Battlefield 1942: Sciforums Style

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Stuff like the X-wing, A-Wing, B-wing, a small version of the Enterprise, some ships from Homeworld, Battlestar Galactica and you can also buy the big battleships that are already in the game.
Then there are some ships from other movies/series that I have not heard about.
Plus, you get some new weapons...
Ooops, my server shut down again, sorry folks :D

Since I wasn´t playing I did not notice. Perhaps someone else should open one.
lol hes probably got 56k.
me with my broadband (HAHA) have now finished downloading and have installed. can someone set one up? that would be groovy. if i did it wed all crash every five minutes ;)

Shaddup! It's now going at a crawl. Bugger. Gonna have to find another source.
Bah, not 56k! 200k broadband. Just NTL have put a download cap which restricts the speeds damn them!
Well, mine is STILL online, but there is only one guy on it and it is not me :D

Also, I suppose it will shut down again in the near future.
There was no sci clan member on dreamwalkers server

We made a good impression earlier on. They asked how big our clan was and I said 9000 members.
Victory for me! Fileplanet was all queued up (surprising lol) so I'm zoooming down EA's highway and it should be with me within the hour. I'm gonna go have a shower. Toodles for a while.

lmao, 9000 members!
dam... i rock. you people need to get in that server, theres only me in there and some other misc person.... but ive left now to post this... COME IN.
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