Battlefield 1942: Sciforums Style

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Heehee, the other number worked. Good thing I tried that one first.

//bows to Nerd Guru
Hey, it is my network. And imagine this, the Sudden Strike server also displays that as my internet IP...

But yes, I figured that the last one would work more likely.
Well here's the update. Installed the required patches and now...buggering game won't load! Ack! Gonna have to go to drastic measures and *gasp* restart my computer. If that doesn't work, looks like I'm gonna look for a No CD patch
Same here. The whole game has buggered up now. I'm looking into it now.

Edit: Screw it. I'm reinstalling it with only the multiplayer patch. Not v1.2 (if possible).
This game is really pissing me off. It's now not installing! I'll try again tomorrow when I have some more patience, sorry.
Well, it is running on my computer now, after the reinstall. Until tomorrow then.

Perhaps try to install only the v.1.2 patch, for that is the version I have right after installing. Perhaps it works without the multiplayer patch...
This thread has filled up fast!

If y'all are still playing BF1942, I'll play. For those of you that have the full version of BF1942 (not the demo), you should DL the Desert Combat mod.

I have BF1942, the DC mod and BF:V*. I'll play BF1942 or DC with y'all, just let me know what IP to connect to!

I don't play BF:V much. I was disappointed with the way it came out and reverted back to BF1942/DC.
Not open for further replies.