Looking for a bug

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One Raven, look at the images here: http://www.cicadamania.com/cicadas/

I know cicadas very well.
I am listening to them outside my window right now.
This was definitely not a cicada.

Have you looked at pictures of "clearwing" moths - varieties of sphinx moth that fly during the day ?
Not yet, but I will now.

Did the wings hide the body ?

What colors were prominent in the wings and body ? Iridescence ?
Wings were black qnd clear sections separated by what liked like the leading in a stained glass window.
The body was pewter gray.
Were the eyes large ? Colored ?
I didn't get a good enough look at the eyes, but no colors stand out to me at all. I think they must have been black or gray.


It was shaped much more like a moth than that.

I looked at some clearwing moth pictures, and there may be something there, but I am not sure.
It seemed much more substantial than a moth.
I heard it land on the wooden fence. It was heavy and hard.

It really did look like a moth made of pewter with stained glass sections for wings.
Shit. I have to get in the shower.

I'll keep looking later.

Thanks, guys.
Did it look like this ? Waspmoth:

Edit: Yea, if you have a scanner draw it as detailed as you can then scan and post it here :)
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