Battlefield 1942: Sciforums Style

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I am installed and ready to go. If you are hosting could you give me the I.P please?

Edit: Just tested SoF2 and BHD and they run fine. Although there are no publically hosted servers for SoF2
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I have a MTA server running, alas I have not yet joined myself, but I suppose you can. The IP is , I believe you can also type the name of my PC which is Dreamwalker into the connection client.
I shall attempt to connect momentarily.

Edit to add: Could it possibly be the English/German compatability?
The patch isn't really required unless you have issues with a graphical glitch. I'll attempt to join without the patch and then with the patch
Okay Dreamie. I think that one of your files is having problems being written to. Make sure all of the files are not set to Read Only
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Nope, won´t fix it for me. I have seen some threads in forums that describe exactly my problem, but they are not yet answered. I think I´ll play something else, I have no nerve to fix it right now...
It wasn't any good anyway. No traffic, hardly any vehicles, player animation was dire and the weapons available was shite
Ah, catched a virus and trojans again...that´ll teach me not to visit strange russian sites.

So, what´s up next? How about I search this Black Hawk Down demo?
Sorry, but I still have a download limit...

Now look here, I found some more games:

Neverwinter Nights

Rainbow Six and rainbow Six Rogue Squadron

Warcraft 2

Tachyon- the Fringe

Worms 3D

Also, I found a demo for Operation Flashpoint

I have installed the Unreal 2 XMP demo, think I´ll take a look.
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Well, I would play it.

But I´ll be wasted after a few minutes anyway I suppose.
Do you open a server, I don´t think stability is something my computer has right now. But supposedly I managed to delete the virus.

BTW, I have found another cool game, anyone wants to play Carmageddon 2?
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You can't play the Op Flash demo. It was taken off about a year or so ago. I tried back then.
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