Battlefield 1942: Sciforums Style

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ok, everyone who wants to play get these here demos:
- wolfenstein: enemy territory (this game does rule, i have it somewhere)
- nascar thunder 2004
- pratorians/diablo II (if demo for it)
- ground control

wooohoo, now get these things, etc....
The Full version of Americas Army is free (legally!), you might want to check it out actually.

then is a Free! really good online RPG, much better than Diablo 2
ive had it, but i think its a bit slow, since we want to blast the hell outta each other, and also the demos are pretty huge by now.
i remember that the 2.0 version (probably updated by now) was around 800 megabytes in total :eek:

ill check that out, but im d/ling this ground control thing first ;)
Well, I have reached my download limit today, so I won´t download anything until the 16th of July or so.
lol.... well i (with my unlimited d/ling ;) :D) am currently d/ling ground contol II mp demo and nascar thunder 2004. have you got either of those dreamwalker?
I'm 50% through downloadiing the FV of Ground Control from FilePlanet. It weights in at a hefty 670mb.

Also, SOL and I played SoF2 today. It's okay when you have a number of players but is kind of lame.
are you guys, playing demos, you are aware that there are eeeh backup version of pretty much everything out there :)
kunax: saywhatnow?

thor: whats FV? i d/led the ground control II demo and it was 217 mb....
battlefireld 1942 is a whole lot better if ou have many people in there.

anyone for a game of nascar thunder?
FV = Full Version. It also comes with the GC2 demo as well so fret not my logical one.

BF1942 is okay if a little arcady.
Well I can play both the Full Version of Ground Control and the demo of Ground Control 2 as it comes with the full game. ;)
ahhhhhhhhhhh very good.
you know, it aint that great, its just an average RTS.
i think a game like diablo II would be good, is there a mp demo of it?
ok diablo is not the one.

meat grinder? nah.... only FPS is god.. sorry, good.
i think the RTS slot should be replaced with another FPS.
we have ennemy territory , ill install tommorow, lets have another one thats somewhat different, cause i cant be bothered with RTS's's anymore.
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