End Times - Psychology. Is it about time to discuss?

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Quantum Quack, Dec 3, 2014.

  1. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    Agrees, however translating that into a global movement towards sustainability, as you know will take more than just idealistic discussion. The history of attitude towards a sustainable environmental change is littered with failed activism.

    If climate change is anthropogenic:
    The true cost of our supposed industrial and technological cleverness as a race is starting to be "materially" revealed...IMO
    If not anthropogenic:
    Our technological and industrial cleverness may provide us a way of surviving.
    but either way the ultimate cost may be enormous both economically and in life. (human and other)
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  3. scheherazade Northern Horse Whisperer Valued Senior Member

    Life is cheap to the ecosystem. It all recycles easily enough into fertilizer. It is our sense of self and entitlement that becomes outraged when we take in the broader perspective. Natural disasters and disease epidemics are not new and humans have been killing each other for as long as we have been around. There just happens to be technology now that enables us to be more aware of what is happening in real time.

    As for measuring life in economic terms, that is just another human concept. One cannot place an actual dollar value on human life save to examine people as a gross domestic product in terms of resources used and productivity within the system. The experience of life itself is priceless to the individual.
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  5. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    from socrates(plato?): (another "simple opinion")
    no less true today than it was 2400 years ago
    Any thoughts on whether we are in a super-interglacial much like mis 11?
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  7. Sylvester Registered Senior Member

    End time prophecy is fun. Climate change is a very small part of it. I have my own end time pastors, and i am not even religious. You did not specify but i imagine you are referring to the end time whose star is "wormwood"?
  8. Billy T Use Sugar Cane Alcohol car Fuel Valued Senior Member

    Mother Nature has a much longer time perspective. Here in Brazil there is a TV spot with her speaking; In the back ground are some beautiful scenes. She said:

    I don't need man - I can evolve. Man needs me. etc.
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  9. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    Worries about the "end times" seem to manifest in rather unique ways in the United States, especially among evangelical Christians.

    When it comes to climate change, studies have been done. For example, in states that are experiencing unprecedented drought it turns out that many evangelical Christians don't even consider the possibility that anthropogenic warming might be playing a role. Instead, they either ascribe the drought to cyclic variation in the climate (even though in some places the length of the drought is unprecedented in recent memory), or else they say the drought is a sign that the biblical "end times" are drawing near. In other words, for many, it's either cross your fingers and hope things go back to "normal", or else hunker down and prepare for God's wrath. Either way, there's no reason to jump on the liberal, Obama, "climate change" fantasy bandwagon. Extreme and unprecedented weather is more likely to be due to God than to human beings.

    It should go without saying that such a fatalist mindset is unhelpful when humanity is now facing such a fundamental challenge to business as usual.
  10. Sylvester Registered Senior Member

    But then, if you really think about it the apocalypse is true. After all, do we not have our own apocalypse? And...in our lifetime. In this sense, John was correct.
  11. wellwisher Banned Banned

    The end of time is a symbol from the right brain. Although this symbolism comes from the right brain, it is typically interpreted by the left brain, as a distinct external event and not a symbolic change. The left brain thinks in terms of differential and reason, while the right brain is emotional, intuitive and integral/3-D. The fuzzy fear of the end of time, connects one to the right brain. This is handed off to the left brain, to find reasons for the intuition of fear.

    Time, which is a differential concept, suggests what comes to an end, in the end of time, is the central role of the left brain, in the ego's energy economy. The right brain is 3-D and spatial is therefore more advanced in terms of data processing. The left brain is 2-D flat screen (3-D images with shadowing), while the right brain is 3-D holographic and needs no shadowing; negativity to create 3-D.

    Our ego gains its uniqueness from the left brain's differential nature. The right brain fear is connected to the loss of ego, since the right brain, by being spatial, is not exactly unique but is more based on principles, common to all, like laws of nature and instinct.

    Many cultures don't see the differential or left brain ego sacrificing itself to allow the system upgrade to the 3-D side of the brain. They tend to see the need for some form of natural disaster, war, or evil dictator, to force change; initiate the uninstall process. Like in computers, after an uninstall, there will a limbo period where the operating system of ego consciousness is vulnerable due to the broken connection to the left brain. This is the anticipated fear.

