Battlefield 1942: Sciforums Style

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Konnichiwa :D ,

I just had a great idea. You know Battlefield 1942, right? If not click here. Anyway, there is a demo on offer on Gamer's Hell to download the demo. Search for the "Secret Weapons of WWII" and get it, it's about 160 megs, so it's really for broadband/HSI/T1 users. Get it and install.

Now, why can't we have our own BF1942 matches? We can put our sciforums names as our player names and kick each others' asses. I need to shoot the Communist Hamster!! Come on, it'll be fun.
That particular version of Battlefield isn't as good as the other versions like Road To Rome or 1942 itself. I have Secret Weapons already but rarely play it because of the way it is set up.
Vietnam is out now you know. And Battlefield Modern Combat is out soon. But sure, I think both me and SOL will download that. We could start a Sciforums clan ;)
*grumbles at Thor* you stupid arse. you should've consulted me first rather than forcing me to download the damn demo.
Spurious......It would seem that the demo is the one he is refering to because of its size, 160MB, that must be it. That's why I said what I did about it.
Id be up for a game, ive got a demo disk with it on plus the full games (apart from road to Rome)
SOL, you woud've got it anyway. I'll download it tomorrow. Altho I have jusyt got Wolfenstein Enemy Territory...

Anyway, we should make up a tag to put infront of our names so we can find each other.

Something like [Sci]Thor. Any thoughts?

Would have put a link, but they block the Gamer's Hell site at school. It's here

The normal demo is 120mb. The "Secret Weapons" one is 160mb at this site. I prefer this demo because the other one doesn't work on some peoples' computers *cough Communist Hamster*.

The [Sci]Username idea is great. We'll do that. Let's say we all look for each other between 5 and 9 pm GMT?
SOL and I used to play the original demo to death about two years ago. We went under the guise of [DKOK]. What's on the Secret Weapons Demo? I've played the full version, just not sure what's on it.

Between 5 and 9 is good on most days. I am commited to another clan for Joint Operations and SOL and I are about to start playing AvP2. But we'll make time.

So, who's in then?
there is a program called "all seeing eye" that can find players and servers for all games all over the world.
other than that i have 10 dyasy of holidays left so anytime soon would be good
i hope noone has broadband, i have dialup and get about 10kps on a good day
I started playing secret weapons yesterday on the internet after a bit of Counterstrike LANing with a co-worker.

I didn't stop until 23.30.

Why doesn't someone make a sciforum server?
Isn't there a way to find players in game? Most games feature a way to do it.
Yeah there is.

On the server select screen thingy, there should be a little triangle facing up in the bottom left hand corner. Click on that. The right hand column lists the player names, how many kills, deaths, their team etc.

I would make a server, but my modem is swamped with all kinds of interweb scum.

Dialup creates all manner of lag-shit. Go for servers with low ping. 9999 ping is NOT good. The qussco servers usually have quite a few peeps with a decent ping number.
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