Looking for a bug

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Deerfly. Nasty little biters, they are.

When it landed, its wings were triangular like this moth:

but I am pretty certain it only had one pair of wings.
And, like I said it's wings were shiny - not soft.

Its body, however, was shaped more like a fly than a moth.

Holy shit! Look at this beast I came across while looking at moths for the wing shape:
I am telling you it was most likely a moth...of some sort and raven please re-upload that 2nd image since it is not showing up
It definitely wasn't a cicada, but its wings were similar in texture - though not shape.

Deerfly. Nasty little biters, they are.


If this wings covered it's whole back like the moth above (or like a B2 bomber), that would be the closest so far.
Have you looked at pictures of "clearwing" moths - varieties of sphinx moth that fly during the day ?

Did the wings hide the body ?

What colors were prominent in the wings and body ? Iridescence ?

Were the eyes large ? Colored ? Was the head visibly separate from the thorax ? Was there an indentation separating the abdomen from the thorax (a "waist") ?
It wasn't a Mayfly was it ?


No but I got one of those the other day. The son of a bitch was at least 4 inches long and stuck in a spider web above my door. It looked like something out of dinosaur times. I watched the spider fight it for some time. I got some pictures of it.
True flies are insects of the Order Diptera (Greek: di = two, and pteron = wing), possessing a single pair of wings on the mesothorax and a pair of halteres, derived from the hind wings, on the metathorax.

The presence of a single pair of wings distinguishes true flies from other insects with "fly" in their name, such as mayflies, dragonflies, damselflies, stoneflies, whiteflies, fireflies, alderflies, dobsonflies, snakeflies, sawflies, caddisflies, butterflies or scorpionflies. Some true flies have become secondarily wingless, especially in the superfamily Hippoboscoidea, or among those that are inquilines in social insect colonies.

it seems one_raven your one wing insect is not a fly
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