the incel question.

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by gamelord, Jul 12, 2018.

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  1. gamelord Registered Senior Member

    There are people out there who are sad, depressed, angry, and suicidal, because they haven't got any love. These are called incels. These people are made to feel worthless, they are told they are inadequate, and unattractive. Their lives often go one of two ways: Either a life of quiet meek depression and fading into nothing, or a life of angry and flamboyant frustration and rage.

    The question is, why does society have no compassion for these people?

    My guess is because they are male, males were always expected to die, drown in the titanic, storm the beaches of normandy, and simply suck up their feelings and brave all manner of hardship. Males serve as a punching bag, the Jews of society for society to unleash the pent up diaspora and to be their eternal scapegoat.

    So let's talk about rape. Rape can cause depression, PTSD, mental illness, and can even lead to suicide in rape victims.

    But lets talk about incel. Being treated like you are ugly, defective, given constant rejection, and given no love, can lead to depression, PTSD, mental illness, and lead to suicide.

    Why is this a topic that isn't allowed to be brought up? And more importantly, why is it that when you stand up for the downtrodden of society, they automatically accuse you of rape?

    When did I say rape was good? I said rape can literally lead to suicide. But the quality of the debaters of this argument has such declined, in this snowflake generation of hysteria that you literally can't have an honest argument without being flooded by liars who spread the conversation with metaphorical rotten mayonnaise.
    It is ironically because most of these people, metaphorically rape you and the argument you are trying to make, in some viscous metaphorical circle jerk of violent bullies and psuedointellectualism.

    Anecdotal but, I literally met someone like this in real life. They use to sexually assault me everyday and when I pushed them away from me they broke my nose. Now they go around on the internet as some kind of SJW talking about female empowerment and rape culture. I know its anecdotal evidence but still. But these are the kind of people making our laws, dominating political discussions, people who literally cannot be reasoned with.

    So the question is not, whether or not to legalize rape. Legalizing rape is absurd. The question is, when and how should we legalize prostitution. And when should we have better attitudes and social judgement of males, attitudes that are non-toxic and true gender equality for males, without being shamed by a circle jerk of status quo bullies, who shames males for wearing dresses.

    Thus the question is, what caused prostitution to be illegal? Well it was due to religion, Puritan values perpetuated by american conservatives and patriarchal values of the elite. And where is the discussion of how modern liberals are just extensions of the same antiquated prudish religious dogmas that they pretend to hate, how modern liberals are simple extensions of the patriarchal oppressions of the poor and downtrodden of society.
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  3. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

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    No, you don't need another thread for this excrement. The mess you're already making↗ ought to be sufficient.
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