yourselves shall feel so much better. For it is much nicer to be kind to another person then pay no attention or run them over.

And NO...I am not dreaming. This is the way we have to go to safe Earth and the human race.
without any form of weaponry there can be no order.

Such is the nature of the human race (as a whole).
You are really thinking very human.
Try for a change to look a little further.
It is just this kind of thinking why humans never shall live in peace with eachother and with Nature...
Confused ...

If shrike is 'thinking very human' ...

Then what are you thinking, Banshee???????
But being too apprehensive (or not very apprehensive) is never a good thing, banshee. I think like a human because I am a human and I was born and raised as a human in a human world and culture. What I think, as a whole (is this the human thinking you refer to?) is likely shared by millions or billions of people around the world.

However there are people out there like you, bansh. I understand that you can go beyond thinking like a human, it is my belief that it requires quite a bit of self-convincing. Correct me if I'm wrong.

And as I told korni on his link page, we can stop throwing sand at each other now. From this point on and what I just said nothing I say is hostile.
Dear Chagur, I am just as human as you. I only think some different and act some different towards other humans. I try to be good and nice to everybody, but sometimes it is really hard to do because other humans start looking hostile and paranoid if you are nice to them.
That I think, is a very sad thing. I only want to try to do things in the best way to others, without anger and hate and paranoid feelings. More and more humans lock themselves up in themselves and are afraid of the big bad outside world in which more and more violence stands up.;) :(

QUOTE: by Pink Floyd, Lost For Words

'I was spending my time at in the doldrums
I was caught in a cauldron of hate
I felt persecuted and paralysed
I thought that everything else would just wait

While you are waisting your time on your enemies
Engulfed in a fever of spite
Beyond your tunnel vision reality fades
Like shadows into the night

To martyr yourself to caution
Is not going to help at all
Because there'll be no safety in numbers
When the Right One walks out of the door

Can you see your days blighted by darkness?
Is it true you beat your fists on the floor?
Stuck in a world of isolation
While the ivy grows over the door

So I open my door to my enemies
And I ask could we wipe the slate clean
But they tell me to please go, fuck myself
You know you just can't win...'

Shrike, of course you act this way, you are born and raised in this hostile world. Humans do not know better any more.:)
Banshee ...

Dear Chagur, I am just as human as you.
Of that, I have no doubt.

I only think some different and act some different towards other humans.
Admittedly, and I can empathise with that.

I try to be good and nice to everybody, but sometimes it is really hard to do because other humans start looking hostile and paranoid if you are nice to them.
Amazing isn't it?

Take care, and enjoy being you.
What do I have to think of this reply of you Chagur?
You start to sound hostile a little, that was not my intention.
I just try to explain, because so many humans are lonely because of an hostile environment.
They start losing contact with other humans and eat their own sad feelings.
And slowly they grow bitter and sour for the rest of their life time.
Don't you think that is sad?
So many humans, living next to eachother without ever saying a word, not even a simple Hello.
Then they grow so sour they start acting hostile and paranoid to other humans. And it goes quikly, more and more humans become this way every day.
I feel sad about that, why is that wrong then?

All we need to do is make sure we keep talking...:rolleyes:

Well, I feel sorry if I did say something wrong, for I do not want to be rotten to you.
Have a nice day Chagur and please, don't feel angry towards me.
That was never the intention. Ok?:)