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Minor Housecleaning

"George Zimmerman found Not Guilty."One post moved per poster request; one post—member request for aforementioned moderation of own post—struck for resolution of issue.

— In a separate issue, one post struck as extraneous; member correction notice with issue subsequently resolved. In other words, just a little housecleaning.​

Note: I must admit I much prefer this sort of moderation issue; that is, the sort in which there is nothing amiss to lecture or flag anyone about.
Closure and redirect

"New York Jeopardized"↗ ― Thread closed for bigotry/appearance thereof.

Note: I might say "appearance thereof", but this one is pretty clear. And this is pretty straightforward: If one resents the implication of bigotry, it should be easy enough to work around the appearance thereof by simply not posting bigoted language.
"R.I.P. Gene Wilder"↗ ― Original thread closed, redirected to Cesspool. Six posts transferred to new version of thread in World Events; one of those posts is modified to scrub reference to unfortunate trolling episode.

Note: In short, we're going to try the thread again.
Copyright/Plagiarism reminder

• "Intelligence on display?" — One post edited to include hyperlink.

Note: Remember to acknowledge your sources.
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