    However, if and when the installation process is successful, it will usher in a period of integrated human harmony. Even the global warming projection is expected to cause a disruption of culture and the ego who benefit by this. The survivors will learn from this to merge with the planet as 3-D instinct.

    In my own unconscious mind research I found that it is possible to induce the un-install and install process in the microcosm of the mind. It causes one to see things differently, but its also can isolate one since natural in the world of unnatural is interpreted as unnatural due to the 2-D ego. This experiment was dangerous and maybe the upgrade process needs to be done more as a network upgrade; socially.
  12. Yazata Valued Senior Member

    The first question to ask is: 'end-times' of what?

    The entire human race? Very unlikely. (Perhaps an all-out nuclear war or a genetically-engineered plague could do it.)

    Modern technological civilization? That's more likely in my opinion. My suspicion is that our current industrial civilization might turn out to be an historical aberration that survives only a few hundred years. It's possible that the vast majority of humanity will return to a village subsistence lifestyle (sustainable!) featuring craft-industries and animal power, not unlike the lives that people lived prior to the 18th century. That might turn out to be mankind's long-term steady-state. There may or may not be elites that retain an advanced technological lifestyle on a much smaller scale, resulting in neo-feudalism of a sort. None of this is likely to come to fruition in our lifetimes though. We are only a little ways past industrialism's peak and there could be generations of decline to come. The conclusion might be a century or two off, after a series of devastating wars in which the later powers battle each other desperately for the world's dwindling supplies of economically recoverable fossil-fuels and raw-materials.
  13. scheherazade Northern Horse Whisperer Valued Senior Member

    Every new beginning is also an end, and similar to Yazata, I do not see our species becoming extinct save by cataclysmic event. I do think that we are approaching the era of extreme competition for dwindling natural resources and that the divide between nations and sectors within those nations shall continue to widen. Here in the Yukon, we have a significant percent of the population that is affected by FAS and FAE, no doubt a direct relationship to the statistic that shows us to consume the most alcohol per capita in Canada. These individuals face many challenges not the least of which are related to learning and earning an income.

    Even the non-skilled labor market now requires access to a computer in order to submit a resume on-line. Fiat currency is gradually being phased out as a majority of transactions are done electronically. Businesses are pushing people toward 'paperless billing' which sounds great in principle but what about people who cannot afford a monthly plan for a cell phone or internet, largely because some have no permanent address?

    The greatest skill set that we shall need going forward is adaptability and those best able to adapt to technology or it's possibility of collapse if the grid or supply lines fail will have the best chance of survival. Our current model of extreme population concentration in large cities will prove problematical if ever the power or water fails for a significant interval. I work in the retail grocery sector in the Yukon and I am well aware of how tenuous our food and energy supply line is because everything comes up the highway, roughly 1300 miles from larger centers. When we had a road closure of 4 days in June of 2012, all of the grocery stores were decimated of product within days and Loblaws had to fly food in with a Hercules aircraft. If there was a major event, that airplane would not be forthcoming...
  14. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    a significant learning curve involved for sure....
  15. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    and, that's when things get fun
  16. Quantum Quack Life's a tease... Valued Senior Member

    perhaps something like this...yet to be released movie

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    the words "Patriarchal Tribalism" come to mind...
  17. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    My mother's last husband, Tony Otter, was a ww2 german soldier/cook from the Rhineland.
    After the war, gas was hard to get in Germany, so he made a mercedes low compression v8 engined truck run on coal smoke.
    He had a converted boiler in the back and got a good coal fire going, then damped it down. When he had a thick bluish smoke, he fed that straight into the carburetor through a pipe that ran over the cab, after starting the engine on gas. He said that he got about 100 kilometers on 100 kilos of coal. And a thick bluish cloud followed him down the road to and from Belgium where he bought 2 sides of beef to smuggle them back into Germany.

    There will always be alternatives for people who are not despondent nor stuck in their ways.
    In life as in evolution, overspecialization is the real killer.
  18. cosmictotem Registered Senior Member

    "End Times" is an appropriate tag considering we are reaching back in time millions of years for energy we are pumping out all at once in a much shorter sliver of time. We are expecting the planet to not only handle the energy output of our own time but the output of millions of years of time.

    That kind of time travel must come to an end one way or another.
  19. sculptor Valued Senior Member

    The shared co-evolutionary biom stored and saved that energy for our use.

    Ain't no such thing as a random event in this biom.

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