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This thread contains action notes pertaining to the World Events subforum. Included are post edits and deletions, thread deletions and transfers, and other major actions undertaken by the moderators. Warnings and suspensions will be noted, though not necessarily by name.

Spam thread deletions will not be included in this record.

The thread serves as a record for the membership to observe. It is closed to comment; any inquiries or criticism should be directed to the acting authority via Private Message. The administration may, on occasion, override the moderator, but the reverse simply does not happen. If an action is taken by a higher authority, the lower authority cannot directly override that decision.
Post deletion

• "Church will burn Quran" — One post deleted for various reasons.

Note: I'll call it off topic, and also remind that while the facetious tone of the post is obvious to me, it would not be to everyone. Thus, as the post contains the appearance of threatening or inciting language, it cannot stand. Members are reminded to bear this issue in mind: threatening or inciting language, even in jest, is not acceptable.

Update: See #3, below.
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Post deletion

• "Church will burn Quran" — Two posts deleted as off topic.

Note: Right. Um ... snigger is well received. Thank you for pointing out the obvious, which I managed to miss. So I'll call it all off topic and stand on that.
Various actions

• "Israel Spreads New SuperVirus Worldwide" — Ten posts deleted:

• Four for insults and hate speech.

• Six as off topic, or in order to scrub reposting of what became moderated material.​

One post edited to strike insult.

Note: I would recommend calm. Meditation, perhaps; maybe alprazolam and a glass of red wine while sitting back among candles and listening to Herbie Hancock's Head Hunters, which is almost the same thing. I'd aim for the latter, myself, but I haven't any pills to pop, and it's not even ten o'clock in the morning here.

This was the kind of mess that moderators really don't like to clean up. Therefore, we are not inclined toward patience for the people who have no real purpose about their behavior except to be insulting, hateful provocateurs stirring up a stew of shite. And as I really don't like handing out yellow flags, I'd really rather people don't give me a reason to.

As to the rest, well, yeah, I understand, but ... you know. Insert standard message about ignoring the insulting, hateful provocateurs here. And give it some thought. Please? In the end, it's just more for my colleagues to clean up, which annoys them, and sometimes has the effect of reducing their sympathy for even the righteously off-topic.
Re: Was the BP oil spill an act of terrorism?

This thread was closed for re-surfacing devoid of any premise supported with evidence. It might better have been closed sooner, for the same reason. When considering starting or bumping a thread here, please avoid presenting or re-introducing theories or topics for discussion without providing some background or foundation in credible evidence.
Re: To All - Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas - 2010

Similarly, absent considerable evidence of a significant World Event (the dawn of a new age of altruism in this season, for example) new threads here expressing arguably passing sentiments are hereby discouraged with an official "bah" and "humbug".

All the same- Merry Christmas, MoM.
Re: New Wikileaks Dump is Unconscionable

Beginning with this post, a sequence of 4 posts was deleted for off-topic flamery. I would have issued warnings all around, but 2 of the offenders were Moderators, and unfortunately I can't yellow-flag myself or a fellow moderator (and I wish I could). I chose soft deletion of the posts, because it was the only minimal sanction I could issue equally to each perp.

Let's all remember that personal criticism of another member(s) is best done through private channels, if done at all. We have several more lines of communications beyond our usual discussion threads: Private Messaging, Report Posts, Complaint to Moderators, Voodoo Dolls, and other rites.
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I have moved and relocated threads, and also started a new one, pertaining to WikiLeaks. There's a mod note with further explanation of this commotion in the Opening Post here:

WikiLeaks Stories

• "2 dead in Oslo bombing — Thread deemed fatally infected by trolls. Redirected to Cesspool. A cleaned copy remains in WE&P, minus as much digression as I could find. Cleaning includes the striking of many posts, and the editing of some others:

— Posts struck: 28
— Posts edited: 3​

Notes: Words, presently, fail me. Or, rather, dignified words seem insufficient. The original thread can be found in the Cesspool, preserved eternally in its disgraceful, unedited form.

I actually struck a post that made a very interesting point because it was relevant to the context of responding to the digression. My apologies to that member, and the only consolations I can offer are that it was a short post, and I also had to edit out an interesting point of someone else's because it, too, came in the context of attempting to respond to the digression.

Not every post deleted or edited offends the rules, but the digression and response constituted sixty percent of the thread.

And, yes, the more complicated my effort to clean up after a particular digression, the more likely there will be official consequences.

Update: Four yellow card warnings issued.
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Post edit

• "Two dead in Oslo bombing" — Post edited.

Notes: While some problematic expressions do, indeed, have my sympathy, if they are problematic under the rules, they are problematic under the rules.
Post struck

• "Indiana Fairgrounds Stage Collapses in Wind, Killing Four" — One post struck for violative stupidity (i.e., off topic).

Notes: Every once in a while, someone interjects with a question they—

(a) could have asked directly of someone instead of digressing from the thread subject;

(b) answered for themselves with less than thirty seconds of research; or,

(c) simply paid attention over the course of their years in this community.​

Sometimes we don't notice these sorts of minor digressions. However, when one has the appearance of the sort of stupidity that ought not be legal in this community, yeah, sometimes we notice.

Violative stupidity is the sort of charge that can be diversely applied. In this case, as the question was entirely off topic that is the offense of record.
Closure and Redirect

• "Muhammad's child bride Aisha, the book is on hold in the UK!!!!!!!" — Thread has received its long-ovedue relocation to the Cesspool.

Note: Such bigotry as that thread is an embarrassment to this community. Decency does not include adjectives sufficient to describe the idiocy of such hatred as our bigots have shown.

No flags have been issued as yet; we're assessing the damage, counting frequent flyer points, and will be dealing with that issue later today.
Post edit

• "Zombie-like Attack in Florida" — One thread edited to hide graphic content behind spoiler option; content warning added.

Note: To use the spoiler button:

[spoiler](Insert Content Here)[/spoiler]

With graphic and potentially uncomfortable content, we would appreciate it if people would do their neighbors the courtesy of using the spoiler tag and attaching a content warning.

As always, excessive, gratuitous, or otherwise extraneous graphic and potentially uncomfortable content will be subject to other actions. We appreciate the decent taste of hedging our schlock against the occasions that it is vital to include such ideas in the discussion. That is to say, T&A or zombie splatter are still T&A or zombie splatter. But, hey, if it serves a legitimate purpose other than stylistic decoration or meme exploitation—you know, as in makes a valid and useful point within a discussion—we're not going to object.

Just ... on those occasions, please take a moment to consider whether it would be better to veil the content behind a spoiler tag that allows readers to opt in.
Closure and Redirect

"Muslim Mob Torches Christian Neighborhood in Pakistan" — Thread closed and redirected to Cesspool. It would be one thing to say that the discussion had somehow lost its way, but, rather, its unfortunate path was tailored from the outset.

Note: I know it sounds like one of those stickler things, and it's true we don't consistently enforce any minimum standard for a thread topic, but I would also hope that members realize it is to their own benefit to put a little bit of effort into topic posts. If you're going to crack a joke, crack a good one. If you're going to pass on the outrage, give it some sort of shape. If you're seeking some degree of enlightenment, help others understand the quest. Really, it can make a huge difference, and can greatly reduce the number of unfortunate reactions around the community. Of course, there is also that obvious note of caution; it one's underlying proposition is somehow foul, there really isn't much one can do to dress it up. "Common sense" is one of those phrases abused to death in argumentation. So is "self-evident". But both do, in fact, still have value in application. In other words, this note doesn't tell anyone anything they don't already know. And, yet, the occasion has arisen that I am compelled to highlight the point.
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