Battlefield 1942: Sciforums Style

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good afterrnoon..
methinks i want to join your sci clan, trust me, my gaming skills are oppositly proportional to the quality of my posts ;)
that means im pretty good by the way.
what games are being played, this thread has not been to clear about it....
Hmm, that damn server just shuts down sometimes.... but at least I am the best...

Pirated? No, never :p
Not as long as I am the server :D

Do you think it will bother those who are on my server if I play QuakeIII while running Winamp and Opera?
by the way, well, thats not fair. one on one... id loose, but team match id kick the shit outta ya'. word. posse. bling.

Dreamie, you better not punt me.

I have about 30 minutes to go.

I think we should be clear as to what games we'll be playing. How'sabout we all just write down the names of the games we'll all personally like to play and then we'll go from there?
Well, I am not yet playing, right now, only Opera, the BF demo and the dedicated server are running. :cool:
Good idea Thor, I´ll stat my list:

Freelancer The next Generation Mod ver.1.7

NFS Underground
NFS Hot pursuit 2 aka NFS 6

Quake III

Diablo 2

Serious Sam: Second Encounter


And perhaps Battlefield 1942/Vietnam (if I have a CD key...)
i can play:
secret weaons (when d/ling is finished)
call of duty
wolf :et
and RTCW
MOD: allied assualy
delta force 2 (good clan game)
CM 03-04
UT 2003
warcraft 3, and frozen throne;
what is 'the next generation' for freelancer, i have it but have not heard of it....

EDIT: is the secret weapons server still up or is it down now ?
More people for the roster, thanks to Nutty:

[Sci]Spurious Monkey

As for the games...




Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
Unreal 2 XMP
Joint Operations
Unreal Tournament
Unreal Tournament 2k3
Return To Castle Wolfenstein
BF1942 + Exp packs
MoH + Exp packs
"The next generation" is a mod for Freelancer, giving you lots of new ships, some from TV shows or movies. Also, Freelancer always crashes with the normal version (and the patched one), but there are no problems when I am using the mod.

Oh, I also could add UT2003/UT2004
ah, i thought that was just my computer that made it crash every five minutes. thanks :)
what sort of ships are in it. i assume there are the ones from next generation....of course.
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