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I saw some type of fly today and was looking for help identifying it.
I live in the lower Hudson Valley in New York.
It was a fairly large fly - about an inch long.
When it landed, it tucked it's wings to make a triangle shape, similar to a moth. So the widest part of it was about the same length as the longest part.
It was a dark, pewter gray in color.
The wings were the most extraordinary part - they looked like they were made of stained glass. The different sections of teh wings were separated by what looked like leading. Some sections were transparent and some sections were black. The wings were all shiny.

That's about as much detail I got before it flew away.

I've never seen a bug like this before, and was hoping it sounded familiar to someone.
A Caddisfly ?

A Caddisfly ?



The wing sections were relatively large and clearly defined. Very much like a shiny stained glass window of transparent and black sections.
And it was all lead/pewter gray all over.
It didn't look soft or fuzzy at all.
It looked like it could have been made of metal.
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